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  • The extended use of networking and the availability of multimedia processing and sharing applications have clearly gained momentum in the informationised society where Interactive Multimedia theories, technologies, applications and systems stage the principal role, as they furnish users with the necessary communication tools. In that respect, multimedia-enabled devices and tablet computers support fully featured interactive multimedia applications and cover wide-ranging interaction requirements from communication and business to games and interactive art.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Editorial Knowledge-Assisted Media Analysis for Interactive Multimedia Applications

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  • This multimedia resource offers a complete introduction to histology with superb clear and thoroughly labelled images and illustrations within an elegant navigation structure. Digital Histology is an interactive, annotated digital atlas of over 700 original micrographs, along with an accompanying review text. It is ideal for use as a tool for teaching, self-instruction, and self-assessment, as it was initially designed to replace or augment the laboratory component of graduate and undergraduate courses....

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  • While the loss likely caused by environmental and other impacts besides earthquakes in the life cycle of a structure, additional effects will be studied in future and this paper focuses on limit the impact of the earthquake. This section explains the method to calculate forces seismic design goals.

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  • This book explains, collects and reports on the latest research results that aim at narrowing the so-called multimedia "Semantic Gap": the large disparity between descriptions of multimedia content that can be computed automatically, and the richness and subjectivity of semantics in user queries and human interpretations of audiovisual media. Addressing the grand challenge posed by the "Semantic Gap" requires a multi-disciplinary approach (computer science, computer vision and signal processing, cognitive science, web science, etc....

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  • Ever since the advent of automatic computation devices, efforts have been made to answer the question of how to properly integrate them and take advantage of their capabilities in education. Educational multimedia systems promise to make learning easier, more convenient, and thus more effective. For example, classroom teaching enriched by vivid presentations promise to improve the motivation of the learner. Concepts may be given a perceivable existence in a video show and the observability of important details can be stressed.

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  • am delighted to see a book on multimedia semantics covering metadata, analysis, and interaction edited by three very active researchers in the field: Troncy, Huet, and Schenk. This is one of those projects that are very difficult to complete because the field is advancing rapidly in many different dimensions. At any time, you feel that many important emerging areas may not be covered well unless you see the next important conference in the field. A state of the art book remains a moving, often elusive, target. But this is only a part of the dilemma.

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  • Streaming live audio/video refers to the broadcasting of radio and TV programs through the Internet.Interactive audio/video refers to the use of the Internet for interactive audio/video applications.

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  • This paper presents Archivus, a multimodal language-enabled meeting browsing and retrieval system. The prototype is in an early stage of development, and we are currently exploring the role of natural language for interacting in this relatively unfamiliar and complex domain. We briefly describe the design and implementation status of the system, and then focus on how this system is used to elicit useful data for supporting hypotheses about multimodal interaction in the domain of meeting retrieval and for developing NLP modules for this specific domain. ...

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  • Chapter 13: MPEG-4 video. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: MPEG-4, content-based Interactivity, MPEG-4 example, MPEG-4 sprite example, MPEG-4 video compression, VOP-based vs. frame-based coding,...

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  • Lower rates have been found in an educationally and economically advantaged sample of Vietnamese women; in this group, 8% of women scored at or above 12 (Fisher, Tran, & Tran, 2007).

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  • The line between depressive and anxiety disorders in perinatal as well as general populations is often blurred; when the EPDS has been factor-analyzed, although there are separate factors corresponding to depression and anxiety, several items have moderate loadings on both factors (Swalm, et al., 2010). Some services refer to antenatal or postnatal “distress” rather than attempt to differentiate depression from anxiety, and often women report a mix of anxious and depressed symptoms.

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  • The main objective of the doctoral research was to improve the performance in Physics and Mathematics, at Advanced Level Examinations, of two rural girls’ secondary schools in Arua (Muni and Ediofe) through application of e-learning. Both schools have no functional science laboratories and libraries. They also have no qualified and committed teachers who can competently teach at that level of education. The research included participatory action research methodology and the use of interactive multimedia CD-ROMs for Physics and Mathematics as the main course delivery platform.

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  • Considering the high probability of the existence of the postshock excitable tunnel even for above-DFT shocks, defibrillation success may be explained by the fact that initiating PAs, originating within the wall, cannot find an excitable exit onto the epicardium and die out in the mid-myocardium. Obtaining such insight into the mechanisms of defibrillation would have been impossible with the use of experimentation alone.

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  • Midsize Business Communications for Dummies is the latest in the highly successful Avaya series and explores the unique challenges faced by midsize businesses and how intelligent communications can improve interactions across employees, suppliers and customers.

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  • Students need a strong digital vocabulary to interact professionally with colleagues, vendors, potential employers, clients, and industry. Understanding vocabulary allows the student to read and understand books and articles on the subject more fully. In addition, this jargon is found in the project process. Using vocabulary correctly and giving vocabulary exams are the most successful methods for grasping vocabulary.

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  • Thus can be seen that the effect of seismic activity direction perpendicular to the axis is lower than for the direction of the bridge axis when the more powerful seismic forces used for design. In design solutions at 800 gal or more, on the other hand, the collapse does not occur even with a force of 1,000 seismic gal.Next, icon. 12 represents the total repair cost for each design solution matrix calculated from the loss in Table 5.

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  • Many studies of seismic risk management and loss assessment (seismic risk) caused by damage or collapse of a structure, have also been conducted in recent years. In these papers, seismic risk is calculated using a dangerous curve represents the probability the generation of earthquake motion and damage curve represents a probability of damage to structures.

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  • Summary and Introduction Broadband wireless communications have gained an increased interest during the last few years. This has been fuelled by a large demand on high frequency utilisation as well as a large number of users requiring simultaneous high data rate access for the applications of wireless mobile Internet and e-commerce.

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  • the Quebec city region’s reputation as a digital arts and interactive entertainment development hub has long crossed international boundaries. From cellphones to iMaX screens, producing multi-screen and multi-platform content is a source of excitement for local creators, who are experts in the art of entertainment.

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