Intercultural awareness

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  • Critical cultural awareness – the key component in the framework of intercultural communicative competence of Byram (1997) – highlights the importance of training critical thinking skills for foreign language learners. Much research has been conducted on how critical cultural awareness can be developed in language classrooms, yet very few takes classroom of native culture as a fertile context for raising such awareness. This paper is to highlight the necessity of fostering that awareness in native culture classroom.

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  • This study was carried out to examine Thuong Mai non-English major students’ awareness of two speech acts of requesting and greeting, their pragmalinguistic and sociopragmatic understanding based on these speech acts. The participants were 5 Americans and 50 non-English major freshmen at Thuong Mai University (TMU).

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  • Fusing translation theory with advice and information about the practicalities of translating, Becoming a Translator is an essential resource for novice and practising translators. The book helps students learn how to translate faster and more accurately, how to deal with potential problems, including dealing with stress and how the market works.

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  • This paper presents the results of a survey on the use of cultural elements in the NorthStar textbook series to enhance intercultural competencies among students (from freshman to junior year) majoring in English. The findings reveal that most students are aware of the importance of developing their intercultural competence. Efforts have been made by both teachers and students to incorporate the development of intercultural competence for students by using available cultural elements in the NorthStar textbooks.

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