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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 1.7 Connecting to a Named Instance of SQL Server or Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) Problem You want to connect to a named instance of a SQL Server or Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE). Solution You need to understand what a SQL Server or MSDE named instance is and how to connect to one.

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  • Objectives: After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following: • Create and manage initialization parameter files • Start up and shut down an instance • Monitor and use diagnostic files. Initialization Parameter Files • Entries are specific to the instance being started • Two types of parameters: – Explicit: Having an entry in the file

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  • Initialization Parameter Files In order to start an instance and open the database, you must connect as SYSDBA and enter the STARTUP command. The Oracle server will then read the initialization parameter file and prepare the instance according to the initialization parameters contained within. Note: You must have SYSDBA privilege. Authentication and the SYSDBA privilege will be discussed in later lessons.

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  • An important and well-studied problem is the production of semantic lexicons from a large corpus. In this paper, we present a system named ASIA (Automatic Set Instance Acquirer), which takes in the name of a semantic class as input (e.g., “car makers”) and automatically outputs its instances (e.g., “ford”, “nissan”, “toyota”). ASIA is based on recent advances in webbased set expansion - the problem of finding all instances of a set given a small number of “seed” instances.

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  • Domain adaptation is an important problem in natural language processing (NLP) due to the lack of labeled data in novel domains. In this paper, we study the domain adaptation problem from the instance weighting perspective. We formally analyze and characterize the domain adaptation problem from a distributional view, and show that there are two distinct needs for adaptation, corresponding to the different distributions of instances and classification functions in the source and the target domains. ...

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  • Whether automatically extracted or human generated, open-domain factual knowledge is often available in the form of semantic annotations (e.g., composed-by) that take one or more specific instances (e.g., rhapsody in blue, george gershwin) as their arguments. This paper introduces a method for converting flat sets of instance-level annotations into hierarchically organized, concept-level annotations, which capture not only the broad semantics of the desired arguments (e.g., ‘People’ rather than ‘Locations’), but also the correct level of generality (e.g.

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  • Graph-based semi-supervised learning (SSL) algorithms have been successfully used to extract class-instance pairs from large unstructured and structured text collections. However, a careful comparison of different graph-based SSL algorithms on that task has been lacking. We compare three graph-based SSL algorithms for class-instance acquisition on a variety of graphs constructed from different domains. We find that the recently proposed MAD algorithm is the most effective.

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  • Information Extraction (IE) is a fundamental technology for NLP. Previous methods for IE were relying on co-occurrence relations, soft patterns and properties of the target (for example, syntactic role), which result in problems of handling paraphrasing and alignment of instances. Our system ARE (Anchor and Relation) is based on the dependency relation model and tackles these problems by unifying entities according to their dependency relations, which we found to provide more invariant relations between entities in many cases. ...

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  • Purpose of thesis: The thesis suggests view points and solutions for further protecting the defendant’s rights in the hearing at first instance of criminal cases in Vietnam Provincial-level People’s Court.

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  • Thực sự không có gì nghi ngờ về sự hữu dụng của Dropbox. Bạn có thể backup các file vào đám mây và đồng bộ các tài liệu của mình qua các máy tính, hệ điều hành, thiết bị khác. Trong khi mọi thứ tỏ ra có vẻ khá tốt, nhưng vẫn có một thứ được cho là thiếu sót đó là, bạn không thể truy cập đồng thời nhiều tài khoản Dropbox trên cùng một máy tính.

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  • Extend and Customize JIRA--Work with custom fields, workflows, Reports & Gadgets, JQL functions, plugins, and more Customize the look and feel of your JIRA User Interface by adding new tabs, web items and sections, drop down menus, and more Master JQL - JIRA Query Language that enables advanced searching capabilities through which users can search for issues in their JIRA instance and then exploit all the capabilities of issue navigator

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  • Trong phần tiếp theo này, chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu cho các bạn thủ tục tạo một AD LDS instance và partition thư mục ứng dụng tương ứng. Trong phần trước của loạt bài này, chúng tôi đã giới thiệu cho các bạn về cách cài đặt Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service. Trong phần này, chúng tôi muốn tiếp tục thảo luận bằng cách giới thiệu cho các bạn cách tạo một AD LDS instance. Khái niệm một instance mang tính duy nhất đối với AD LDS (trái với Active Directory). ...

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  • Bài giảng Kiến trúc cài đặt cơ sở dữ liệu - Chương 1 "Lập kế hoạch và cài đặt SQL server 2012 và 2008" gồm có những nội dung chính sau: Tổng quan về SQL server, giới thiệu các phiên bản SQL Server 2012, giới thiệu các phiên bản SQL Server 2012, các chiến lược cài đặt SQL Server, Server instance.

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  • We develop an abstract component language and a static type system that can tells us the maximum resources a program may use. We prove that the upper resource bound is sharp and we point out a polynomial algorithm that can infer the sharp bound. Knowing the maximal resources a program may request allows us to adjust resource usage of the program and to prevent it from raising exceptions or behaving unexpectedly on systems that do not have enough resources.

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  • Overview The Oracle server uses many memory components, background processes, and file structures for its backup and recovery mechanism. This lesson reviews the concepts presented in the Oracle9i Database Administration Fundamentals I course, with an emphasis on backup and recovery requirements. Oracle Instance An Oracle instance consists of memory areas (mainly System Global Area [SGA]) and background processes, namely PMON, SMON, DBWn, LGWR, and CKPT. An instance is created during the nomount stage of the database startup after the parameter file has been read.

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  • After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following: Implement dynamic SGA allocation Dynamically adjust the buffer caches Dynamically adjust the shared pool

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  • Hiệu chỉnh một Symbol trong chế độ Symbol-editing, bạn có thể thực hiện một trong những thao tác sau đây: • Chọn một Instance của một Symbol trong vùng Stage và nhấp chuột vào nút Edit Symbol bên dưới

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  • Mục Advanced hiệu chỉnh các giá trị Red, Green, Blue và màu trong suốt (Transparency) của một Instance. Các thiết lập này rất có hiệu quả khi bạn muốn tạo ra các hiệu ứng màu mờ mờ ảo ảo trên các đối tượng như là ảnh Bitmap. Các điều khiển bên trái cho phép bạn giảm các giá trị màu và màu trong suốt bằng cách xác định giá trị phần trăm.

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  • Max margin learning is an extremely powerful idea for learning features with auxiliary tasks, and then use these features to solve tasks with few data. The goal of this lecture is for you to learn: Transfer, multi-task, and multi-instance learning; harnessing auxiliary tasks to learn features; formulations of multi-task learning;...

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  • Obtaining large volumes of inference knowledge, such as entailment rules, has become a major factor in achieving robust semantic processing. While there has been substantial research on learning algorithms for such knowledge, their evaluation methodology has been problematic, hindering further research. We propose a novel evaluation methodology for entailment rules which explicitly addresses their semantic properties and yields satisfactory human agreement levels. The methodology is used to compare two state of the art learning algorithms, exposing critical issues for future progress. ...

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