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  • Constructive Anatomy is George B. Bridgman's excellent book of anatomical drawing instruction. Ideal for beginning to intermediate artists, Constructive Anatomy begins with instruction on drawing hands and works its way through the human body giving detailed instruction on how to draw realistic human figures. Bridgman's drawing methodology builds upon the analysis of human anatomy, how the skeleton fits together, and how muscle sits upon the skeleton to create the human form.

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  • Designed to address beginning to intermediate artists, this book is the ultimate guide to portraiture and figure painting in watercolour. It guides artists through the entire portrait and figure painting process, from selecting the right materials…

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  • INTERMEDIATE BONSAI A COURSE SYLLABUS Bonsai is the art of creating a miniature replica of a mature tree or group of trees which could be found in nature. The bonsai artist attempts to create that replica by changing normal plant material into a miniature tree which exhibits the illusion of maturity.

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  • 11. Who is the man? (A) A baker. (B) A gardener. (C) A factory owner. (D) An artist. 12. Who are the speakers? (A) Taxi drivers. (B) Accountants. (C) Pilots. (D) Waiters. 13. Who left a phone message? (A) A taxi driver. (B) A tennis coach. (C) A telephone repairperson. (D) An auto mechanic. 14. Who is Mr. Gomez? (A) A bookseller. (B) A hotel manager. (C) A travel agent. (D) A banker. 15. Who is the woman talking to? (A) An athlete. (B) A musician. (C) A travel agent. (D) A police officer. CD ๏ r CD CD CD CD CD CD CD...

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  • Introduction I have introduced the Hair drawing tutorial so far, where I focused on some drawing techniques to achieve realistic hair look in a portrait. This time the tutorial is rather about drawing the whole portrait with all its parts enriched with useful tips. The tutorial aims at those of you, who are beginners or intermediate in drawing portraits and don't want to spend money for expensive artistic stuff. You need about four cheap pencils, charcoal, tissue or tortillion for blending, smudging eraser and ordinary eraser.

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