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  • Viewed from above, the city of Mataram appears as a patchwork of green fields, and red and brown rooftops, strategically clustered around gleaming white mosques. Plots of water spinach and wet rice are dotted throughout the city and still feed many of its people, despite the steady encroachment of housing and commercial developments. Horse-drawn carts carry people along dusty laneways, to and from school, work and the neighbourhood markets, and up to the main thoroughfares where mini buses run the length of the city. Mataram is hot and humid, or hot and wet.

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  • The most commonly used technique for planting is stump budding using improved varieties or clones (Status of… 2000). The quality of the planting material is the most important factor affecting the profitability and economics of the plantation and has to be judiciously selected depending on the local situation. Different situations warrant planting of particular types that have the capability to resist the adverse factors and produce good results. Accordingly different varieties like RRII 105, PB 217, GT 1 are commonly cultivated.

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  • A lot of focus has been put on lifestyle changes since the last prevention policy paper was published. Key objectives have been defined with ambitious targets to reduce smoking, the harmful use of alcohol, overweight, diabetes and depression. There is, of course, a reason for this: there is a close relationship between today’s major chronic diseases and people’s behaviour. The focus on lifestyle and health promotion is therefore an obvious consequence of disease prevention. But lifestyle changes are not easy to make.

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