International Payment Instruments

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  • International Payment Instruments - Nguyen Minh Duc introduction Gateway transaction, Wire transfer (SWIFT, IBAN), Bill of exchange Promissory notes, Money number writing, Payment maturity.

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  • Chapter 25 - International transactions and currency values. In this chapter, you will explore the functions and roles performed by the international markets within the global financial system, you will see how international payments for goods and services are made and how international borrowing and lending can be tracked through a nation’s balance-of-payments accounts.

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  • The issuer sells bonds to capital market investors and the proceeds are deposited in a collateral account, in which earnings from assets are collected and from which a floating rate is payed to the SPV. The sponsor enters into a reinsurance or derivative contract with the issuer and pays him a premium. The SPV usually gives quarterly coupon payments to the investors. The premium and the investment bond proceeds that the SPV received from the collateral are a source of interest or coupons paid to investors.

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  • Chapter 5 - International financial reporting standards (Part II). The topics discussed in this chapter are: Current liabilities; provisions, contingent liabilities, and contingent assets; employee benefits; share-based payment; income taxes; revenue recognition; financial instruments.

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  • Chapter 5 - International financial reporting standards: Part I. This chapter describe and apply the requirements of IFRS related to the financial reporting of current liabilities, provisions, employee benefits, share-based payment, income taxes, revenue, and financial instruments; explain and analyze the effect of major differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP related to the financial reporting of current liabilities, provisions, employee benefits, share-based payment, income taxes, revenue, and financial instruments.

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  • Chương 2 - Các phương tiện thanh toán quốc tế (International Instrument of Payment). Chương 2 trình bày đến người học những kiến thức cơ bản về: Hối phiếu (bill of exchange, draft), séc (cheques), thẻ thanh toán (payment card), kỳ phiếu (promissory notes), lệnh chuyển tiền (remittance order).

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  • The Indian authorities, in contrast, have used this instrument for balance of payments support, to raise financing during times when they had difficulty in accessing international capital markets. The members of Israeli and Indian diaspora have found such bonds attractive because of the opportunities such bonds provide for effective risk management. Furthermore, diaspora communities may have a “home bias” toward their country of origin and be willing to purchase diaspora bonds.

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