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  • TEMS Investigation là một công cô kiểm tra, phát hiện các bản tin trên giao diện vô tuyến theo thời gian thực. Nó cho phép bạn giám sát các kênh thoại cũng như truyền data trên GPRS, EDGE, chuyển mạch kênh (CSD) hay các kết nối chuyển mạch tốc độ cao (HSCSD). Các phiên data có thể được quản lý từ trong TEMS Investigation

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  • This thesis has been done in an effort to investigate how euphemism is translated from English into Vietnamese in translated works as well as to find out what are the main approaches taken by translators in translating euphemism from English into Vietnamese. A collection of samples taken from literary works written in English and their Vietnamese versions have been analyzed to explore ways in which euphemisms are transferred. Besides, quantitative analyses have also been carried out to show distribution of ways of translating, on the basis of which to identify preferences....

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  • Có thể tóm tắt ngắn gọn, TEMS Investigation là một công cụ test cho phép chúng ta chuẩn đoán, đo kiểm lỗi, vùng phủ thời gian thực. TEMS cho phép chúng ta giám sát kênh thoại cũng như truyền data qua các kết nối GPRS, EDGE, chuyển mạch kênh (CSD) hoặc chuyển mạch kênh tốc độ cao (HSCSD). Các phiên truyền data, voice có thể được kiểm soát trong phạm vi của TEMS.

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  • Forensic Engineering Investigation is a compendium of the investigative methodologies used by engineers and scientific investigators to evaluate some of the more common types of failures and catastrophic events. In essence, the book provides analyses and methods for determining how an entity was damaged and when that damage may have legal consequences. The material covers 21 common types of failures, catastrophic events, and losses that forensic engineers routinely assess.

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  • An Empirical Investigation of International Consumer Market Segmentation Decisions They may also be more effective at exerting “voice” to manage agent behavior, even without the exit option that school choice policies provide (Hirschman, 1970). Finally, student composition may operate as an employment amenity for teachers and administrators, reducing the salaries that the school must pay and increasing the quality of teachers that can be hired for any fixed salary (Antos and Rosen, 1975).

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  • TRANSFER OF TRAINING: AN INVESTIGATION WITHIN A TEAM WORK ENVIRONMENT I have benefited from discussions with David Autor, Jared Bernstein, Ken Chay, Tom Davidoff, John DiNardo, Nada Eissa, Jonah Gelbach, Alan Krueger, David Lee, Darren Lubotsky, Rob McMillan, Jack Porter, and Diane Whitmore, and from participants at several seminars where I have presented versions of the work contained here. I also thank my various officemates over the last five years, particularly Liz Cascio, Justin McCrary, Till von Wachter, and Eric Verhoogen, for many helpful conversations.

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  • The study An investigation on studying English grammar for TOEIC exam by Dong Thap University students is carried out: To find out the problems in the way of learning English grammar for Toeic exam by Dong Thap University students; to suggest some possible solutions for these problems.

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  • Chapter 11 "E-mail and social media investigations", this chapter explains how to trace, recover, and analyze e-mail messages by using forensics tools designed for investigating e-mail and general-purpose tools, such as disk edi-tors.

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  • AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION OF TURNOVER INTENTIONS OF INTERNAL AUDITORS Amenities could either increase or reduce the extent of effectiveness sorting relative to this pure case, though the latter seems more likely.22 If, as the hedonics literature implies, schools are one of the more important determinants of neighborhood desirability (see, e.g., Reback, 2001;

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  • The research “An investigation into the impact of extrinsic motivation on the process of learning English of students at some high schools in Hue” is performed with an eye to providing high school teachers and students with a deep, comprehensible view of the role as well as the positive and negative effects of extrinsic motivation on the process of learning English of high school students.

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  • INEQUALITY AND PUBLIC POLICY: THEORETICAL INVESTIGATIONS Caution is required, however, in generalizing from this chapter’s results to choice markets that do not link school assignment to residential location. Under Tiebout choice, parents may have to give up desired neighborhood amenities—views, parks, air quality, or characteristics of neighbors—to obtain a more effective school.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Forensic pathology for police, death investigators attorneys and forensic scientists" presents the following contents: Introductory topics, general topics in forensic pathology.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Forensic pathology for police, death investigators attorneys and forensic scientists" presents the following contents: Natural deaths, blunt force injury deaths, gunshot wound deaths, sharp force injury deaths, asphyxial deaths.

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  • Guide to Computer forensics and investigations (Fifth edition) - Chapter 1: Understanding the digital forensics profession and investigations. This chapter introduces you to computer forensics or, as it’s now typically called, digital forensics and discusses issues of importance in the industry.

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  • Chapter 2 "The investigator’s office and laboratory", after reading this chapter and completing the exercises, you will be able to: Describe certification requirements for digital forensics labs, list physical requirements for a digital forensics lab, explain the criteria for selecting a basic forensic workstation, describe components used to build a business case for developing a forensics lab.

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  • Chapter 4 "Processing crime and incident scenes". In this chapter, you learn how to process a digital investigation scene. Because this chapter focuses on investigation needs for computing systems and digital devices, you should supplement your training by studying police science or U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) pro-cedures to understand field-of-evidence recovery tasks.

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  • Chapter 5 "Working with Windows and CLI systems". In this chapter, you review how data is stored and managed in Microsoft OSs, including Windows and command-line interface (CLI) OSs. To become proficient in recovering data for digital investigations, you should understand file systems and their OSs, including legacy (MS-DOS, Windows 9x, and Windows Me, for example) and current OSs.

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  • Chapter 6 "Current digital forensics tools", this chapter explores many software and hardware tools used during digital forensics investigations. No specific tools are recommended; instead, the goal is to explain how to select tools for digital investigations based on specific criteria.

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  • Chapter 14 "Report writing for high-tech investigations". This chapter gives you guidelines on writing reports of your findings in digital forensics investigations. You learn about different types of reports and what to include in a typical report and examine how to generate report findings with forensics software tools.

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  • Chapter 15 "Expert testimony in digital investigations". This chapter explains the rules of evidence and procedure as they apply to testimony. You learn about the types of testimony for trials, depositions, and hearings and the difference between a fact witness and an expert witness.

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