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  • There is something unusually exquisite about this composition. You will discover at a glance perfect balance, repose—line, everywhere, yet with it infinite grace and a winning charm. One can imagine a tea tray brought in, a table placed and those two attractive chairs drawn together so that my lady and a friend may chat over the tea cups. The mirror is an Italian Louis XVI. The sconces, table and chairs, French. The vases, Italian, all antiques. A becoming mellow light comes through the shade of deep cream Italian parchment paper with Louis XVI decorations. It should be said that...

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  • Whatever is good in interior decoration is the result of consistent relationship between Light, Color, Form, Proportion and Dimensions. The choice of Color should be guided by the conditions of Light. The beauty of Form and the symmetry of Proportion can exist only by a balance with Dimensions. Therefore, apart from any knowledge of historic or period decoration, effective or successful work must observe the technical laws governing conditions.

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  • We seem to have a natural fascination with the way people choose to decorate and furnish their homes, as is borne out by the multitude of interior magazines that grace the shelves of every newsagent. This is in part nosiness – to catch a glimpse of a private sanctuary that usually remains behind closed doors – and in part an aesthetic appreciation of interior design, from which personal styles can be developed or copied.

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  • THE ARTISTIC INTERPRETATION OF INTERIORS A further classical revival followed, initiated this time by Robert Adam after his Grand Tour at a time of extensive excavations in Italy and Greece. Neoclassical architects such as Adam were the first to design complete schemes for interiors: from walls and ceilings, through furniture and upholstery, to carpets, fireplaces, door furniture and lightfittings, the latter often in the form of elaborate chandeliers.

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  • House Beautiful gives us an inside look at how interior designers create their magic. It's savvy, elegant, inspiring, and sure to equal the success of 750 Decorating & Design Ideas, which has sold nearly 65,000 copies. Even those of us with great taste and a natural talent for decorating know that there are certain insider design skills and secrets accessible only to professionals with years of experience. House Beautiful: 750 Designer Secrets gives everyone access to this precious knowledge.

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  • The term ‘architectural tile scheme’ covers a very broad church of ceramic decoration found usually on the inside but also frequently on the outside of buildings. Tiles are superficial to the structure of the building, being used to cover walls, floors and sometimes ceilings for both functional and decorative reasons.

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  • The Twin furniture series was specially designed for Pier A by furniture designers Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sørensen, and produced by Magnus Olesen A/S. The Twin chair is part of a range of furniture that won the Design Award from the Association of Danish Furniture Designers and Interior Decorators in 1995. The chair was custom-designed to be suitable for the elderly as well as the disabled and to require a minimum of maintenance. The clear blue colours form a fine contrast to the typically colour- less, simplistic architecture of the airport and its predominance of glass and aluminium....

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  • To try to write a history of furniture in a fairly short space is almost as hard as the square peg and round hole problem. No matter how one tries, it will not fit. One has to leave out so much of importance, so much of historic and artistic interest, so much of the life of the people that helps to make the subject vivid, and has to take so much for granted, that the task seems almost impossible. In spite of this I shall try to give in the following pages a general but necessarily short review of the field, hoping that it...

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  • These ideas had elements in common with much of the work done within the Media Lab on smart spaces3 and provided a very interesting environment to apply much of our technology. From the begin- ning there were a number of significant design ob- jectives. There obviously could not be any exposed technology, since the clash with the appearance and layout of the rest of the exhibit would detract from the museum experience.

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  • For the wealthy owners of large villas, enjoying leisure was a primary motivation for living around the Bay of Naples. The facades of many villas were lined with colonnaded walkways with sweeping views of the sea and terraces that connected to private harbors for pleasure boats. Villa interiors were decorated with colorful frescoes and mosaics, whose images often represented mythological scenes, and still lifes celebrating local delicacies, such as shrimp, octopus, and conch. Others, such as the Garden Scene fresco, featured lush landscapes that visually expanded interior spaces.

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