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  • IN 1995, WHEN I WAS IN MY SECOND YEAR IN COLLEGE, I was introduced to UNIX network programming. In C, you could create sockets to open TCP connections to servers and code the servers that accepted these connections. I remember the excitement I felt the fi rst time I created a TCP server: I could accept connections and receive and send messages on them. If I wanted my server to accept many concurrent connections, the common solution was to use threads, and soon I had created my fi rst multi-threaded TCP server.

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  • Step by Step instructions to install Oracle Applications R12(12.1.1) on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 are described in this article. This is a single node installation, meaning that the database, all product directories and AD core directories, and all servers (concurrent processing, forms, and Web) are installed on a single node under one common APPL_TOP. The database node and the Applications node can be installed on the same machine. This type of installation is generally used for small systems or for demonstration purposes.

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  • How to Download and Install NX10.0 covers the necessary steps to get NX 10.0 installed on a Windows client. It is divided into four sections: Introduction, Downloading NX 10.0, Installing NX 10.0, Installing NX 10.0 Documentation (Help). The installation of the SPLM License Server is not covered in this document as it may already be installed on a local area networked server.


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  • This document describes the tasks to install Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition on a Windows two-node cluster, using Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Automated Storage Management (ASM). This install also builds a general purpose starter database with the Sample Schemas included and with automatic disk backup enabled.

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  • Kernel Support. Core support: CPU, Memory, Process. Management , Interrupt/Exception Handling etc. Dynamically Loadable Kernel Modules. Device Drivers. Additional Functionality. User Mode Access to kernel facilities. System Calls and Signals. Filesystem Device Nodes. Network Interfaces. Are not accessed through a device node but instead are accessed. through a “network interface” abstraction.

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  • The ease or difficulty of packet snooping (also known as eavesdropping) on networks depends largely on the technology implemented. Shared media networks are particularly susceptible to eavesdropping because this type of network transmits packets everywhere along the network as they travel from the origin to the final destination. When concentrators or hubs are used in a shared media environment (such as FDDI, 10BASE-T, or 100-Mbps Ethernet), it can be fairly easy to insert a new node with packet-capturing capability and then snoop the traffic on the network.

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  • Packet snooping can be detected in certain instances, but it usually occurs without anyone knowing. For packet snooping to occur, a device must be inserted between the sending and receiving machines. This task is more difficult with point-to-point technologies such as serial line connections, but it can be fairly easy with shared media environments. If hubs or concentrators are used, it can be relatively easy to insert a new node. However, some devices are coming out with features that remember MAC addresses and can detect whether a new node is on the network.

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  • The program director is responsible for implementing and ensuring compliance with policies and procedures for grievance and due process, duty hours, selection, evaluation and promotion of residents, disciplinary action and supervision of residents. See IR II.A-D. for minimum institutional requirements. Institutions and/or programs may have more extensive policies and procedures. These policies and procedures should be given to all residents and faculty in print format or made available on a residency program website to ensure they are knowledgeable about these important issues.

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  • ADC OmniReach™ solutions for MDU and CPE applications provide high performance interconnection of fiber cables and equipment at multiple dwelling units and within building environments. These solutions support both low and high fiber count applications and include compact, environmentally protective enclosures, high performance cable assemblies and connectivity components. With pre-terminated solutions from ADC, distribution nodes can be added to the network quickly and with increased reliability, reducing overall installation and long-term maintenance costs....

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  • Head nodes are used to host applications that may not typically be thought of as part of database management systems. Head nodes extend the functional capabilities of the DBMS to include sophisticated and specialized software capabilities that might otherwise be beyond the domain of commodity DBMS features. Examples are Web application servers and business intelligence solutions. Head nodes are often implemented using discrete hardware and operating system configurations (for example, an Intel processor running Windows XP).

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  • The DSX-3 is a common point in central offices or network nodes that provides the following functions: • Termination of a variety of equipment referred to as network elements (NE). The NE are permanently cabled to this common point during the initial installation and remain terminated at the DSX-3 for the life of the equipment. • Cross-connection of two NE together to configure a circuit. The cross-connect jumper is a semi-permanent connection that may be changed as the telephone network evolves and circuits are re-configured to meet service demands.

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  • The NCX-1000 is a passive fiber-to-the node (FTTN) service delivery cabinet that is easily placed in the feeder or distribution plant to support any re-sectionalizing or broadband overbuild application. It is typically installed with an adjunct DSLAM cabinet or remote terminal that houses a broadband DSLAM. The compact cabinet is designed for FTTN applications where re-sectionalizing the network requires either a new cross connect interface with a 1:2 ratio of feeder to distribution pairs or for 1:1 ratios where ADC’s patented Distribution Intercept (DI) service delivery solution is used.

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  • The integration of sensors in furniture brings many advantages to AmI systems, compared to other approaches that install sensors independently, for example on the wall.

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  • 200 6 Managing, Administering, and Maintaining a Hyper-V Host Server Manager. To check for an update to the device driver for the network adapter, follow these steps: 1. Expand the Network Adapters node in Device Manager. 2. Select the network adapter to check. 3. Select Action, Update Driver Software from the menu. 4. Click Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software. 5. Click Yes, Always Search Online (Recommended). 6. Install the update if found. 7. Click Close to exit the wizard. NOTE Many times, the latest version of the driver will already be installed.

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  • However, in many multi-building installations where a central control capability is de- sired, or where there is some outlying equipment to monitor, it is more and more com- mon to connect the separate BCS networks using existing cables and IP protocol. This connection may be entirely confined behind a corporate firewall, but more likely includes the public Internet . How are such network connections secured? If they are secured, it is most commonly done by using virtual private networking (VPN) technology from build- ing firewall to building firewall across the Internet .

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  • In this section, tell students about the concept of Object Linking and Embedded databases (OLEDB). OLEDB is a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enables the user to connect to different data sources. Ensure that the following datafiles are installed on the student nodes: Employee.mdb, BooksDetails.xls

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