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  • Learn how to develop your own applications to monitor or control instrumentation hardware. Whether you need to acquire data from a device or automate its functions, this practical book shows you how to use Python's rapid development capabilities to build interfaces that include everything from software to wiring. You get step-by-step instructions, clear examples, and hands-on tips for interfacing a PC to a variety of devices.

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  • The purpose of Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook CRCnetBase 1999 is to provide a reference that is both concise and useful for engineers in industry, scientists, designers, managers, research personnel and students, as well as many others who have measurement problems. The CD-ROM covers an extensive range of topics that comprise the subject of measurement, instrumentation, and sensors. The CD-ROM describes the use of instruments and techniques for practical measurements required in engineering, physics, chemistry, and the life sciences.

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  • S7-200 Programmable Controller Conventions and Features System Manual S7-200 Instruction Set Communicating over a Network Hardware Troubleshooting Guide and Software Debugging Tools Creating a Program for the Position Module Creating a Program for the Modem Module Using the USS Protocol Library to Control a MicroMaster Drive Using the Modbus Protocol Library Technical Specifications Calculating a Power Budget Error Codes Special Memory (SM) Bits S7-200 Order Numbers Execution Times for STL Instructions S7-200 Quick Reference Information Index Edition 05/2003 A5E00212536-02 This manual has ...

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  • As a professional computer software developer, I can tell you that some of the greatest programmers start with the simplest of hardware and the most fervent determination. Mastering a small computer system (such as the Texas Instruments graphing calculator) not only feels fantastic, but also teaches core programming concepts and solidifies ways of thinking that mediocre programmers seldom grasp. I have been in the TI graphing calculator community for well over a decade, as has Christopher (known among us as “Kerm Martian”).

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  • The purpose of this document is to describe the functionality and performance parameters for each GEOSAR instrument. The document is intended to be used to ensure the necessary compatibility for the 406 MHz beacon to satellite uplink and compatibility for the satellite to geostationary local user terminal (GEOLUT) downlink. The document is not intended for use as a specification for procurement of hardware for GEOSAR satellite repeaters.

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  • After determining the measurement needs of your test system, you can begin architecting your hardware framework. Many test engineers jump straight into matching their measurement needs to instruments available on the market. A better approach is to first pinpoint a suitable test platform that can serve as the core or nucleus of your test system. You can choose from many platforms, most of which are based on one of the four most commonly used instrument backplanes/buses –PXI, GPIB, USB, and LAN.

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  • The rapid invasion of industrial and process control applications by low-cost computer hardware, graphical-user-interface technology and high-level software packages has led to the emergence of the virtual instrumentation paradigm.

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  • My first contact with speech coding was in 1993 when I was a Field Application Engineer at Texas Instruments, Inc. Soon after joining the company I was assigned to design a demo prototype for the digital telephone answering device project. Initially I was in charge of hardware including circuit design and printed circuit board layout. The core of the board consisted of a microcontroller sending commands to a mixed signal processor, where all the signal processing tasks— including speech coding—were performed.

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  • Finally, we refine the accuracy of the computed per- formance model through experimental sampling. We use statistical interpolation between computed and ex- perimental sample points in order to re-approximate the per-application performance models, thus dynamically refining the model. We experimentally show that, by us- ing this method, convergence towards near-optimal con- figurations can be achieved in mere minutes, while an exhaustive exploration of the multi-dimensional search space, representing all possible partitioning configura- tions, would take weeks, or even months.

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