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  • Chapter 10A - Connecting to the Internet. This lesson provides an overview of the options for connecting a computer to the Internet. It also shows how the wireless Internet works, and discusses the need for wireless security.

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  • Wire maps can be very helpful in troubleshooting cabling problems with UTP cable. A wire map allows the network technician to verify which pins on one end of the cable are connected to which pins on the other end. Prior to starting the lab, the teacher or lab assistant should have several correctly wired CAT 5 cables to test. The cables should be both straight-through and crossover. There should also be several CAT 5 cables created with problems such as poor connections and split pairs to test. Cables should be numbered to simplify the testing process and to maintain consistency.

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  • The cable constructed will be a four-pair, eight-wire, straight-through cable, which means that the color of wire on Pin 1 on one end of the cable will be the same as that of Pin 1 on the other end. Pin 2 will be the same as Pin 2, and so on. The cable will be wired to either TIA/EIA T568B or T568A standards for 10BASE-T Ethernet, which determines what color wire is on each pin. T568-B, also called AT&T specification, is more common in the U.S., but many installations are also wired to T568-A, also called ISDN....

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  • Cable length tests can be very helpful in troubleshooting cabling problems with UTP. The Cabling infrastructure or cable plant in a building is expected to last at least ten years. Cabling related problems are one of the most common causes of network failure. The quality of cabling components used, the routing and installation of the cable, and quality of the connector terminations will be the main factors in determining how trouble-free the cabling will be. Prior to starting the lab, the teacher or lab assistant should have several correctly wired CAT 5 cables to test.

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  • In this lab, the student will work with Ethernet cables to determine their characteristics and identify potential problems. The student will use some of the key capabilities of the Fluke LinkRunner such as cable mapping and NIC Test. As networks run faster and become more complex, infrastructure cabling and devices must operate to precise levels in a tighter performance window. As a result, nearly 80% of network problems stem from simple wiring and connection problems.

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  • Today’s ever-changing network deployments frequently require wires to be reterminated, relocated or rewired. That rewiring can quickly degrade the quality of wire terminations. ADC has developed products like the LSA-PLUS® NT block to maintain superior connectivity through hundreds of reterminations and deliver the best electrical performance in the industry. The LSA-PLUS NT block is a high–density solution that utilizes the silver plated, world renowned LSA-PLUS contact principle. Its gas-tight contacts ensure a reliable and long lasting connection....

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  • An access point (AP) provides the connection between one or more wireless client devices and a wired local area network (LAN). The AP is usually connected to the LAN via a Category-5 cable connection to a hub or switch. Client devices communicate with the AP over the wireless link, giving them access to all other devices through the hub or switch, including a router on the other side of the hub, which provides Internet access

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  • Unauthorized access is when an unauthorized entity gains access to an asset and has the possibility to tamper with that asset. Gaining access is usually the result of intercepting some information in transit over an insecure channel or exploiting an inherent weakness in a technology or a product. Getting access to corporate network resources is usually accomplished by doing some reconnaissance work. Most likely, the corporate network will be accessed through the Internet, tapping into the physical wire, remote modem dial-in access, or wireless network access.

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