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  • A guide to assessment in early childhood: Infancy to age eight is designed to be useful for all early childhood professionals/providers-from those who want to learn basic information about an early childhood assessment system, to those who have responsibility for selecting tools and conducting assessments.

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  • For the 57th Nestlé Pediatric Nutrition Workshop, which took place in May 2005 at Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, the topic ‘Primary Prevention by Nutrition Intervention in Infancy and Childhood’ was chosen. Early nutrition seems to be involved in the mechanism of control, especially taking into account the role of protein and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFAs). It seems that the new generation of infant formulas already takes those findings into consideration. We would like to thank the two chairmen, Prof. Hugh Sampson and Prof.

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  • Behavioral science is an extremely high-yield, yet often overlooked, subject on the USMLE Step 1. Understanding important behavioral science concepts and being able to apply them to test questions can significantly increase your score. Deja Review: Behavioral Sciences is the perfect format to study behavioral science material; it helps you rapidly review material you know as well as fill-in gaps in your knowledge.

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  • Supply in the used car market is very di erent from supply in the new car market. Used cars are supplied by current car owners who decide to trade-in or sell their car, often in conjunction with buying a replacement car (either new or used). In the used car market, therefore, the supply decision will depend on how sensitive individual consumers are to the price of gasoline, and how that a ects a customer's relative valuations of the car that he or she currently owns and a di erent car that he or she might buy. In considering the e ect of gasoline prices on the equilibrium in the used...

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  • The WHO European Region has almost five million nurses; they constitute the largest health care provider* group. Their actual and potential contribution to the management* of chronic disease* is un- der-acknowledged and under-used. Many other types of health care provider* are similarly under-acknowledged and under-used. Access by all to recognized programmes of therapeutic patient education* and disease-specific management* in a multidisciplinary and monodisci- plinary system should make a significant contribution to the manage- ment* of chronic diseases*. ...

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  • Several main observations are developed in the discussion below. First, while geographic availability of depository services to areas not served by private banks was always a prime justification of postal savings – in the United States as well as in Japan and Europe – it has not proved to be the major source of demand for postal savings, even if it was important to a few rural customers. From the start, the U.S.

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  • I wish to thank Dr. Quazi Shahabuddin, Research Director, BIDS and Dr. Paul Dorosh, Chief of Party, FMRSP IFPRI, Dhaka for their valuable comments on an earlier version of this Report. In estimating consumption of poultry products, the research has largely used the primary data generated by the Flood Impact Study, FMRSP IFPRI, Dhaka which was led by Dr. Carlo Del Ninno. I gratefully acknowledge the generous help offered by him in this respect. I have also benefited from the extremely useful and constructive comments made by Dr. Chris Delgado on an earlier draft of this report.

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  • At the end of the day what counts here is not whether a person making war could successfully justify the action in some court of theology against the best religious scholars or religious judges of his or her tradition. In many cases, as suggested above, the argument cuts both ways and the leaders of war are rarely put to such a test. What concerns us is the way in which leaders can use the a religious justification for war in a way that people will follow them to war, to...

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  • Childhood obesity has been one of the major problems for children in the last century and it still is a widespread condition all over the world. The metabolic effect of early- onset obesity is more severe in children than in adults. This process may start in early infancy or even in the uterus. Obesity in children is a very complex and difficult issue for endocrinologists. This book aims to draw attention to the various aspects of this disease.

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  • Under the base enrollment scenario, the ACA is predicted to result in an additional 900,000 individuals enrolling in Medi-Cal by 2014, increasing to 1.2 million by 2019. is includes an estimated 500,000 individuals predicted to be enrolled in county Low-Income Health Programs who will be automatically enrolled in Medi-Cal in 2014.12 Under the enhanced scenario, with a more aggressive enrollment and outreach strategy, additional Medi-Cal enrollment would reach 1.4 million by 2014 and 1.6 million by 2019.

