Innovations in agriculture

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  • Lead users are primarily responsible for generating user innovations and are defined as individuals or organizations that are well ahead of market trends and have needs that go far beyond those of the average user. In agriculture users of technology are basically farmers and they can be considered as lead users. The present study was conducted to know the perception of lead users regarding effectiveness of their own innovations. For this, 30 lead users developed/practiced innovations from 13 districts of Uttar Pradesh were selected purposively.

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  • In this paper, case studies of different digital platform models in the domain of Agriculture in Asia were analyzed and presented.

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  • The technological advancements have enabled the textile materials find their irreplaceable use in areas like agriculture, horticulture, livestock and fishery. This class of textile materials used in agriculture sector is known as agrotech segment of technical textiles. The textile materials hold a great potential for improvement and enhancement in the quantity and quality of the agricultural products.

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  • There are several innovations in floricultural industry such as value addition in flowers, vertical garden, drying of flowers, hydroponics, aeroponics, bonsai, flower arrangement these add beauty in nature. Value addition in flowers not only help the producer to get a good price for its produces but also helps the consumer as they get a good quality as well quantity added products. Hydroponics is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions with or without the use of an artificial medium to provide mechanical support.

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  • Timely disbursement of credit is game changer in agricultural production. There are few factors which impedes the availability of the credit from institutional structure and make farmers depended on informal ones. A number of innovative methods like KCC, SHG bank linkage groups, JLGs and FPOs had been promoted for financial inclusion under institutional structure. Except KCC, performance of other methods had been outstanding in recent years. Factors such and age, education, farm and land size influence the adaptation of KCC.

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  • This paper analyzes the safe vegetable industry of Da Lat where innovation derives from learning based market interactions. This case study serves as an argument to the above statement.

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  • Technology innovation in agricultural development in combination with hightech application in agriculture is the right direction for Vietnam to increase productivity, quality and value of agricultural products.

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  • The analysis results showed that the level of satisfaction of the farmers was significantly influenced by the quality of the agricultural extension service and the agricultural extension service quality was influenced by factors such as farmers’s adoption of technological innovations in agriculture, the extension staff’s clear presentation.

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  • Nowadays, people looking towards the agriculture as industrial point of view or as business, which cannot sustain without research and development and astute investments. In the past three decades, the role of intellectual property rights (IPRs) in agribusiness has increased enormously. Apart from investment in agricultural research, intellectual property rights (IPRs) have profound impact on technology development, and its transfer. There has been an increasing interest in the innovations of pre-harvest as well as post-harvest agriculture machinery.

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  • The present study was conducted in Sahapur and Bhimpur block were purposively selected based on tribal area of Betul district of M.P. The total sample was consisted 120 respondents for the study. Objective of study is to study the profile of tribal farmers, and to seek suggestive measure to minimize the ill effect of agrochemical as perceived by tribal farmers.

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  • Online marketing is an innovative method of agricultural marketing which benefits the farmers by eliminating middlemen and also provide better price for their commodities. Recently, a new scheme “Rashtreeya e-Market Services Private Limited (ReMS)” has been introduced as a joint venture company with Government of Karnataka and NCDEX to implement the agricultural marketing policy to bring transparency and improve efficiency in the agricultural marketing system for the benefit of farmers and other market participants.

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  • India's agricultural extension system is at a pivotal point in its development. During the past 50 years, the Indian extension system has evolved to reflect national priorities. At the outset, extension worked to bring about broad-based rural development. However, the food crises starting in the late 1950s refocused the efforts of extension on food security and increasing food production. The combination of Green Revolution technology in the late 1960s and Training and Visit (T&V) Extension in the mid-1970s enabled India to achieve food self-sufficiency during the 1980s–1990s.

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  • The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of knowledge management on employee's innovation in organizations through empowerment as a mediator for a case study of the Agricultural Bank of Qazvin province of Iran.

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  • Interactive Information Dissemination System (IIDS)’ is an innovative ICT model to address the information needs of the Indian farmers. This ICT tool was designed and developed under a project awarded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research under National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP). The IIDS is now being up scaled in three states. It is a multi-platform and multi-mode application.

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  • Rice is one of the most important food crops of India. Major share of rice is cultivated during Kharif season. The KVK is innovative institution for disseminating new agricultural technologies and imparting many short days and long days vocational training programmes to rural youth and farmers. The farmers trained at KVK become more alert and fully aware citizen of the community. The KVK provides strong training support for training significant breakthrough in agricultural production. Keeping in view the above facts the study entitled as such given above.

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  • Farmers have a reputation for being innovators and experimenters, willing to adopt new practices when they perceive some benefit will be gained. Over the past 40 to 50 years, innovation in agriculture has been driven mainly by an emphasis on high yields and farm profit, resulting in remarkable returns but also an array of negative environmental side effects.

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  • Capacity assessment was made based on the control (1) the quality of TOT training, (2) objective assessment of the competence of 56 children was a lecturer other 56 children, (3) evaluation of the TOT trainers conduct FFS in different environment, and (4) evaluate the adoption of the farmers of the project interventions. To improve training quality TOT, 14 experts in many different aspects of integrated this innovative technology in Australia and Vietnam were invited to the TOT master trainers....

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  • The project seeks to review existing experiences and made ​​some parts of tropical species in Vietnam, especially the Caribbean Pine, and set further testing of the genetic material is improved, including hybrids. The project will also provide capacity building for forestry research organization Vietnamese related Pinus tree improvement and mass propagation system through training in Queensland (Qld) and Vietnam, development protection of small and nursery infrastructure, and a study tour to Australia, Vietnam related to innovative forest management / research....

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  • Through research on the agricultural economy of Hai Duong province colonial period (1883 - 1945), the thesis contributes a specific perspective, more comprehensive agricultural economy of the colonial period in North Delta. Based on that assessment in an objective, science on the effects of French colonial policy to the agricultural economy of Hai Duong and draw lessons for the work of construction, agricultural development, rural innovation and improve people's lives and contribute to successful implementation of the innovation of the Party and State.

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  • The study was informed by Diffusion of Innovations (DOI) theory by Rogers. Mixed methods approach with a bias towards qualitative method was used for data collection. SPSS data analysis software was used for data analysis. Farmers would prefer a more personalized extension service as opposed to the practiced Common Interest Groups Service.77.1%.

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