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  • BEYOND THE PILOT PROJECT: CHALLENGES FOR INSTITUTIONALISATION At present we can see a large number of projects practicing various forms of PPB, all of them being quite successful so far (case studies in this publication, Ashby & Lilja, 2004).

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  • We are all explorers. Even as tiny children we search out the limits of our world. A few years on, our imagination stretches further: fingers batting at a giddy plastic globe … a spinning top, gaudy with colour, representing perhaps the most ambitious idea possible, the world. Geography is a fundamental fascination. It is also a core component of a good education. Yet a lot of people are not too sure what it is. They stumble over the question ‘What is geography?’ Perhaps they are worried by the scale and the implications of the obvious answer. For geography is about the world.

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  • Again, however, an appropriate comparisons needs to take account of the fact that the SEC took place four years later and the process of cohort succession would affect results in the same way as was noted for literacy with respect to comparisons with the census. Thus when DHS results are calculated for persons aged 56 and older (who would be 60 and older in 2004) and limited to the provinces covered by the SEC sample, the percentages who ever attended school are reasonably similar in the two sources. Overall the comparison of basic demographic characteristics from the 2004...

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  • .ANIMALS, DISEASE AND HUMAN SOCIETY In recent years, the issue of animal disease has seldom been out of the headlines. The emergence of BSE and the threat of food-borne infections such as E.coli and salmonella have focused public attention on the impact of animal disease on human society. However, the problem of animal disease is far from new. Animals, Disease and Human Society explores the history and nature of our dependency on other animals and the implications of this for human and animal health.

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  • Business Angels (BAs) are an important financing source for SMEs, and seed and start-up companies in particular. BAs are even more important in countries and regions lacking an institutionalised VC infrastructure, often being the only major source of equity finance for young innovative SMEs. An important additional element of their activity is often the provision of non- financial benefits like mentoring/advice, contacts etc.

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  • The Netherlands may be an extreme case, both in terms of observed retirement patterns as well as in terms of the characteristics of the institutional setting. Since the mid-seventies Labour force participation rates of elderly males (55 years and older) have dropped about 50% points to a current level of less 30%. Employer provided Early Retirement (ER) schemes allow for retirement at the age of 60, or sometimes even earlier 2 . In addition to these schemes there are Unemployment Insurance schemes (UB) and Disibality Insurance schemes (DI) to protect...

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  • Oversight is an important role assumed by the Bundesbank in the field of payment transactions. This task is clarified with the latest amendment to Section 3 of the BBankG and is also recognised by the Treaty and the Statute as a basic task of the Eurosystem. Its aim is to ensure smooth payment transactions and encourage efficiency and security. In practical terms, this function is exercised largely by means of the general agreements on procedures and standards jointly developed with the banking sector and via institutionalised dialogues in various official bodies.

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  • This study forms part of a longitudinal study (the main study) on a population consisting of institutionalised peo- ple aged 52–102 living in the Province of Granada, Spain. Data was collected from April 2009 to September 2010. The main study’s inclusion criteria were to have at least three natural teeth and/or to wear dentures. 369 residents were examined at baseline. During the 12-month follow- up period 102 participants were retired from the study, 66 because they died and 36 because of other causes.

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  • The paper reviews a wide range of theoretical, historical and empirical literatures on banking models and detailed case analyses of failing and non-failing banks. A framework for understanding the role and application of knowledge in banking is developed which suggests how banks, despite their pro-cyclical business strategies, are able to institutionalise learning and actively create new knowledge through time to improve bank organisation, intermediation and risk management. Findings.

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  • To write a global history of medicine in Scotland is virtually impossible.

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