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  • Laura Bruney, Executive Director of the Arts & Business Council of Miami says, “The 101 list came about when one of our steering committee members thought people would respond [to a list of ideas] and they did! The steering committee came up with some unique items for the list. We focused on innovative and unique promotional opportunities between business and the arts. We also tried to emphasize neighborhood marketing—promoting the event/performance in the area surrounding the theatre or performance site.” When looking at the suggestions on this list, consider your target customers.

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  • A recurring notion among focus group participants was that using modern electronic music served to make silent films feel “more modern” or “contempo- rary.” At the same time, many noted that electronic music also allowed the silent films screened to feel more “artistic” or “avant-garde,” stating that the films seemed as if they could have been created fairly recently as opposed to being eight or nine decades old. Such comments are particularly encouraging for two reasons.

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  • The coefficient of interest, γ1, is the percentage effect of HNC on air pollution. The vector of covariates, xt, includes indicator variables for month of the year, day of the week, and hour of the day as well as interactions between weekends and hour of the day. In addition, xt includes weather variables including current and 1-hour lags of quartics in temperature, humidity, and wind speed. 14 Equation (1) is first estimated using least squares (OLS) for four different time windows rang- ing from 1986-1993 to 1989-1990.

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  • We comply with all state and federal laws and conform to the highest standards of professional conduct. We transact University business in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and University policies and procedures. We do not misrepresent our status or authority in our dealings with others. To the extent that we belong to professions that are governed by standards specific to the profession (such as attorneys, psychologists, or certified public accountants), we adhere to such professional standards.

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  • When asked about purchase of counterfeit goods over the last twelve months, the most commonly purchased were music (16.2 per cent of the entire sample), films (16.0 per cent of the entire sample), and fashion items (15.5 per cent of the entire sample). This is consistent with the products identified as providing the most lucrative markets for counterfeiters as outlined in the introduction. For the entire sample, downloading of pirated files was less common with 14 per cent having downloaded illegal music tracks, 6 per cent whole albums and 5 per cent films or TV programmes. ...

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  • There was also a link from dress reform to physical fitness and a greater emphasis on health. Writers on dress and hygiene reform placed emphasis on the need for women to be fit and active for their roles as future mothers of a healthy nation and race of people. Pamela Gilbert argues in The Citizen’s Body that the discourse of hygienic and sanitary reform was articulated as a form of control and was linked to greater socio-political questions: The management of the social body through public medicine and discourses of health became the principal discourse with which to...

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  • One of the ways in which a countercyclical element could be introduced into regulatory capital requirements is to make required capital a function of the change in assets—not just of the risk-weighted level; see Charles Goodhart and Avinash Persaud, “How to Avoid the Next Crash,” Financial Times, January 30, 2008. The Basel Committee has recently announced that it will increase capital charges for complex, structured credit products, liquidity facilities to support asset-backed commercial-paper conduits, and credit exposures held in the trading book.

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  • It requires detailed data on plant characteristics, including the type of products or output, the scale of production, the type of production technology, and the type of abatement equipment used. In the summer of 2001, we interviewed managers and engineers of the plants on our list (both in person and by telephone) in an attempt to obtain these data. Only two of the industrial facilities on our list—the gray iron foundry and the chemical plant described above—provided all of the information needed to estimate emissions.

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  • Achieving your 10km goals is not just about completing the key sessions. There are other important aspects of performance. Remember to follow a sensible nutritional plan, from day to day, and pre and post training. Stretching is also an essential aspect of training. Stretching should be completed after each training session, as well as during designated stretching sessions 2-3 times per week. Improved flexibility will reduce the chance of injury, reduce fatigue, and improve running efficiency. Recovery is another crucial part of your training program that is often overlooked.

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  • ECE is a critical part of California’s infrastructure for economic development. Like the system of highways and roads and public transportation, parents need the infrastructure of reliable, affordable child care in order to productively participate in the workforce. It is important to maintain the ECE system even during periods of recession and high unemployment. If the system atrophies during times of economic contraction, a child care shortage during recovery impedes the workforce mobilization and productivity of many parents and hinders new economic growth.

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