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  • This book is dedicated to the many adventurers I have met over the years. Each of these people have shared their stories and life experiences with me and consequently enriched my life. It is for each of them that I offer this book, so that it may be easier for them to find new adventures and so that others can join in our adventures through this amazing world. I would also like to make a special dedication to my father René G. Steinhauer, Sr. He has motivated me toward writing this book and has helped me find my way through the publishing process. He has performed proofreading duties and...

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  • No internal timer, battery. No keyboard, display, network interface. Current generation: μ-processor: 16-bits, 10MHz. RAM: 4K. ROM: 100K for code storage. E2PROM (105 updates ): 64K for data storage. I/O: serial (9600 bps), Contactless protocols: MiFare, FeliCa, Calypso.

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  • Some men choose to live in crowded cities;--others are pleased with the peaceful quiet of a country farm; while some love to roam through wild forests, and make their homes in the wilderness. The man of whom I shall now speak, was one of this last class. Perhaps you never heard of DANIEL BOONE, the Kentucky rifleman. If not, then I have a strange and interesting story to tell you. If, when a child was born, we knew that he was to become a remarkable man, the time and place of his birth would, perhaps, be always remembered. But as this can not be known,...

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  • You who know something of the irony of life in general, and still more of it in the present particular, will not be surprised that, having made two strict rules for my guidance in the writing of this book, I break them both in the first page! Indeed, I can hear you say, though without any touch of the satirical, that it was only natural that I should do so. The first of my two rules, heartily approved by you, let me add, is that I should not mention you in my autobiography.--We both deem it foolish as well as unseemly to violate in print...

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  • Người sáng lập và nhân viên của ATI có kinh nghiệm chuyên gia ngành du lịch và có đam mê về các hoạt động ATI sẽ thúc đẩy và cung cấp. Một cơ hội cho ATI thành công tồn tại bởi vì du lịch quốc gia và ngành công nghiệp du lịch đang tăng trưởng 4%, và du lịch mạo hiểm 10% hàng năm. Hơn nữa, cuộc phiêu lưu Woodville du lịch thị trường đang phát triển ít nhất 12% hàng năm và không có nhà cung cấp chuyên chỉ trong du lịch mạo hiểm trong khu vực Woodville....

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  • This tale of love and valor is woven around an episode of international history, the fifth siege of Quebec by the Continental troops, under General Richard Montgomery, during the war of the American Revolution. No event chronicled in the annals of the Republic or of the Dominion surpasses it in romantic interest and picturesqueness of detail; and for daring, courage and endurance of hardship, few adventures equal that midwinter attack on what was then an impregnable stronghold.

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