Industrial distribution system

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  • The electricity industry is also a key industry for most economies in the world. One of the important stages in the design and operation of the electricity system is system planning. Along with the restructuring of the electricity industry, the problem posed how to put distributed power sources into electric grid. This paper presents a planning model that takes into account the above mentioned clean power sources.

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  • This study presents a Finite Element (FE) model updating methodology of a piping system and demonstrates vibration attenuation at its resonant frequencies using tuned local resonators distributed along its length. An experimental laboratory scaled version of a prototype piping system inspired from existing piping structures in the oil and gas industry is assembled to study its dynamic behavior under laboratory conditions.

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  • In the context of the digital economy and Industrial Revolution 4.0, modern retail models increasingly dominate in the retail system and are becoming effective retail models in many countries. Therefore, countries and economic regions need to know about this models in order to have suitable solutions to develop goods distribution system and contribute to developing socio-economic for country and regions.

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  • Carbon pricing is widely recognized as an effective policy instrument for climate change mitigation. Carbon pricing have been imposed in 39 developed countries and eight middle-income countries. Eight more middle-income countries are considering its implementation. As experiences from industrialized countries may not be relevant to developing countries, this literature review fills a knowledge gap by collating the impacts of carbon pricing in developing economies to facilitate cross-learning.

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  • Based on the Vietnamese case, this paper proposes an industrial organization model of the middlemen behavior in the traditional food distribution system for developing countries. This conventional system is often characterized by small farmers and of several retailers called middlemen who sell their products on market. Since most of works in this field have adopt an empirical approach, the focus of our study in this paper will be instead on theoretical model.

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  • The most valuable timber of the world i.e. teak (king of timber) was widely used due to its durability, physical and aesthetic property. It has a high demand in international market and distributed throughout India and Southeast Asia. In addition, there are huge gap between demand and supply of industrial timber in India. This can be fulfilled by the teak plantation with agroforestry systems.

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  • Gum is natural biopolymers and formed via process of gummosis due to biotic and abiotic stresses i.e. injury, infection, drought, heat, high temperature, asby product of metabolic pathway and cannot re-enter in the system. Gum karaya (Sterculia urens Roxb.) is a dry deciduous tree belonging to the family Sterculiaceae distributed throughout India and Chhattisgarh. Karaya gum is the dried exudate obtained from trees of Sterculia species. Karaya gum is predominately used for many industries such as petroleum and gas, textiles, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals, medicine and several other products.

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  • Dong Nai Province has abundant surface and groundwater resources. However, in recent years, due to the impact of climate change, there have been unusual changes, hot weather has occurred in the rainy season, rainfall has been distributed. Climate change strongly affects water resources in all aspects: flooding, changing water levels, saline intrusion ... Changes in water resources will affect related areas: changes in exploitation, using and managing, adjusting and changing policies and laws related to water resources.

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  • Ebook European integration and housing policy present the content: are housing finance systems converging within the European union; uncertainty in European housing markets; the impact of European integration on the construction industry; fiscal restraint and housing policies under economic and monetary union; housing, tenure and international comparisons of income distribution; diversity in the european union...

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  • Water is one of the most essential commodities for mankind and the largest available source of fresh water lays underground. Tremendous increase in the agricultural, industrial and domestic activities in recent years has increased the demand for good quality water to meet the growing needs. Groundwater is mostly preferred to meet this growing demand because of its lower level of contamination and wider distribution. The occurrence of groundwater is a consequence of the interaction of the climatic, geological, hydrological and physiographical factors.

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  • Water and High Purity Water (HPW) distribution systems can be contaminated with human pathogenic microorganisms. This biocontamination may pose a risk to human health as HPW is commonly used in the industrial, pharmaceutical and clinical sectors.

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  • To develop mechanical industry in Vietnam, it is a long process that needs to emphasize on four critical factors including human resources, technology, finance and distribution systems. In which, improving human resource is an important solution for sustainable development of each enterprise. Through survey, this article constructs factors affecting human resources development in mechanical enterprises in Vietnam. The selfreport questionnaire was completed by 392 workers of 24 mechanical enterprises.

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  • To mitigate the harmonic problems in industrial power system, the simple way is to use shunt passive filters. This paper presents the effect of compensation and detuning of single tuned shunt passive filter on harmonics of industrial distribution system. The three phase power system and single tuned passive filter is designed, modeled and simulated in MATLAB by using the actual data collected from industry is used.

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  • The current water shortage in Egypt is 13.5 Billion cubic meter per year (BCM/yr) and is expected to continuously increase. Currently, this water shortage is compensated by drainage reuse which consequently deteriorates the water quality. Therefore, this research was commenced with the objective of assessing different scenarios for 2025 using the Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) model and by implementing different water sufficiency measures. Field data were assembled and analyzed, and different planning alternatives were proposed and tested in order to design three future scenarios.

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  • Knowledge sharing is one of the important and also challenging parts in the success of KM implementation. The objective of this paper is to find out knowledge sharing barriers in the petrochemical companies in a Middle East country. Three main categories are found to have an impact on knowledge sharing in the companies. These categories are potential individual knowledge sharing barriers, potential organizational knowledge sharing barriers and potential technological knowledge sharing barriers. Data were collected by using a convenience sampling survey method.

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  • Chapter 7 - Organizations in the distribution process. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Become familiar with tourism distribution systems organizations and their functions, understand travel agents and their role in the distribution system, consider the impact of the internet on the distribution system,...

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  • Chapter 1 The concepts of selection and procurement. In this chapter, you should be able to: Define the terms “purchasing,” “selection,” and “procurement.”, distinguish between commercial and noncommercial hospitality operations, differentiate purchasing functions in different types of hospitality operations.

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  • Chapter 12 - The optimal supplier. In this chapter, you should be able to: Determine a buying plan by selecting a single supplier or bid buying, explain additional criteria used when choosing suppliers, describe the relationship between suppliers and buyers, describe the relationship between salespersons and buyers.

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  • Chapter 2 - Technology applications in purchasing. Technological applications in the selection and procurement function are evolving rapidly. Today, many forms of technology are available to assist suppliers and buyers transact effectively with each other. Those who decide to use these tools can considerably streamline the cycle of purchasing, distribution, receiving, storage, issuing, and product usage. Many of these tools are becoming a vital part of the procurement process.

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  • Chapter 3 - Distribution systems. In this chapter, you should be able to: Outline the distribution system in the hospitality industry, explain the economic values added to products and services as they journey through the channel of distribution, evaluate the determination of optimal values and supplier services in the hospitality industry.

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