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  • A virtual instruction set architecture (V-ISA) implemented via a processor-specific software translation layer can provide great flexibility to processor designers. Recent examples such as Crusoe and DAISY, however, have used existing hardware instruction sets as virtual ISAs, which complicates translation and optimization. In fact, there has been little research on specific designs for a virtual ISA for processors. This paper proposes a novel virtual ISA (LLVA) and a translation strategy for implementing it on arbitrary hardware.

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  • Luận văn Thạc sĩ Giáo dục học: Xây dựng tiến trình dạy học một số kiến thức thuộc chương “Các định luật bảo toàn” Vật lí 10 Nâng cao theo mô hình Peer Instruction phân tích nội dung chương “Các định luật bảo toàn”; xây dựng tiến trình dạy học một số kiến thức thuộc chương “Các định luật bảo toàn” – Vật lý 10 THPT nâng cao theo mô hình Peer Instruction.

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  • (BQ) Though classroom instructional strategies should clearly be based on sound science and research, knowing when to use them and with whom is more of an art. In The art and science of teaching: A comprehensive framework for effective instruction, author Robert J. Marzano presents a model for ensuring quality teaching that balances the necessity of research-based data with the equally vital need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual students. Inviting you to refer part 1 of ebook. This part from chapter 1 to chapter 5.

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  • For interrupt response time information, refer to the hardware description chapter. Note: 1. Operations on SFR byte address 208 or bit addresses 209-215 (that is, the PSW or bits in the PSW) also affect flag settings. Instructions that Affect Flag Settings(1) The Instruction Set and Addressing Modes Rn Register R7-R0 of the currently selected Register Bank. direct 8-bit internal data location’s address. This could be an Internal Data RAM location (0-127) or a SFR [i.e., I/O port, control register, status register, etc. (128-255)].

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  • Product checking and parts identification, installation and wiring, drive the motor, troubleshooting, precautions for maintenance and inspection, specifications,... As the main contents of the document "FR-E700 instruction manual" (Basic). Each of your content and references for additional lectures will serve the needs of learning and research.

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  • Ebook Instruction set reference has contents: Process Control instruction PID; message instruction MSG; custom application routine instructions SDS, DFA; file instruction concepts, bit modify and move nstructions BTD, MOV, MVM,...and other contents.

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  • Ebook Simatic S7-300 Instruction list S7-300 CPUs and ET 200 CPUs provides you: Validity Range of the Instructions List, Address Identifiers and Parameter Ranges, Constants, Abbreviations, Status Word, Addressing, Examples of how to calculate the pointer, Instruction list, SSL partial list.

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  • In this paper, we address the task of mapping high-level instructions to sequences of commands in an external environment. Processing these instructions is challenging—they posit goals to be achieved without specifying the steps required to complete them. We describe a method that fills in missing information using an automatically derived environment model that encodes states, transitions, and commands that cause these transitions to happen.

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  • In this paper, we present a reinforcement learning approach for mapping natural language instructions to sequences of executable actions. We assume access to a reward function that defines the quality of the executed actions. During training, the learner repeatedly constructs action sequences for a set of documents, executes those actions, and observes the resulting reward. We use a policy gradient algorithm to estimate the parameters of a log-linear model for action selection.

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  • We present a system for the real-time generation of car navigation instructions with landmarks. Our system relies exclusively on freely available map data from OpenStreetMap, organizes its output to fit into the available time until the next driving maneuver, and reacts in real time to driving errors. We show that female users spend significantly less time looking away from the road when using our system compared to a baseline system.

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  • The following list of instructional objectives (IOs) contains a summary of the concepts, relationships, and skills presented in this course. These IOs should provide you with a guide for learning the material in the chapter indicated by the first number in each group.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Histotechnology - A self-Instructional text" presents the following contents: Fixation, processing, instrumentation, safety, laboratory mathematics and solution preparation, nuclear and cytoplasmic staining, carbohydrates and amyloid, connective and muscle tissue.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Histotechnology - A self-Instructional text" presents the following contents: Nerve, pigments, minerals, and cytoplasmic granules, pigments, minerals and cytoplasmic granules, immunohistochemistry, enzyme histochemistry, electron microscopy, cytopreparatory techniques.

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  • There are a growing number of popular web sites where users submit and review instructions for completing tasks as varied as building a table and baking a pie. In addition to providing their subjective evaluation, reviewers often provide actionable refinements. These refinements clarify, correct, improve, or provide alternatives to the original instructions. However, identifying and reading all relevant reviews is a daunting task for a user.

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  • Previous approaches to instruction interpretation have required either extensive domain adaptation or manually annotated corpora. This paper presents a novel approach to instruction interpretation that leverages a large amount of unannotated, easy-to-collect data from humans interacting with a virtual world. We compare several algorithms for automatically segmenting and discretizing this data into (utterance, reaction) pairs and training a classifier to predict reactions given the next utterance.

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  • We demonstrate a web-based environment for development and testing of different pedestrian route instruction-giving systems. The environment contains a City Model, a TTS interface, a game-world, and a user GUI including a simulated street-view. We describe the environment and components, the metrics that can be used for the evaluation of pedestrian route instruction-giving systems, and the shared challenge which is being organised using this environment.

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  • In order to build a simulated robot that accepts instructions in unconstrained natural language, a corpus of 427 route instructions was collected from human subjects in the office navigation domain. The instructions were segmented by the steps in the actual route and labeled with the action taken in each step. This flat formulation reduced the problem to an IE/Segmentation task, to which we applied Conditional Random Fields. We compared the performance of CRFs with a set of hand-written rules. The result showed that CRFs perform better with a 73.7% success rate. ...

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  • This paper presents an analysis of purpose clauses in the context of instruction understanding. Such analysis shows that goals affect the interpretation and / or execution of actions, lends support to the proposal of using generation and enablement to model relations between actions, and sheds light on some inference processes necessary to interpret purpose clauses. which, as its name says, expresses the agent's purpose in performing a certain action. The analysis of purpose clauses is relevant to the problem of understanding Natural Language instructions, because: ...

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  • Natural language instructions, though prevalent in many spheres of communication, have only recently begun to receive attention within computational linguistics[5]. Instructions are often accompanied by language intended to signal repetition of the action that they instruct. In order to develop a system that is able to understand instructions, with the goal of executing them, it is necessary to investigate what is meant by various types of repetition, and the different ways in which repetition can be expressed. ...

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  • This study employs a knowledge intensive corpus analysis to identify the elements of the communicative context which can be used to determine the appropriate lexical and grammatical form of instructional texts. IMAGENE, an instructional text generation system based on this analysis: is presented, particularly with reference to its expression of precondition relations. INTRODUCTION Technical writers routinely employ a range of forms of expression for precondition expressions in instructional text.

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