Intralaminar fracture

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  • Periodontal disease is one of the major dental pathologies that affect human populations worldwide at high prevalence rates (Petersen, 2003). Periodontal diseases represents a family of heterogeneous chronic inflammatory lesions that involve the periodontium, a connective tissue protected by the epithelium, important to attach the teeth to the bone in the jaws and to support the teeth during function (Taylor, 2003).

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  • As human beings currently use or appropriation of approximately 40% (through deforestation and land-use change) land production capacity, accurate account of all existing and potential biomass energy road use is important to chart the way forward in global scale, and in different areas. With the complexity of biomass as a source of many end products, food, this volume shed light on all topics related to biomass highlight new and review existing methods of production, its detection and usage....

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  • Autonomous navigation of walking robot requires three major tasks to be addressed: self-localization, avoiding obstacles, and object handling (Clerentin et al, 2005). In the present study, we suggest some basic contact interaction-based navigation system known as "groping campaign" the humanoid robot able to determine the localization and avoid obstacles. this system is based on the contact interaction with the aim of creating the appropriate algorithm for a humanoid robot performance in the real environment....

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  • Actually different types of classifiers can be set for BCI technology, from physiological point of view BCI devices may be classified in exogenous and endogenous. the external devices to provide some kind of stimulation to users and use them to analyze the respond to them, an example of this class of devices based on evoked potentials or P300 pictures (KM Spencer and E. Donchin and R. Wijesinghe, 2000).

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  • In this paper, we identify a set of interior design guidelines for furniture layout and develop an interactive system based on these guidelines. In our system, the user begins by specifying the shape of a room and the set of furniture that must be arranged within it. The user then interactively moves furniture pieces. In response, the system suggests a small set of furniture layouts that follow the interior design guidelines. The user can interactively select a sug- gestion and move any piece of furniture to modify the layout.

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  • Genetic diversity is the fundamental source of biodiversity. In 1989, the World Wildlife Fund defined biodiversity as “the richness of life on Earth – millions of plants, animals and microorganisms, including the genes which they carry, and complex ecosystems that create the environment”. Currently, the issue of maintaining genetic diversity as a component of the conservation of biodiversity has been accepted at an international level. FAO has included the issue of conservation, evaluation, and the use of animal genetic resources in its fields of interest since the 1970s.

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  • By clearly stating and understanding the core beliefs that an organization has or wants to adopt about ethical issues such as honesty, integrity, dignity of individuals, or caring about others, policies that are straightforward and easily implementable can be designed. By clearly thinking through a position on the environment, whether to comply with the law or to leave the earth better than we found it, we can begin marshaling the resources to realize these basic beliefs.

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  • Other researchers have studied the issues examined here. Excellent articles by Blumberg and Nichols (2004), Chernew and Hirth (2004), and Gruber and Madrian (2004) have carefully documented many reasons why so many Americans are uninsured. There is no single and simple explanation about why many firms refuse to offer insurance and why employees sometimes refuse to accept these offers. The problem is complex. In this article, we focus on labor market turnover and expectations to explain firms’ insurance offer decisions.

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  • This study gives an overview of the most recent literature on the subject. There seem to be more than a thousand publications. However there are only few field data, especially from studies on soil-water and soil-plant transfer and on the long-term behaviour of conta- minants in soils. Unfortunately there are very little publications in English from some EU-countries. The study gives an overview of the conclusions of various national working groups and makes suggestions on how to direct future research activities. ...

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  • The second shift is methodological in nature. Until recently only two strategies were available for studying the biological mecha- nisms underlying artistic appreciation and creation: first, making theoretical conjectures based on general understanding of brain structure and function; and second, single case-studies of brain injuries affecting art-related activities. The former produced theo- ries that often went untested (and were sometimes untestable), while the latter generated accounts that were often anecdotal, incomplete and difficult to interpret.

