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  • This publication was prepared by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). Its mission is to serve the public interest, strengthen the worldwide accountancy profession and contribute to the development of strong international economies by establishing and promoting adherence to high quality professional standards, furthering the international convergence of such standards and speaking out on public interest issues where the profession’s expertise is most relevant.

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  • Chapter 3 - International convergence of financial reporting. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Explain the meaning of convergence, identify the arguments for and against international convergence of financial reporting standards, discuss major harmonization efforts under the IASC,...

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  • Regarded by many as the greatest tennis player in the history of the sport, this authoritative biography charts the success of Roger Federer, drawing from exclusive interviews with Federer and his family as well as the author's extensive experience covering the international tennis circuit. Comprehensive and compelling, this account provides an informed overview of the Swiss tennis star, from his start as a temperamental player on the junior circuit to his triumphs at the U.S. Open and Wimbledon.

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  • This book is based on a doctoral thesis completed at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge. It benefited from research funding provided by Gonville and Caius College and the Faculty of Law in Cambridge, and from the hospitality and generous assistance of Professors Jürgen Basedow and Reinhard Zimmermann during a period at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg, and of Professor George Bermann during a period as a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University....

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  • During the past two decades, two prominent influences—globalization and the information revolution—have brought about profound changes in the division of powers within nations as well as beyond nation-states. As a result, the world has gradually but steadily moved from closed-economy centralized governance to open-economy globalized and localized governance—sometimes called “glocalized” governance. International security concerns in recent years have somewhat dampened this change process.

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  • One of the most significant contributions of the MEASURE DHS program is the creation of an internationally comparable body of data on the demographic and health characteristics of populations in developing countries. The DHS Comparative Reports series examines these data across countries in a comparative framework. The DHS Analytical Studies series focuses on specific topics. The principal objectives of both series are to provide information for policy formulation at the international level and to examine individual country results in an international context.

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  • This booklet is designed to introduce judges and judicial administrators in other countries to the United States federal judicial system, its organization and administration, and its relationship to the legislative and executive branches of the government. It was developed by the Office of Judges Programs of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts at the request of the Judicial Conference Committee on International Judicial Relations.

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  • International law practitioners and scholars frequently encounter difficulties in “finding” the factual elements and normative components that serve as the building blocks for the sources of international law.While treaties as an authoritative source of international law present the fewest problems, the same cannot be said of the other two sources. To determine the existence of a customary rule of international law, for example, one must locate relevant state practice, and test that practice against standards of uniformity, consistency, and the requirement of opinio juris.

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  • The papers published in this book were first presented at an international conference on federalism, which took place at the Faculty of Law of McGill University, in Montreal. Having been directly involved in the organization

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  • International Standard ISO 9001 is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). The work of preparing international standards is normally carried out through iso technical committees.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "International handbook of public procurement" has contents: International public procurement - concepts and practices; framework for assessing the acquisition function at federal agencies; analytical framework for the management and reform of public procurement; service sourcing; public procurement in the united nations system,... and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Federal tax research" has contents: Citators and other finding devices, state tax services, international tax services, communicating research results, tax planning, working with the IRS, tax practice and administration - Sanctions, agreements, and disclosures.

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  • ào giữa thế kỉ 20, môn Thể dục thể hình được các quốc gia sớm phát triển tổ chức các cuộc thi người mẫu, đã hấp dẫn con người đến với những bài tập cơ bản và sau đó đúc kết thành hệ thống các bài tập từ thấp đến cao phục vụ cho người tập (để có thân hình đẹp nhất). Liên đoàn Thể dục Thể hình Quốc tế (IFBB - A. International Federation of Bodybuilding) thành lập năm 1946, hiện có 139 quốc gia thành viên...

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  • ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). The work of preparing International Standards is normally carried out through ISO technical committees. Each member body interested in a subject for which a technical committee has been established has the right to be represented on that committee. International organizations, governmental and non-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work.

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  • Liên đoàn báo chí quốc tế IFJ (International Federation of Journalists) đã đề ra những nguyên tắc đạo đức nghề nghiệp nhà báo này tại Đại hội các nghiệp đoàn báo chí toàn thế giới lần thứ hai, tổ chức tại Bordeaux – Pháp tháng 4 năm 1954 và sau đó những nguyên tắc này đã được hiệu chỉnh tại kỳ Đại hội lần thứ 18 được tổ chức vào tháng 5 năm 1986 tại Helsinki - Phần Lan.

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  • The practice of law is not monolithic. Professional directories for the United States sort one million lawyers and 50,000 law firms into some 65 core practice areas. In Lawyers at Work, I interview fifteen lawyers in fifteen practice areas selected to be representative of the lawyering spectrum: employment law, corporate defense, criminal prosecution, financial services, international project finance, family law, international law, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, intellectual property, entertainment, nonprofit, civil rights, trusts and estates, and civil litigation.

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  • am sincerely appreciative of the many public and private institutions that have provided resource material from which I was able to shape this text. In this regard, I am particularly indebted to the Federal Aviation Administration for their numerous publications. Faculty and students at University Aviation Association institutions who have reviewed material in the previous four editions have significantly shaped this book. To them I owe a special thanks because they represent the true constituency of any textbook author....

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  • Comparative constitutional law is a newly energized field in the early 21st century. Never before has the field had such a broad range of interdisciplinary interest, with lawyers, political scientists, sociologists and even economists making contributions to our collective understanding of how constitutions are formed and how they operate. Never before has there been such demand from courts, lawyers and constitution-makers in a wide range of countries for comparative legal analysis.

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  • Sambo là môn võ thể thao và tự vệ hiện đại được truyền bá tại Liên Xô cũ (Nga) vào đầu thế kỷ 20. Tên gọi của môn võ này, trong tiếng Nga là САМБО, được viết tắt từ ”САМозащита Без Оружия” . Một số nơi trên thế giới còn gọi Sambo là Sombo như tại Mỹ và tại một số quốc gia khác. Theo tư liệu của Liên đoàn các Bộ môn Võ vật thế giới (International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA)), ...

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  • The term model refers to a quantitative method, system, or approach that applies statistical, economic, financial, or mathematical theories, techniques, and assumptions to process input data into quantitative estimates. Good definition? Let’s read more. Today we will start from something very important: Some guidance for model risk management Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Office of the Comptroller of the Currency SUPERVISORY GUIDANCE ON MODEL RISK MANAGEMENT Banks rely heavily on quantitative analysis and models in most aspects of financial decision making.

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