Interconnected dynamical systems

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  • Modern complex dynamical systems1 are highly interconnected and mutually interdependent, both physically and through a multitude of information and communication network constraints. The sheer size (i.e., dimensionality) and complexity of these large-scale dynamical systems often necessitates a hierarchical decentralized architecture for analyzing and controlling these systems. Specifically, in the analysis and control-system design of complex large-scale dynamical systems it is often desirable to treat the overall system as a collection of interconnected subsystems.

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  • VECTOR DISSIPATIVITY THEORY FOR DISCRETE-TIME LARGE-SCALE NONLINEAR DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS WASSIM M. HADDAD, QING HUI, VIJAYSEKHAR CHELLABOINA, AND SERGEY NERSESOV Received 15 October 2003 In analyzing large-scale systems, it is often desirable to treat the overall system as a collection of interconnected subsystems. Solution properties of the large-scale system are then deduced from the solution properties of the individual subsystems and the nature of the system interconnections.

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  • T he impetus to produce this book came in a brief phone call in 1998. Chuck Crumly, of Academic Press, called with an invitation and a deadline. Either The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs, published in 1991, would be allowed to lapse into out-of-print status, or I would agree to produce a second edition. Looking back on all the work, I suspect it might have been wiser to say, "Let her lapse." But I didn't.

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  • A crash pulse is the time history of the response of a vehicle system subjected to an impact or excitation. The dynamic characteristics of the system can be described by using a “hardware” or a “software” model. A “hardware” model is a system consisting of masses interconnected by energy absorbers (springs and dampers). This will be presented in Chapters 4 and 5. The present chapter covers the use of a “software” model utilizing digital convolution theory for crash pulse prediction.

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  • The U.S. economy is highly dynamic: businesses open and close, workers switch jobs and start new enterprises, and innovative technologies redefine the workplace and enhance productivity. With globalization markets have also become more interconnected. Measuring business activity in this rapidly evolving environment increasingly requires tracking complex interactions among firms, establishments, employers, and employees.

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  • Modern mechanical and aerospace systems are often very complex and consist of many components interconnected by joints and force elements such as springs, dampers, and actuators. These systems are referred to, in modern literature, as multibody systems. Examples of multibody systems are machines, mechanisms, robotics, vehicles, space structures, and biomechanical systems.

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  • While the publisher and author have used their best efforts in preparing this book, they make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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  • This book will introduce you to one of the most important extensions to PHP that are available, starting with PHP version 5.0—the PHP Data Objects, commonly known as PDO. PHP grew in to a very popular web programming language due to its simplicity and ease of use. One of the key factors of this growing success is the built-in possibility to access many popular relational database management systems (RDBMS), such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, to name just a few.

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  • Multibody simulation consists of analyzing the dynamic behavior of a system of interconnected bodies comprised of flexible and/or rigid components. The bodies may be constrained with respect to each other via a kinematically admissible set of constraints modeled as joints. These systems can represent an automobile, a space structure with antenna deployment capabilities, an aircraft as an assemblage of rigid and flexible parts, a robot with manipulator arms, and so on. In all such cases, the components may undergo large rotation, large displacement, and finite strain effects....

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  • Wavelets in Packaging, Interconnects, and EMC In this chapter we will study multiconductor, multilayered transmission lines (MMTL) employing quasi-static, quasi-dynamic, and full-wave analyses. We extract from MMTL the distributed (parasitic) parameters in matrix form of the capacitance [C], inductance [L], resistance [R] and conductance [G], or the [Z ]-parameters, [Y ]-parameters, or more generally the scattering matrix [S].

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  • CHAPTER 2 7 MATHEMATICAL MODELS OF DYNAMIC PHYSICAL SYSTEMS K. Preston White, Jr. Department of Systems Engineering University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia 27.1 RATIONALE 27.2 IDEAL ELEMENTS 27.2.1 Physical Variables 27.2.2 Power and Energy 27.2.3 One-Port Element Laws 27.2.4 Multiport Elements 27.3 SYSTEM STRUCTURE AND INTERCONNECTION LAWS 27.3.1 A Simple Example 27.3.2 Structure and Graphs 27.3.3 System Relations 27.3.4 Analogs and Duals 27.4 795 796 796 797 798 799 802 802 804 806 807 27.5 APPROACHES TO LINEAR SYSTEMS ANALYSIS 27.5.1 Transform Methods 27.5.

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  • Sediment transport is a book that covers a wide variety of subject matters. It combines the personal and professional experience of the authors on solid particles transport and related problems, whose expertise is focused in aqueous systems and in laboratory flumes. This includes a series of chapters on hydrodynamics and their relationship with sediment transport and morphological development.

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