Instantiating a Function

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  • Introduction to C++ Templates includes C++ Function Templates, Function Overloading, Function Template, Instantiating a Function, Summary of Three Approaches, Class Template, Instantiating a Class Template.

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  • In this paper the functional uncertainty machinery in L F G is compared with the treatment of long distance dependencies in TAG. It is shown that the functional uncertainty machinery is redundant in TAG, i.e.,what functional uncertainty accomplishes for L F G follows f~om the T A G formalism itself and some aspects of the linguistic theory instantiated in TAG. It is also shown that the analyses provided by the functional uncertainty machinery can be obtained without requiring power beyond mildly context-sensitive grammars.

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  • This paper presents PEAS, the first comparative evaluation framework for parsers of French whose annotation formalism allows the annotation of both constituents and functional relations. A test corpus containing an assortment of different text types has been built and part of it has been manually annotated. Precision/Recall and crossing brackets metrics will be adapted to our formalism and applied to the parses produced by one parser from academia and another one from industry in order to validate the framework. ...

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  • Recording, Playing, and Saving Microphone Input 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 public class RecordMicrophone { private var _mic:Microphone; private var _sndBytes:ByteArray; private var _snd:Sound = new Sound(); private var _channel:SoundChannel = new SoundChannel(); public function RecordMicrophone() { setupMicrophone(); } public function setupMicrophone():void { _mic = Microphone.getMicrophone(); _mic.rate = 44; _mic.

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  • Creating Objects JavaScript Constructors Construct and Return Object Instances The JavaScript Native/Built-In Object Constructors User-Defined/Non-Native Object Constructor Functions Instantiating Constructors Using the new Operator Creating Shorthand/Literal Values from Constructors Primitive (a.k.a. Simple) Values The Primitive Values null, undefined, “string”, 10, true, and false Are Not Objects How Primitive Values Are Stored/Copied in JavaScript Primitive Values Are Equal by Value The String, Number, and Boolean Primitive Values Act Like Objects When Used Like Objects Complex (a.k.a.

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  • Classes in Objective-C need interface and implementation definitions. Although it’s not absolutely required, you typically keep the interface and implementations in separate files. The file with the interface is named as same as the class itself but with the .h file extension. The file with the implementation also has the class name but with the .m file extension. To use a custom class, you must import the class header file into the code file where you intend on using the class. Then you can instantiate an object from the class to use the functionality encapsulated in the class....

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  • A recognition grammar to supply information to a text-to-speech system for the synthesis of Italian must rely heavily upon lexical information, in order to instantiate the appropriate grammatical relations. Italian is an almost free word order language which nonetheless adopts f a i r l y analysable strategies to move major constituents: some of these can strongly affect the functioning of the phonotogical component. Two basic claims w i l l be made: i. d i f f i c u l t i e s in associating grammatical functions to constituent structure can be overcome only i f...

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