Interaction parameters

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  • I like playing around with words and letters. You probably know that LASER is an artificial word derived from “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. When starting my lecture on “Laser–Tissue Interactions” I tend to write this derivation on the board. I continue with “LIGHT: Lasers Irradiate Germinated and Healthy Tissues”. Why? Lasers cut everything, if appropriate laser parameters are selected. There is no shield around healthy tissue. And there is no laser that fits all sizes as some clothes do. Lasers never have been some kind of wonder instruments.

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  • State-of-the-art Machine Translation (MT) systems are still far from being perfect. An alternative is the so-called Interactive Machine Translation (IMT) framework, where the knowledge of a human translator is combined with the MT system. We present a statistical IMT system able to learn from user feedback by means of the application of online learning techniques. These techniques allow the MT system to update the parameters of the underlying models in real time.

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  • that can occur during the various phases of oil and gas recovery from subsurface reservoirs including production, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and workover operations. Formation damage assessment, control, and remediation are among the most important issues to be resolved for efficient exploitation of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Such damage is caused by various adverse processes, including chemical, physical, biological, and thermal interactions of formation and fluids, and deformation of formation under stress and fluid shear.

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  • The book emphasizes interactive operation in developing computer programs throughout, enabling the values of the parameters involved in the problem to be entered by the user of the program via a keyboard. In introducing each numerical method, Engineering Analysis gives minimum mathematical derivations but provides a thorough explanation of computational procedures to solve a specific problem. It serves as an exceptional text for self-study as well as resource for general reference.

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  • FB Pier User guide and manual products about general information; modeling parameters and soil-structure interaction; example problems; soil theory; structural analysis theory; suggested insitu soil parameters; program usage guide.

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  • Knowledge of thermodynamic data of copolymer solutions is a necessity for industrial and laboratory processes. Furthermore, such data serve as essential tools for understanding the physical behavior of copolymer solutions, for studying intermolecular interactions, and for gaining insights into the molecular nature of mixtures. They also provide the necessary basis for any developments of theoretical thermodynamic models. Scientists and engineers in academic and industrial research need such data and will benefit from a careful collection of existing data.

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  • This paper examines how wine is sold to customers in restaurants and specifically examines the interaction between the wine consumer and the marketer of wine in multi- unit, casual dining restaurants. According to Ben Salisbury, Vice President, Global Account Development Stimson Lane Vineyards & Estates (dba Chateau Ste Michelle) upselling is “out”, and service is “in”. Increased check averages should be the natural result of meeting guests’ needs. Servers do not like to “sell” and guests do not like to be “sold”.

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  • Item response theory (IRT) is a general framework for specifying mathematical functions that describe the interactions of persons and test items. It has a long history, but its popularity is generally attributed to the work of Fredrick Lord and Georg Rasch starting in the 1950s and 1960s.

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  • The skin plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the living organism while allowing the interaction of the organism with its environment. To fulfill these functions, mechanical stability is as important as flexibility. The mechanical properties of skin are very diverse depending on the anatomical location, and they evolve throughout life from the fetus to old age. Both genetic and acquired skin diseases modify skin biomechanics, as do intrinsic and photoaging.

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  • Sympathetic nerve stimulation induces vasoconstriction and consequent decreases nasal airway resistance. Parasympathetic nerve stimulation on the other hand, promotes secretion from nasal airway glands and nasal congestion. The nasal mucosa also contains nerves of the non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic (NANC)- system. Neuropeptides from the latter nerves (substance P, neurokinin A and K, and calcitonin gene-related peptide) are suspected to play a role in vasodilatation, mucus secretion, plasma extravasation, neurogenic inflammation, and mast cell nerve interactions.

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  • Thermodynamic parameters describing the conformational stability of the histidine-containing phosphocarrier protein fromStreptomyces coelicolor, scHPr, have been determined by steady-state fluorescence measurements of isothermal urea-denaturations, differential scanning calorimetry at different guanidinium hydrochloride concentrations and, independently, by far-UV circular dichroism measurements of isothermal urea-denaturations, and thermal denatura-tions at fixed urea concentrations.

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  • This article outlines the basic parameters and current status of the Integrated Data for Event Analysis (IDEA) project. IDEA provides a comprehensive events framework for the analysis of international interactions by supplementing the event forms from all earlier projects with new event forms needed to monitor contemporary trends in civil and interstate politics.

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  • Representatives from the Canadian Council on Social Development, Red por los Derechos de la Infancia en México (The Children’s Rights Network in Mexico), and the Annie E. Casey Foundation have come together to create the Children in North America Project based on our shared inter- est in the well-being of all children. We recognize that Canada, Mexico, and the United States have common bonds and challenges in ensuring that our children grow up healthy, not just because of geography, but also because of increasing economic, social, and cultural interaction. ...

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  • Like outdoor air , indoor air contains a complex mixture of pollutants (chemical substances, allergens and microbes) from different sources that changes with time. Findings on the health effects of single air pollutants cannot necessarily be extended to mixtures. Indeed, different chemicals may interact with each other and cause more (or less) harmful effects than the sum of the effects caused by each chemical separately. Very little is known about the combined effects of indoor air pollutants.

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  • Results from this laboratory can be used for a discussion of the biological consequences of pollution and will provide students with an appreciation for how dilution influences a chemical's biological effect. While endocrine disrupters are currently a 'hot topic,' other pollutants could also be tested. We tested some heavy metals (which are a perennial concern) and had some very interesting growth abnormalities show up. Chemical pollutants are not the only parameters that may influence sponge growth.

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  • Previous cross-linking studies [Kim E, Bobkova E, Hegyi G, Muhlrad A & Reisler E (2002)Biochemistry41, 86–93] have shown that site-specific cross-linking among F-actin monomers inhibits the motion and force generation of actomyosin. However, it does not change the steady-state ATPase parameters of actomyosin.

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  • ProLiV - Animated Process-modeler of Complex (Computational) Linguistic Methods and Theories - is a fully modular, flexible, XML-based stand-alone Java application, used for computer-assisted learning in Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Computational Linguistics (CL).

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  • The experimental design was factorial with diet and environment as the main effects. Analyses of variance were conducted to determine the effects of diet, environment and their interaction on gain, feed conversion, and breast meat yield. Body weight and feed efficiency (feed/gain) were affected primarily by environment temperature. Turkeys grown in the warm temperature environment had less body weight especially at 19 wks of age with somewhat better feed efficiency (Table 4).

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  • Processing of the 2010 RDHS data began as soon as questionnaires were received from the field. Completed questionnaires were returned from the field to NISR headquarters, where they were entered and edited by data processing personnel who were specially trained for this task, and who had also attended the questionnaire training of field staff. Processing the data concurrently with data collection allowed for regular monitoring of team performance and data quality. Field check tables were regularly generated during data processing to check various data quality parameters.

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  • ECE 551 Digital Design And Synthesis: Lecture 5 has many contents: Counters are Common, Pill Counter, Ring Counter (a better way), Aside (a quick intro to parameters), SM Interacting with SM, Shifters/Rotators, Parameters Proper SM Coding, Random Misc Stuff,...

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