Intestinal environment

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  • The pig faces significant biological and environmental challenges after weaning. A great deal of information is available on behavior, environment, health, and nutrition of the newly weaned pig; however, newly weaned pigs still suffer a growth lag. The pig’s small intestinal structure and function is altered during the days that follow weaning. As a consequence, the digestive and absorptive capacity of weanling pigs is decreased during this period and this may be partially responsible for the post weaning growth lag....

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  • The first and second editions of this book were conceived to provide distilled, up-to-date information to nursing students and staff nurses about many conditions and diagnoses encountered in nursing practice. With the third edition, we have responded to the ever-changing health care environment as well as to the recommendations of our readers and editors.

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  • A variety of organisms have been investigated to evaluate their potential as biological indicators of different forms of pollution in the aquatic environment (e.g. review by Gunkel 1994). Certain species have been identified as being highly sensitive either in their physiological response to aquatic contaminants or in their ability to accumulate particular toxins in a dose-time dependent manner.

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  • Audit data, obtained by reviewing written records and procedures, inter- viewing personnel, and personal observation, are collected from both an administrative area and a management or operational area,which controls the physical environment.Audit of the administrative area includes a review of how well or how poorly management has implemented the program. Audit of the operational areas,whereby management controls the physical environment, includes assessing the surroundings and external conditions that influence the daily operation of the organization....

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  • As one class of the most important steroid hormones, glucocorticoids have long been recognised and their therapeutic benefits have been widely used in clinical treatment, especially in anti-inflammation cases.

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  • Malformations occur in nearly 10% of female genital tracts. Known genetic problems cause 20%, about 5% are due to chromosome aberrations, and approximately 10% are due to environmental causes. Multifactorial inheritance (e.g., a combination of environment and genetics) probably accounts for the rest. Anomalies of the vulva and labia are rare. They include bifid clitoris (occurs most frequently with bladder exstrophy), congenital vaginal prolapse, and vulvar duplication (seen with duplication of the urinary and intestinal tracts). Occasionally, one labia is much larger than the other.

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