Intelligent agents

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  • This paper presents a novel type of intelligent agent with a multilingual natural language interface, which retrieves information from within a Web site. This agent, named JaBot after the fact that it is a bot which has been programmed in Java, has been designed and developed by the authors in an attempt to solve common Web site problems related to information retrieval. JaBot runs quickly and efficiently, and rather than running directly on the Web site pages, it is connected to a lexical semantic map. This map is based upon the contents of the Web site in question together...

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  • Foundations of artificial intelligence - Chapter 2: Intelligent agents includes Agents and environments, Rationality; PEAS (Performance measure, Environment, Actuators, Sensors); Environment types, Agent types.

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  • Intelligent Agent Technology is concerned with the development of autonomous computational or physical entities capable of perceiving, reasoning, adapting, learning, cooperating, and delegating in a dynamic environment. It is one of the most promising areas of research and development in information technology, computer science, and engineering today. This book is an attempt to capture the essence of the current state of the art in intelligent agent technology and to identify the new challenges and opportunities that it is or will be facing....

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Artificial intelligence - A modern approach" has contents: Introduction, intelligent agents, solving problems by searching, beyond classical search, adversarial search, constraint satisfaction problems, logical agents, inference in first order logic, inference in first order logic,.... and other contents.

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  • This publication deals with agents and services in a telecommunications environment and the contributions included are based on those which were submitted to the Networking 2000 conference and especially to the IATE (Intelligent Agents in Telecommunication Environments) mini-conference.

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  • Entitites or computer programs that learn from their environment and can act based on what they have learned can be defined as intelligent agents. These agents can be as simple as triggering an alarm in case of a fire or as complex as human beings. Intelligent agents and their applications to solve real-world problems are getting smarter and diversified day by day.

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  • In the past years, research in the field of responsive business environments has had many successes. The most significant of these has been the development of powerful new tools and methodologies that advance the subject of Business Intelligence (BI). This book provides the BI practitioner and researcher with a comprehensive view of the current art and the possibilities of the subject.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'socially intelligent agents creating relationships with computers and robots', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, tự động hoá phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Outline: Agents and environments, PEAS (Performance measure, Environment, Actuators, Sensors), Environment types, Agent types. An agent is anything that can be viewed as perceiving its environment through sensors and acting upon that environment through actuators.

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  • This paper examines the link between today's transportation problems and agent-based modeling, presents the framework of agent based modeling, notes recently used examples applied to transportation, and discusses limitations. The intent of this paper is to explore a new avenue for the direction of modeling and analysis of increasingly complex transportation systems.

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  • A multi-agent system (MAS) is a system composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents. Multi-agent systems can be used to solve problems which are difficult or impossible for an individual agent or monolithic system to solve. Agent systems are open and extensible systems that allow for the deployment of autonomous and proactive software components. Multi-agent systems have been brought up and used in several application domains.

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  • The landscape we see is not a picture frozen in time only to be cherished and protected. Rather it is a continuing story of the earth itself where man, in concert with the hills and other living things, shapes and reshapes the ever changing picture which we now see. And in it we may read the hopes and priorities, the ambitions and errors, the craft and creativity of those who went before us. We must never forget that tomorrow it will reflect with brutal honesty the vision, values, and endeavours of our own time, to those who follow us....

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Artificial intelligence in education" has contents: Keynote speaker abstracts, human computer interface issues, pedagogical agents, representation, motivation, emotion and affect, metacognition, learner modelling,... and other contents.

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  • The frame-of-reference problem has three main aspects: 1.Perspective issue: We have to distinguish between the perspective of the observer and the perspective of the agent itself. In particular, descriptions of behavior from an observer’s perspective must not be taken as the internal mechanisms underlying the described behavior.

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  • For users of image management systems, and especially for the user who doesn't know what he wants until he sees it, these systems should be organized in such a way as to support intelligent browsing so that the user will be satisjed in the shortest amount of time. It is our belief that intelligent browsing should be mediated by the standard paradigms of image similarity as well as by an appropriate organization of metadata, including annotations and self-describing image regions.

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  • We demonstrate one aspect of an affectextraction system for use in intelligent conversational agents. This aspect performs a degree of affective interpretation of some types of metaphorical utterance. of metaphor, with a significant degree of linguistic open-endedness. Also, note that our overarching research aim is to study metaphor as such, not just how it arises in e-drama. This increases our need for systematic, open-ended methods.

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  • CS 486/686 Artificial Intelligence presents about What is AI? Rational agents, Some applications, Course administration, Artificial Intelligence, Some Definitions, Intelligent Assistive Technology, A brief history of AI.

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  • The list of exercises, chapter headings and section, and NetLogo models in this book closely follow what is in the companion “Artificial Intelligence – Agent Behaviour I” book. The best way to learn about what is written in the companion book is to try out each of the NetLogo models that are described in the book and in the exercises below. An index of the models used in these books can be found using the following URL:

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  • We present experimental evidence that providing naive users of a spoken dialogue system with immediate help messages related to their out-of-coverage utterances improves their success in using the system. A grammar-based recognizer and a Statistical Language Model (SLM) recognizer are run simultaneously. If the grammar-based recognizer suceeds, the less accurate SLM recognizer hypothesis is not used.

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  • Outline: Problem-solving agents, Problem types, Problem formulation, Example problems, Basic search algorithms. Replace letters by numbers from 0 to 9 such as no different letter is replaced by the same number and satisfying the following constraint.

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