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  • A high number of pesticides is used in Colombia primarily in categories I and II toxicological categories, and by chemical group the OF and C. This information is confirmed by other studies conducted in Colombia (Varona et al, 2007, 2009), (SIVIGILA, 2010), thus increasing the chances of triggering effects on health. Among the clinical manifestations reported by laborers, most of them are related to neurological and sensory organs disorders.

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  • During the period covered for this study, filers submitted 12,398 reports on Form 101. Of these, 322 notated insurance SARs. 10 However, a review of all 12,398 SAR- SFs, and the 864 distinct filer names, identified an additional 279 records filed by insurance companies. In order to provide complete feedback to the insurance in- dustry, this study includes all 601 of these insurance company filings, with the result that some of the analysis includes uncovered products. Additionally, filers used Treasury Form TD F 90-22.

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  • The study of the workshops in Jepara involved an initial extensive survey so as to locate all the workshops. Then we designed a spatial grid to prepare the following intensive survey. It consisted of sampling these workshops, creating a detailed database on the structure of the wood industry in Jepara, and subsequently analysing it (Roda and Cadène 2005). The fieldwork was conduced by a team of 12 surveyors4 and 2 field coordinators5 . They were equipped with motorbikes, global positioning system (GPS) devices, questionnaires, and computers.

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  • Subjects may be looked at separately to obtain analytical clarity, but in the end they are all unified in a single system. It is all one. Ev- erything is part of a web of interacting people, places, things, events, thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Everything exists in a complex sys- tem in which any action anywhere (note that speech and the deci- sion not to act are also actions) has an effect elsewhere, and perhaps everywhere. Therefore, be mindful of what you do and why you do it. Be mindful of the fact that while you can predict the impact of your...

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  • Mercury released by coal-fired power plants may not be as easy to address. As the largest point source of atmospheric mercury emissions to the North American environment, coal plants have been the target of much debate. Energy companies have several options to reduce mercury emissions. They can invest in expensive control technologies for coal plants. Alternatively, they can generate electricity from energy sources other than coal, although some other fossil fuels, such as natural gas and oil, may also contain trace levels of mercury. Or they can invest in helping people to use less energy.

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  • Leading mining companies have taken up the chal- lenge and are pushing beyond minimum legal requirements through voluntary initiatives, to ensure their continued “license-to-operate” from the com- munity as well as increasing their competitive advantage through continuous, voluntary improve- ments in environmental performance. As with all mining activities, the extraction and bene- ficiation of phosphate rock and potash to produce mineral fertilizer raw material has the potential to cause environmental impacts.

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  • Well‑managed water systems are a fundamental policy goal for all countries and can be an important driver for green growth. Yet significant gaps persist between aspirations to ensure access to sufficient and sustainable quantities of good quality water and the actual conditions on the ground. Identifying appropriate policies and approaches for good water policy is only a first step - implementation is essential.

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  • The sexual division of labour is sometimes thought to obey “natural” laws, so that women do jobs that are more appropriate for their bodies and social roles. If so, the division of labour would be good for women’s health. But, if that were true, women would not be found in health care jobs that require them to lift heavy weights (patients) and to work at night. They would not be found in microelectronics plants that expose them to known reproductive hazards (Huel et al.

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  • An alternative conception of consumer choice has recently gained the attention of economists, which allows for two closely related departures from the standard model. First, consumers may have dynamically inconsistent preferences. Second, as a rational response to this dynamic inconsistency, the consumer may use external commitment devices or personal rules in an attempt to limit overspending. We use data from a large, representative sample of households in the UK to test the relevance of these twin predictions in the field.

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  • Russia’s challenge to the EU runs deeper than energy dependency or blockages in the UN. Russia is emerging as an ideological alternative to the EU that offers a different approach to sovereignty, power and world order. Whereas the EU stands for an idea of order based on consensus, interdependence and the rule of law, Russian foreign policy is motivated by a quest for power, independence and control. The EU’s main concern is to ensure that its neighbourhood is peaceful and well-governed.

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