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  • This pocket book is meant for anyone who is interested in the applications of finance, particularly business students. The applications in financial market and, to some extent, in banking are briefly discussed and shown in examples. For students it complements the textbooks recommended by lecturers because it serves as an easy guide in financial mathematics and other selected topics in finance. These topics usually found in a course such as financial management or managerial finance at the diploma and undergraduate levels....

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  • Distance-based pricing can help achieve equity objectives. Since annual vehicle mileage tends to increase with income, fixed-price insurance causes lower-income motorists to subsidize the insurance costs of higher-income motorists within their rate class. Distance-based insurance pricing provides overall savings to lower-income motorists, and would allow some low-income households to own a vehicle for basic mobility that they cannot currently afford. Distance-based pricing lets motorists save money by reducing mileage, an option that is currently unavailable.

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  • The Recommendations refer to the marketing of products and services. They do not refer explicitly to the promotion of brands (as distinct from products and services); however, as certain brands and organizations are clearly associated with products or services whose marketing could fall within the scope of the Recommendations, efforts to restrict marketing in this area also need to consider how brands are marketed. Advertising is only one form of marketing among many, including sponsorship and product placement.

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  • Competitiveness today must be geared to competitiveness tomorrow. There is untapped potential for the EU economy to be more innovative, productive and competitive whilst using fewer resources and reducing environmental damage. Less waste should be produced and more re-used and recycled in line with the practice of the best performing Member States.

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  • This paper will use four major approaches to tackle the research questions: qualitative, quantitative, comparative and theoretical. On the qualitative level, history of technology will be analysed to assess the time lag between the availability of the constituent technologies and the appearance of the innovation of the cinematograph. It is expected that the findings will show that it is highly unlikely that there was no significant time-lag between the technologies being available and the innovation that embodied all these technologies appearing.

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  • Designing Graphic Design History: Teaching for the 21st Century Classroom undertakes the development of a web-based Graphic Design History interactive timeline (GDHit), intended as a user-generated online database for potentially all graphic design enthusiasts, but specifically faculty and students within the traditional graphic design history course.

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  • Before an engineer can repair a refrigerant leak in the system it has to be located and for this reason leak detection is the first step. If the system has not lost all its refrigerant charge, leak detection may proceed as described in Chapter 3 provided that there is an adequate test pressure within the system. When the entire refrigerant charge has been lost, the system has to be pres- surized. If the leak is found to be minor and on the low side of the system, ‘pumping down’ will be necessary before any attempt is made to repair the leak. Leakage from the high side of the...

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  • We used descriptive statistics to examine demographic variables related to reading as well as to compare reading outcomes for the two groups of students, those instructed only in English and those instructed first in Spanish and then transitioned into English reading instruction.

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  • Breathing polluted air is unhealthy. For example, you might find it more difficult to breathe, you might cough or your chest might feel tight. Two main types of air pollution are ozone pollution and particle pollution. The ozone we breathe at ground level is bad. But very high in the atmosphere (the stratosphere) is a natural layer of ozone that is good because it helps protect us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. A rhyme that can help you remember this is “Ozone: Good up high, bad nearby.

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  • More companies are designing solutions to address data governance and ensure regulatory compliance by reducing data movement. These companies rely on the security and auditing features of the DBMS to ensure that regulated data is not improperly accessed during automated business processes. Requiring large amounts of detail data to be extracted from the DBMS for processing by SAS raises the complexity of maintaining regulatory compliance. This can be particularly challenging for data preparation processes.

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  • The authors investigate the relationship between sports-related event sponsorship and stock market valuation and identify factors that influence the financial rewards of sponsorship using World Cup and PGA tour sponsorship data. In particular, relationship between sports sponsorship with financial performance is examined in terms of sponsorship fit, event characteristics, and brand equity.

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  • Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), understood here as online systems supporting interactions between and amongst learners and teachers as well as access to resources and activities, have long been held to provide a range of benefits in further and higher education. For 2008, UK Government policy is far all pupils to have access to an online learning space, for many provided through a learning platform such as a VLE.

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  • The Wharton Financial Institutions Center provides a multi-disciplinary research approach to the problems and opportunities facing the financial services industry in its search for competitive excellence. The Center's research focuses on the issues related to managing risk at the firm level as well as ways to improve productivity and performance. The Center fosters the development of a community of faculty, visiting scholars and Ph.D. candidates whose research interests complement and support the mission of the Center.

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  • The scale for the horizontal axis of the figures corresponds to the two-year marketing window, that is, from September 1st of the year previous to harvest through August 31st of the year after harvest. However, a few programs begin their marketing recommendations over a particular crop year earlier than September 1st , and in these cases, the figures start with a positive net percentage priced. Similarly, a few programs continue their marketing recommendations for a period longer than the end of the two-year marketing window.

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  • The African Press Agency has reported that Libyan leader Mouammar Kadhafi has this month pledged to send military observers to probe the security situation in northern CAR. According to the Ministry of Defence military observers from the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) will “take stock of the realities of insecurity, which is fuelled by armed groups from neighbouring countries’ rebellions.” CEN-SAD is expected to plan measures for an intervention in the region.

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  • Presently, there is no specific effective antiviral drugs and vaccine available for the treatment of HFMD. Symptomatic treatment is given to provide relief from fever, aches, or pain from the mouth ulcers. Dehydration is a concern because the mouth sores may make it difficult and painful for children to eat and drink. Should their affected children be having fever, the parents are advised to dress their children in light, thin clothing, to do tepid sponging with water (room temperature) as often as necessary, and to expose them under the fan.

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  • In passing the Monetary Control Act of 1980, Congress reaff irmed its intention that the Federal Reserve should promote an eff icient nationwide payments system. The act subjects all depository institutions, not just member commercial banks, to reserve requirements and grants them equal access to Reserve Bank payment services.

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  • As has been the case for the last few years, as we write this business plan the environment for public media is exceptionally challenging and the future of federal funding for public media continues to be uncertain. On the positive side, CPB continues to be level-funded at $445 million for the next few years. On the other hand, the elimination of the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (PTFP), the elimination of CPB’s Digital special appropriation, and the reduction of support for rural public television stations created a loss totaling $53 million in FY 2012....

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  • This national survey of youth, ages 10 to 17, and their caretakers has several implications for the current debate about young people and Internet pornography. Twentyfive percent of youth had unwanted exposure to sexual pictures on the Internet in the past year, challenging the prevalent assumption that the problem is primarily about young people motivated to actively seek out pornography.

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  • Identification is further complicated by the fact that some individuals who identify themselves as ‘virgin’ angels, i.e. looking to make their first investment, may never do so. Furthermore, some individuals may have acted as angels but are no longer actively looking to invest; counting either of these categories as active angels risks exaggerating the true number.

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