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  • In a normalized database, the data to be viewed can be stored in multiple tables. When you need to view data from related tables together, you can query the data by joining the tables with the help of common attributes. You can also use subqueries where the result of a query is used as an input for the condition of another query. This chapter discusses how to query data from multiple tables by applying various types of joins, such as an inner join, outer join, cross join, equi join, or self join. Further, it explains how to use subqueries....

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  • In the 20 years since the database language SQL was adopted as an international standard, and the 25 years since SQL database products appeared on the market, SQL has become the predominant language for storing, modifying, retrieving, and deleting data. Today, a significant portion of the world’s data—and the world’s economy—is tracked using SQL databases.

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  • Chapter 16 Managing Multiple Database Tables The previous chapter showed you how to use INNER JOIN and LEFT JOIN to retrieve information stored in multiple tables. You also learned how to link existing tables by adding an extra column to the child table and updating each record individually to insert a foreign key. However, most of the time, you ll want to insert data simultaneously in both tables. That presents a problem, because INSERT commands can operate on only one table at a time.

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  • Các thuật ngữ dùng trong bài: - Inner relation: Mối quan hệ nội tại giữa bản thân các trường của các table dữ liệu trong 1 cơ sở dữ liệu. - Outer join : Mối liên kết ngoại lai - Record: Bản ghi, là 1 dòng dữ liệu. - Master: là bảng chứa trường là 1 trong quan hệ 1 nhiều - Child: là bảng chứa trường là nhiều trong quan hệ 1 nhiều - Query: Truy vấn, là 1 bảng dữ liệu mới gồm các trường dữ liệu lấy từ 2 hoặc 3 bảng dữ liệu, các bảng này có thể...

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