Increasing agility

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  • Today’s Information Technology (IT) manager is under ever-increasing pressure to deliver results – in the form of applications that drive improvements to the bottom line – even while IT budgets are being significantly slashed. Meanwhile, despite the fall of the Internet economy business environments continue to change at a rapid pace leaving many IT shops struggling to keep up with the pace of change. These changes have led to an increased interest in agile software development methodologies with their promise of rapid delivery and flexibility while maintaining...

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  • Since the publication of this book in the Netherlands in 2001, our approach to dynamic enterprise architecture has taken off. We were the first to address the everyday ups and downs that organizations face in enterprise architecture. Our initial audience—organizations that had some experience with enterprise architecture and those new to the concept— benefited from that first edition.

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  • In order to keep our queries synchronized with the data model, we developed a simple test mechanism based on a practice of incremental development and testing. When changes are made to the data, incremental testing provides an efficient way to test all the known queries that area impacted by the changes. Practically, this means critiquing the accuracy of the RDF representation, deciding whether it should be modeled differ- ently, making changes (in our case, to the XSLTs which generate the RDF), and finally invoking the unit testing system to determine whether queries can still be answered.

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  • The ninth edition of Software Engineering presents a broad perspective of software engineering, focusing on the processes and techniques fundamental to the creation of reliable, software systems. Increased coverage of agile methods and software reuse, along with coverage of 'traditional' plan-driven software engineering, gives readers the most up-to-date view of the field currently available. Practical case studies, a full set of easy-to-access supplements, and extensive web resources make teaching the course easier than ever....

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  • A Distributed Monitoring and Reconfiguration Approach for Adaptive Network Computing includes about Agile Defense and Adaptability, Adaptability for Increased Resilience, Adaptive Computing Research Problems, Distributed Service Monitoring for Anomaly Detection and Adaptability, Anomaly Detection.

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