Intellectual piracy

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  • Trends of globalisation, the integration of markets and the rise of the Internet economy have made that violations of intellectual property rights (IPRs), such as counterfeiting or Internet piracy, have become more widespread. While there is no shortage of estimates of the scale and impacts of these infringements, there is little consensus on their accuracy or reliability. In absence of a robust evidence base, it is difficult to debate the effectiveness of government efforts to regulate IPRs or address the impacts of infringements....

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  • 1.1 Intellectual property, very broadly, means the legal rights which result from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields. Countries have laws to protect intellectual property for two main reasons. One is to give statutory expression to the moral and economic rights of creators in their creations and the rights of the public in access to those creations.

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  • The CSFR, in accordance with its mandate and Association policy, supports publication of this report as a sc ientific contribution to human rights. The interpretations and conclusions are those of the author and do not purport to represent the views of the AAAS Board, the AAAS Council, the CSFR, or the members of the Association.

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  • Digital piracy. It's a global war -- and it's just begun. Pirates of the Digital Millennium chronicles that war. All of it: media conglomerates vs. teenagers, tech companies vs. content providers, artists battling artists, nations vs. nations, law enforcement vs. organized crime. John Gantz and Jack Rochester cover every side and all the implications. Economics. Law. Ethics. Culture. The players. And above all, the realities -- including the exclusive new findings of a 57-country digital piracy research project. The media universe is shaking to its very foundations.

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  • In General Revision Studies On Legislation Proceeding Procedure The Process of Preliminary Injunction The Position of Experts in Lawsuits The Obligation of Securing Deposit for Foreigners The Principle of Cumulative Protection Exhaustion Principle and Parallel Importation Loss of Rights due to the Remaining Silent Customs Applications in the Fight against Counterfeit Goods and Piracy II.

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