Indoor architecture

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  • We normally think of the eye as an organ for vision, but due to the discovery of additional nerve connections from recently-detected novel photoreceptor cells in the eye to the brain, it is now understood how light also mediates and controls a large number of biochemical processes in the human body. The most important findings are related to the control of the biological clock and to the regulation of some important hormones through regular light-dark rhythms. This in turn means that lighting has a large influence on health, well-being and alertness.

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  • OGC support to SDOs OGC role: collaborate consistent conceptual approaches for location and geospatial topics across multiple SDOs Geopriv, IEEE, ISO, OASIS OGC support of emergency service architectures OGC Web Services OpenLS Sensor Web Enablement CityGML and Indoor Location

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  • The FlexWave™ Base Station Controller (BSC) provides common control for both the indoor FlexWave nanoBTS and the outdoor FlexWave microBTS. Built with a modular and flexible IP-based architecture, the FlexWave BSC uses IP connectivity to communicate with the FlexWave BTS units, while offering a standard circuit-based A-interface to the MSC and a standard circuit-based Gb interface to the SGSN. There is also an option to connect into core network architectures that employ a softswitch MSC.

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