Inherently elastic

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  • The relationship between supply and demand for human bodily material is, moreover, a complex one. 'Demand' for material is inherently elastic: as scientific developments make more treatments possible, the demand for that treatment is likely to increase, and the development of alternatives may lead to more people overall being treated, rather than necessarily reducing demand.

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  • The main objective of this study is to review the present marketing mix applies particularly to the marketing. This study provides an idea to the marketers and can be used as tools to assist them in pursuing their marketing objectives. Borden (1965) claims to be the first to have used the term marketing mix and that it was suggested to him by Culliton’s (1948). McCarthy (1964) offered marketing mix, often referred to as the 4Ps, as a means of translating marketing planning into practice (Bennett, 1997).

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  • This conversation is an opportunity to rethink how commitments on gender equality can be anchored in development partnerships with different actors in the context of post-Rio and post-2015. Participants are expected to discuss innovative thinking on how MA must advance conceptually and how gender equality can be anchored at the heart of this discussion.

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  • Use the best speaker cables you can. Higher quality cables, available from your specialty dealer, are recommended and will give you superior performance. Spade connectors are suggested for optimum contact and ease of installation. Attach your speaker cables to the Signal Input section on the rear panel. Be consistent when connecting speaker leads to the terminals on the back of the Cinema: take great care to assign the same color to the (+) terminal on both the speaker and the amplifier. Please see the Operations section (pages 5) of this manual for more details....

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  • The third domain includes features related to safety, mobility, and access. Again these factors may operate on late-life health either through a cumulative process on the underlying health trajectory or by directly facilitating/impeding activities in old age. For example, by providing safe places to participate in physical activity, the availability of parks and recreation may facilitate healthy behaviors that have a beneficial affect on health well into late life (Brownson et al, 2001; Jackson & Kochtitzky, 2001).

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  • NBN Co’s announced intention is to lodge a Special Access Undertaking (SAU) for approval by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). NBN Co’s proposed approach to the SAU is further detailed in Section 8.10, Special Access Undertaking with the ACCC, below. NBN Co has previously indicated its view that the SAU could be finalised and lodged with the ACCC once key policy matters such as the number and location of PoIs and the approach to uniform national wholesale pricing were finalised.

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  • Some beautiful and famous countryside sites are at risk of being over-used for large-scale walks. This kind of activity brings hundreds of tramping feet and a hubbub of noise and bustle which can destroy the very beauty and atmosphere for which the place is famous. Other sites and routes are much more robust and lend themselves happily to throngs of people all enjoying themselves at the same place at the same time. Choose your event site wisely.

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  • Zhang (2004) designed a multi-index model to determine the effect of industry, country and international factors on asset pricing. Byers and Groth (2000) defined the asset pricing process as a function utility (economic factors) and non-economic (psychic) factors. Clerc and Pfister (2001) posit that monetary policy is capable of influencing asset prices in the long run. Any change in interest rates especially unanticipated change affects growth expectations and the rates for discounting investment future cash flows.

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  • The technology-based Effluent Guidelines could not guarantee achievement of adequate water quality in all receiving waters, so permit writers were required to set even more stringent “water-quality-limited” standards for plants discharging into such water bodies. These standards necessarily depended on the current conditions of the receiving water body and its capacity to absorb waste. Also, the effluent limitations for any firm affected and were affected by the effluent limitations on all other firms. The front-line administration of this program—i.e.

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  • Recent re-analyses of time series studies have highlighted a second important epidemiological and statistical issue known as confounding bias. Pollution relative rate estimates for mortality= morbidity could be confounded by observed and unobserved time-varying confounders (such as weather variables, season, and in°uenza epidemics) that vary in a similar manner as the air pol- lution and mortality=morbidity time series. To control for confounding bias, smooth functions of time and temperature variables are included into the semi-parametric Poisson regression model....

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  • A large body of research over several decades has grappled with how and whether fear can persuade consumers to change their health behaviors. Different models have been proposed to describe the cognitive and emotional processes involved.

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  • An agreement from car manufacturers to cut CO2 to 140g/km by 2008, though likely to be met, will not be enough to have a significant impact on emissions. The EEA suggests that including vans and trucks in the agreement would help. Basing vehicle taxation more on CO2 emissions would be a further way of tackling the problem, it adds. So would setting CO2 emission limits like those already imposed on pollutants, and/or increased use of biofuels. Incentives for the use of cleaner cars, or new road pricing systems, are two possible given ways of dealing with an...

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  • Tax policy analysts often use two concepts of tax rates. The first is the marginal tax rate or the tax rate on the last dollar of income. If a taxpayer’s income were to increase by $1, the marginal tax rate indicates what proportion of that dollar would be paid in taxes. The highest marginal tax rate is referred to as the top marginal tax rate. How much an additional dollar is taxed depends on if it is ordinary income (e.g., wages) or capital gains. The second concept of tax rates is the average or effective tax rate, which is the...

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  • The unplanned crossbreeding had also threatened the genetic resources base of the country. Although efforts were made at developing breeding program for various livestock species in the country, all did not materialize due to lack of commitment of and consultation with various stakeholders. There is, therefore, a pressing need to develop a breeding strategy that addresses various livestock species and the diverse agro-ecologies that exist in the country.

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  • To begin, at the left of the figure, trends in risk factors or biological markers such as cholesterol and other lipids, weight, and indicators of insulin regulation are separate markers of underlying health and population propensity to disease. At the population level, the age of onset of these factors generally precedes the onset of related diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The second box includes diseases, conditions, and impairments.

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  • This document was prepared by the Office of Health and Environmental Assessment (OHEA) within the Office of Research and Development, with major contract funding provided by the Indoor Air Division within the Office of Air and Radiation's Office of Atmospheric and Indoor Air Programs. Steven P. Bayard1 was the OHEA project manager with overall responsibility for the contents of this report and its conclusions. Other OHEA staff members responsible for the scientific content of sections of this document are Jennifer Jinot and Aparna M. Koppikar.

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  • The role of the board of directors therefore becomes crucial in balancing the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders (eg., creditors and depositors). Consequently, bank regulators place additional responsibilities on bank boards that often result in detailed regulations regarding their decision-making practices and strategic aims. These additional regulatory responsibilities for management have led some experts to observe that banking regulation is a substitute for corporate governance.

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  • “Workers’ Compensation Costs” (WC) ranks as the 10th most important problem in this survey, down from its 3rd position in the 2004 survey. About one-quarter of business own- ers regard WC costs as critical, one-third lower than four years ago. In some states, such as Arizona and California, WC systems have been reformed and rates lowered. Also, safer work- places due to improved working environments and a shift in the employment base from more hazardous manufacturing jobs to relatively safe service positions contribute to lower rates.

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  • One difficulty in studying women-led startup companies is that a firm may have multiple founders or owners of both genders. Various research studies deal with the problem in different ways: They count women’s firms as those owned solely or ―primarily‖ by women; they break out the mixed-ownership firms separately (or exclude them); or, they track startup activity by individuals rather than by firms. The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity (KIEA) tracks individuals, using data from the Current Population Survey of the U.S. Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ...

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  • Community management of patients with organic brain damage can be difficult. They often do not attend appointments. The community nursing team may be able to offer advice and support to the patient. A community care assessment by the social work department may be needed. If drinking continues to be problematic, sometimes patients will agree to an arrangement with their family or their social worker such that, at any one time, they only have access to small amounts of their money.

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