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  • Brand building goes far beyond creating awareness of your name and your customers promise. It is a voyage of building a corporate soul and infectiously communicating it inside and outside the company to all your partners, so that your customers truly get what your brand promises.

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  • Today’s central problem facing business is not a shortage of goods but a shortage of customers. Most of the world’s industries can pro- duce far more goods than the world’s consumers can buy. Overca- pacity results from individual competitors projecting a greater market share growth than is possible. If each company projects a 10 percent growth in its sales and the total market is growing by only 3 percent, the result is excess capacity.

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  • Image marketing is one of the fastest growing areas in marketing communications. In the fall of 2003, Time Magazine published a special supplement entitled “The Business of Image Marketing.” The publication is timely and clearly illustrates the public’s growing interest in the making and application of image. Although the emphasis of the supplement was on style, fashion, and design, the concept of image marketing also encompasses brands, individuals, and countries.

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  • In this Age of the Individual, personal branding is vital to your success. This new book explains how you can use the Internet to quickly and inexpensively become an expert or celebrity in your field of choice. Big companies understand the importance of brands—if the product is recognizable, customers are more likely to embrace the idea behind the product and buy it. The same holds true for individuals. People will not only listen more intently to a familiar voice

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  • Financial institutions are increasingly measuring and managing the risk from credit exposures at the portfolio level, in addition to the transaction level. This change in perspective has occurred for a number of reasons. First is the recognition that the traditional binary classification of credits into “good” credits and “bad” credits is not sufficient— a precondition for managing credit risk at the portfolio level is the recognition that all credits can potentially become “bad” over time given a particular economic scenario.

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  • Accessibility is a key ingredient of well-being and prosperity in contemporary societies. The ability of individuals, families, entrepreneurs and firms to exchange goods and services, to be where activities are being carried out, and to interact with people on a regular basis is crucial not only to economic life but also to the quality of life. With the growth of economic and social networks over the course of the past two centuries, and t he spatial dispersion of activities, transportation has become a vital part of the systems providing access to those activities.

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  • On the afternoon and evenings of September 21 – 22, 2012, Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm, and Capitol Correspondent conducted a survey of 765 likely voters in Colorado regarding their likely vote for a given presidential candidate. The poll carries a margin of error of 3.4%. Overall, among likely voters, Obama holds a 4.7% lead at 50.2% compared to Obama’s 45.5%, with 4.3% of likely voters still undecided. The group of undecided voters is likely larger than 4.3%, given that another 2.

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  • Before discussing our methodology, we motivate our study with a table illustrating bank adaptation and soft credit at work. The data are from a large Greek bank, covering tens of thousands applications by individuals for credit products. 4 Columns 1 and 2 show the monthly declared income and monthly payments on household credit products for self-employed individuals across di§erent industries, and column 3 presents the ratio of payments-to-income. On average, self-employed Greeks spend 82% of their monthly reported income servicing debt.

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  • Seeking Innovative Ways to Eliminate the Pay Gap. The Department of Labor, in conjunction with the National Equal Pay Task Force, issued an “Equal Pay App Challenge.” This challenge invites software developers to use publicly available data and resources to create applications that accomplish at least one of the following goals: provide greater access to pay data broken down by gender, race, and ethnicity; provide interactive tools for early career coaching; help inform negotiations; and promote online mentoring.

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  • PIRATES, Buccaneers, Marooners, those cruel but picturesque sea wolves who once infested the Spanish Main, all live in present-day conceptions in great degree as drawn by the pen and pencil of Howard Pyle. Pyle, artist-author, living in the latter half of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth, had the fine faculty of transposing himself into any chosen period of history and making its people flesh and blood again--not just historical puppets.

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  • Operation costing is used in situations where products have some common charac- teristics and some individual characteristics. Shoes, for example, have common character- istics in that all styles involve cutting and sewing that can be done on a repetitive basis, using the same equipment and following the same basic procedures. Shoes also have individual characteristics—some are made of expensive leathers and others may be made using inexpensive synthetic materials.

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  • Chapter 7 define product and the major classifications of products and services; describe the decisions companies make regarding their individual products and services, product lines, and product mixes; discuss branding strategy – the decisions firms make in building and managing their brands; identify the four characteristics that affect the marketing of a service and the additional marketing considerations that services require; discuss two additional product issues: socially responsible product decisions and international product and services marketing.

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  • Fertility drugs can be oral or injectible. The most common fertility drug used is clomiphene citrate (brand name Clomid or Serophene), which is taken orally to help women who are not ovulating or who ovulate irregularly to produce one or more mature eggs. Injectibles are called gonadotropins and stimulate the ovary to produce more follicles in one cycle. Clomiphene citrate and gonadotropins can be used on their own with intercourse, or combined with AI or IVF. Success rates depend on many factors, especially maternal age and the quality of the accompanying sperm.

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  • With that being said, we have reproduced hereafter a set of core medical equipment fact sheets which have been issued by the ECRI Institute and the GMDN Agency, with a view to raising stakeholders’ awareness about their existence and their functionality. Each fact sheet displays a type of medical equipment, the health problems addressed by the device, the operation procedures, its typical size, weight and price range, and infrastructure requirements for effective and safe use.

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  • Private sector availability of generic medicines is higher than that in the public sector in all regions (Figure 1.1). Nevertheless, median availability is still less than 60% in Africa, South-East Asia and the Western Pacific. Large differences in availability across individual countries within the same region are again observed; the difference between the lowest and highest availability is as much as 98% and 74% in the countries of the Eastern Mediterra- nean and Africa, respectively.

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  • In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Describe a total product offer; identify the various kinds of consumer and industrial goods; summarize the functions of packaging; contrast brand, brand name, and trademark, and show the value of brand equity; explain the steps in the new-product development process; describe the product life cycle; identify various pricing objectives and strategies.

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  • These brokers, banks and trust companies are typically participants in a securities depository, such as the Canadian Depository for Securities ("CDS'). CDS receives securities from its participants and holds them in fungible bulks. CDS registers these securities in the name of a CDS nominee, and maintains accounts showing the entitlements of each participant.

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  • Increase your powers of vocabulary, calculation and logical reasoning with this book of brand new IQ tests. Each timed test is approximately the same degree of difficulty and consists of a mixture of numerical, diagrammatic and logical reasoning questions. Answers are provided with detailed explanations where necessary, together with a guide to assessing performance on each test individually, and cumulatively on all ten tests.

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  • If you’re a regular reader of Packet®, you’ve no doubt noticed our new look. Packet has been redesigned to match a new look and feel that has been incorporated throughout all of Cisco’s communications vehicles. From the commercials you see on TV, to the boxes that deliver your latest networking components, the company is adhering to a cohesive design philosophy that is collectively referred to in marketing circles as a corporate identity system.

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  • The Certified Wireless Network Professional Training & Certification Program is intended for individuals who administer, install, design, and support IEEE 802.11 compliant wireless networks. Because the CWNP program is vendor neutral, candidates who achieve the different levels of CWNP Certification will be trained and qualified to administer and support many different brands of wireless LAN hardware.

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