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  • Chapter 14 - Comparative international auditing and corporate governance. This chapter includes contents: Recent trends in international corporate governance, international diversity in external auditing, international harmonization of auditing standards, auditor liability and independence, role of audit committees, ethical issues involved in external auditing at the international level, internal auditing issues in an international context audit regulation.

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  • The purpose of this chapter is to study product in an international context. The discussion focuses on the meaning of product and the necessities of market segmentation and product positioning. Other topics include product development and services. There is also a critical look at the controversial issue of product standardization versus product adaptation, as well as the theory of international product life cycle and that theory’s marketing applications.

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  • This chapter examines pricing decision in an international context.The chapter begins with a discussion of the role of price in general. It proceeds to cover the various factors that can affect price, with special attention given to certain variables that are unique to the international market (e.g., foreign exchange rate, dumping, price control).

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  • Explain the internal context of strategy. Identify a firm’s resources and capabilities and explain their role in its performance. Define dynamic capabilities and explain their role in both strategic change and a firm’s performance. Explain how value‑chain activities are related to firm performance and competitive advantage. Explain the role of managers with respect to resources, capabilities, and value‑chain activities.

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  • That rapid globalization is taking place in businesses around the world is beyond dispute. If multinational firms are to prosper now and in the future, their managers must be able to function in a global context—formulating and implementing strategies, inventing and utilizing technologies, and creating and coordinating information. International assignments are the single most powerful means for developing future global leaders.

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  • The rationale, aim and purpose of this study guide The rationale for a study guide on how to read and interpret annual reports is that this is a skill that can prove valuable in many contexts, situations and job positions. Whether you are the decision maker in, or you are contributing to the decision of, selecting a business partner or a supplier or a client, you will find that being able to have an informed insight in the financial performance and position of these third parties that you are considering is rather useful. You can be a project manager, the responsible for a product line, a...

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  • Purpose: To accelerate the development of tourism economy in the North Central provinces in the context of Vietnam’s deeper and greater integration in international economic relations from the point of political economics.

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  • This book offers a contribution to current debates over child labor. It also presents child labor as a problem to which various branches of international law have made a response. Because of the broad range of international law sub- disciplines treated in this book, and because of the necessity of understanding the context of child labor as a social, economic and cultural issue, I have ben- efited from the contributions and support of many individuals and organiza- tions throughout the research and writing of this book....

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  • Research’s objects in this thesis are the factors affect Audit quality, the competitive capability of Audit Firms in Vietnam which oriented to strengthen Competitive capability in the context of international integration.

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  • One of the most significant contributions of the MEASURE DHS program is the creation of an internationally comparable body of data on the demographic and health characteristics of populations in developing countries. The DHS Comparative Reports series examines these data across countries in a comparative framework. The DHS Analytical Studies series focuses on specific topics. The principal objectives of both series are to provide information for policy formulation at the international level and to examine individual country results in an international context.

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  • The context of international professional football largely evolved during the 1990s. In the past ten years or so, football has moved from being a national culture to real internationalization. This has created a huge business with several dimensions, and thus football has become a unique example of merchandising in sport – the only similar case perhaps being the Olympics, which are also universal but occur less frequently.

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  • In this chapter, you will explore political and legal systems around the world. You will also learn how companies monitor and manage political risks. Acquaint yourself with ethics and social responsibility issues in a global context. Explore how relations among countries affect international business.

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  • We present cdec, an open source framework for decoding, aligning with, and training a number of statistical machine translation models, including word-based models, phrase-based models, and models based on synchronous context-free grammars. Using a single unified internal representation for translation forests, the decoder strictly separates model-specific translation logic from general rescoring, pruning, and inference algorithms.

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  • We compare the impact of sentenceinternal vs. sentence-external features on word order prediction in two generation settings: starting out from a discriminative surface realisation ranking model for an LFG grammar of German, we enrich the feature set with lexical chain features from the discourse context which can be robustly detected and reflect rough grammatical correlates of notions from theoretical approaches to discourse coherence. In a more controlled setting, we develop a constituent ordering classifier that is trained on a German treebank with gold coreference annotation. ...

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  • The information used for the extraction of terms can be considered as rather 'internal', i.e. coming from the candidate string itself. This paper presents the incorporation of 'external' information derived from the context of the candidate string. It is embedded to the C-value approach for automatic term recognition (ATR), in the form of weights constructed from statistical characteristics of the context words of the candidate string.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Comparative international accounting" has contents: Causes and examples of international differences, international classification of financial reporting, international harmonization, the context of financial reporting by listed groups; different versions of IFRS practice,...and other contents.

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  • This renovation process is currently facing many difficulties and challenges, the most critical of which concerns financial security in the context of a relatively weak economy.

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  • .The research described in this report was sponsored by the Smith Richardson Foundation and was conducted under the auspices of the International Security and Defense Policy Center within the RAND National Security Research Division (NSRD). NSRD conducts research and analysis for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Unified Commands, the defense agencies, the Department of the Navy, the Marine Corps, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Intelligence Community, allied foreign governments, and foundations....

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  • This book is born out of a discussion at the Socio-Legal Studies Association annual conference in 1999 (in Loughborough) between Dave Cowan, Caroline Hunter and Simon Halliday. We all had an interest in homelessness, law, administrative justice and decision-making, and had a background in researching these issues. In particular, Dave had done some early work about informal internal appeal systems which had been developed in the early 1990s in homelessness cases.

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  • The Official Development Assistance (ODA) in the thesis includes the grant aid, concessional loans, the less concessional loans from the governments and international financial institutions.

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