Intensity thresholding

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  • Escalation is a natural tendency in any form of human competition. When such competition entails military confrontation or war, the pressure to escalate can become intense due to the potential cost of losing contests of deadly force. Cold War

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  • Sensitization When intense, repeated, or prolonged stimuli are applied to damaged or inflamed tissues, the threshold for activating primary afferent nociceptors is lowered and the frequency of firing is higher for all stimulus intensities. Inflammatory mediators such as bradykinin, nerve growth factor, some prostaglandins, and leukotrienes contribute to this process, which is called sensitization. In sensitized tissues, normally innocuous stimuli can produce pain. Sensitization is a clinically important process that contributes to tenderness, soreness, and hyperalgesia.

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  • For optimal results in a 10km you will need to run at an intensity slightly above your anaerobic threshold. This is quite intense in terms of physiological demand, particularly for those wishing to achieve the distance in between 40 and 60 minute. The primary difference between the 5km and 10km in terms of demand is that the 10km uses a greater amount of aerobic energy, and therefore strength and endurance are also very important.

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  • The above-threshold lasing characteristics of DFB semiconductor laser diodes were presented in the previous chapter using a modified transfer matrix. Instead of using an averaged carrier concentration, the inclusion of the actual carrier distribution allows phenomena such as the spatial hole burning effect and non-linear gain to be included. In the analysis, a parabolic gain model and high-order carrier recombination were assumed.

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  • The responses are measured in decibels. An audiogram is a plot of intensity in decibels of hearing threshold versus frequency. A decibel (dB) is equal to 20 times the logarithm of the ratio of the sound pressure required to achieve threshold in the patient to the sound pressure required to achieve threshold in a normal hearing person. Therefore, a change of 6 dB represents doubling of sound pressure, and a change of 20 dB represents a tenfold change in sound pressure.

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  • Accurate network trac measurement is required for ac- counting, bandwidth provisioning and detecting DoS at- tacks. These applications see the trac as a collection of flows they need to measure. As link speeds and the number of flows increase, keeping a counter for each flow is too ex- pensive (using SRAM) or slow (using DRAM). The current state-of-the-art methods (Cisco's sampled NetFlow) which log periodically sampled packets are slow, inaccurate and resource-intensive.

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  • The Gigabit Threshold Will Fall Not long ago, 100 Mbps seemed like enough. Then Gigabit seemed like enough. Today, when it comes to planning a cabling infrastructure, 10Gbps has emerged as the next step for satiating enterprise network bandwidth requirements. There always has been—and always will be— a need for more bandwidth. Data-intensive applications such as network storage and sharing of imaging and engineering documents alone can stretch the limits of a cabling system.

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