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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 117. Health Advice for International Travel Health Advice for International Travel: Introduction According to the World Tourism Organization, the number of international tourist arrivals in 2004 reached an all-time record of 763 million. This number represents an increase over the 2003 figure of almost 11%—the highest and the only double-digit percentage increase since 1980, when these statistics were first collected. Not only are more people traveling; travelers are seeking more exotic and remote destinations. ...

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  • Factors affecting tourist destination choice: A survey of international travelers to Hanoi, Vietnam. This paper carried out a survey of international tourists who selected Hanoi - Vietnam as their holiday destination and our findings show that brand image and brand loyalty play an important role on tourist’s decision of returning or recommendation to others while brand awareness and quality have no impact.

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  • Rabies Domestic animals, primarily dogs, are the major transmitters of rabies in developing countries (Chap. 188). Several studies have shown that the risk of rabies posed by a dog bite in an endemic area translates into 1–3.6 cases per 1000 travelers per month of stay. Countries where canine rabies is highly endemic include Mexico, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. The three vaccines available in the United States provide 90% protection.

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  • Prevention of Gastrointestinal Illness Diarrhea, the leading cause of illness in travelers (Chap. 122), is usually a short-lived, self-limited condition; however, 40% of affected individuals need to alter their scheduled activities, and another 20% are confined to bed. The most important determinant of risk is the destination. Incidence rates per 2-week stay have been reported to be as low as 8% in industrialized countries and as high as 55% in parts of Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. Infants and young adults are at particularly high risk.

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  • Air Travel and High-Altitude Destinations Commercial air travel is not a risk to the healthy pregnant woman or to the fetus. The higher radiation levels reported at altitudes of 10,500 m (35,000 ft) should pose no problem to the healthy pregnant traveler. Since each airline has a policy regarding pregnancy and flying, it is best to check with the specific carrier when booking reservations. Domestic air travel is usually permitted until the 36th week, whereas international air travel is generally curtailed after the 32nd week.

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  • Gastrointestinal Illness Decreased levels of gastric acid, abnormal gastrointestinal mucosal immunity, other complications of HIV infection, and medications taken by HIVinfected patients make travelers' diarrhea especially problematic in these individuals. Travelers' diarrhea is likely to occur more frequently, be more severe, be accompanied by bacteremia, and be more difficult to treat. Although uncommon, Cryptosporidium, Isospora belli, and Microsporidium infections are associated with increased morbidity and mortality in AIDS patients.

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  • Diabetes Mellitus Alterations in glucose control and changes in insulin requirements are common problems among patients with diabetes who travel. Changes in time zone, in the amount and timing of food intake, and in physical activity demand vigilant assessment of metabolic control. The traveler with diabetes should pack medication (including a bottle of regular insulin for emergencies), insulin syringes and needles, equipment and supplies for glucose monitoring, and snacks in carryon luggage. Insulin is stable for ~3 months at room temperature but should be kept as cool as possible.

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  • Immunizations for Travel Immunizations for travel fall into three broad categories: routine (childhood/adult boosters that are necessary regardless of travel), required (immunizations that are mandated by international regulations for entry into certain areas or for border crossings), and recommended (immunizations that are desirable because of travel-related risks). Vaccines commonly given to travelers are listed in Table 117-1.

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  • Fever Fever in a traveler who has returned from a malarious area should be considered a medical emergency because death from P. falciparum malaria can follow an illness of only several days' duration. Although "fever from the tropics" does not always have a tropical cause, malaria should be the first diagnosis considered. The risk of P. falciparum malaria is highest among travelers returning from Africa or Oceania and among those who become symptomatic within the first 2 months after return.

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  • International travel is undertaken by large, and ever increasing, numbers of people for professional, social, recreational and humanitarian purposes. More people travel greater distances and at greater speed than ever before, and this upward trend looks set to continue. Travellers are thus exposed to a variety of health risks in unfamiliar environments. Most such risks, however, can be minimized by suitable precautions taken before, during and after travel.

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  • Phần 1 cuốn sách "English for international Conferences – Tiếng Anh cho hội nghị quốc tế" là các bài học tiếng Anh về các nội dung: Travelling, making social contacts. Đây là một cuốn sách hữu ích dành cho các bạn đam mê học tiếng Anh dùng làm tài liệu tự học và nghiên cứu nâng cao trình độ tiếng Anh của bản thân. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Many people begin their visit to the marvelous country of Thailand by flying to Suvarnabhumi - the international airport of Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi means the mythological ”Land of Gold”. There can be no better welcome as there are new perspectives to the exciting historical legends everywhere in Thailand… and gold and golden adornments in such great numbers that it will make you reach for your digital camera constantly.

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  • Emergency medicine is, by its nature, borne out of necessity and through painful lessons that specialized care is required for many patients presenting to hospital “ERs” with complaints ranging from minor ailments to life threatening illness and even in peri-arrest states.

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  • London is the centre of the British world. As the capital of the British Empire, the city has been ranked among the leading cities of Europe for centuries, and cultures from all over the world have left their mark upon the streets of the British capital. London is a colossal metropolis and has something for every taste – also literally, due to the many ethnic restaurants run by the international Londoners.

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  • The cosmopolitan city of Geneva has attracted a lot of people through the ages, and with its very scenic location by Lake Geneva, locally named Lac Léman, it is worth a trip. Geneva is also renowned across the world for being the home of a number of international organizations, such as the UN and the Red Cross, which contributes to the distinctive atmosphere in this pleasant city.

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  • The fantastic location of Cape Town is perhaps one of the most scenic locations of any city in the world. The Table Mountain, which is more than 1 kilometre high, together with the Atlantic Ocean creates the perfect background for the development of a modern city that throughout offers visitors unique experiences on the southern tip of Africa. This modern South African city sparkles like a diamond around the renovated harbour area, The Waterfront. Here is an international atmosphere, shops, restaurants as well as a number of other activities....

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  • Frankfurt is a fascinating meeting of new and old. It has always been one of Germany’s most affluent cities and has in many ways been the motive force for German development through centuries. Frankfurt is with its airport and its commerce a nerve centre for all of Europe, and the international atmosphere in the modern city with the many fine museums and cultural offerings renders a visit here an exciting experience.

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  • Francis E. Andre is currently ‘retired’ but keeps himself busy as a part-time consultant in vaccinology, a science he has dabbled in for most of his professional career. Paul M. Arguin, Chief of the Domestic Response Unit in the Malaria Branch at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. Paul is also an editor of Health Information for International Travel, also known as CDC’s Yellow Book. His research interests include the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases associated with international travel, including malaria and zoonoses....

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  • According to the World Tourism Organization, the number of international tourist arrivals in 2004 reached an all-time record of 763 million. This number represents an increase over the 2003 figure of almost 11%—the highest and the only double-digit percentage increase since 1980, when these statistics were first collected. Not only are more people traveling; travelers are seeking more exotic and remote destinations. Studies show that 50–75% of short-term travelers to the tropics or subtropics report some health impairment.

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  • Allan and Barbara Pease are the internationally renowned experts in human relations and body language, whose 20 million book sales worldwide have turned them into household names. The Definitive Book of Body Language isolates, examines and explains in simple terms, each component of body langugage.

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