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  • ¾ If you want to be among the few investors in being able to implement these simple common-sense Buffett-style criteria… ¾ If you’re tired of chasing marginal stocks that risk your capita and confused by all the conflicting reports from the media and investment companies … ¾ If you’ve just plain had enough of stock market movement controlling your life … … then you owe it to yourself to take our 30-Day Risk-Free Trial.

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  • Green projects - particularly sustainable energy sources and clean technology - include multiple technologies, at different stages of maturity, and require different types of financing vehicle. Most pension funds are more interested in lower risk investments which provide a steady, inflation adjusted income stream - with green bonds consequently gaining interest as an asset class, particularly - though not only - with the SRI universe of institutional investors.

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  • Globally, we are utilizing government benchmarking programs to measure performance and comply with local and federal regulations and disclosure requirements. these include programs such as EnERGy staR in the u.s., Energy performance Certificates (EpCs) across Europe, the national australian built Environment Rating system (nabERs), and the Comprehensive assessment system for built Environment Efficiency (CasbEE) in Japan.

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  • Traditional Supply Chain Management (SCM) aims at movement of goods and services from one end of this chain to the other through different stages so as to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the entire process. As SCM spans across the economic functions of the entire value chain of a product or service, it is vital for a company to join in, form, or coordinate its business related supply chains, forming various kinds of business relationships.

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  • Over the past decade, many news stories have brought to the attention of the public numerous social and ethical issues that have framed the business/society relationship. Because the news media have a flair for the dramatic, it is not surprising that the reporting of these issues has been characterized by criticisms of various actions, decisions, and behaviors on the part of business management.

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  • The capital of the Fund is represented by issued and redeemable shares with no par value. The shares are entitled to distributions, if any, and to payment of a proportionate share based on the Fund’s NAV per share upon redemption. The Fund has no restrictions or specific capital requirements on the subscriptions and redemptions of shares except as disclosed in Note 8(a), if any. The relevant movements in capital are shown on the Statement of Changes in Net Assets.

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  • The mutual fund industry, beset by net redemptions by investors and adverse global and local market conditions, shrank by 1.6% in terms of assets under management during the year FY2011-2012. However, volatile market conditions in the last two years have led to net withdrawals by investors to the tune of 49,406 crore INR in FY 2010-11 and 22,023 crore INR in FY 2011-12, leading to a further drop in AuM, in addition to the drop caused by adverse market movements. The mutual fund industry is primarily debt-oriented with debt funds (including liquid funds) forming 64% of the AuM.

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  • If you want to be among the few investors in being able to implement these simple common-sense Buffett-style criteria… If you’re tired of chasing marginal stocks that risk your capital and confused by all the conflicting reports from the media and investment companies … If you’ve just plain had enough of stock market movements controlling your life …… then you owe it to yourself to take our 30-Day

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  • Fourteen filers submitted approximately 30 SAR-SFs on a network of investors across the United States for suspicious trading activities involving several CMBS worth billions of dollars. Myriad pricing and trading issues were evident in these SARs.

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  • The description of a trading security includes both debt and marketable equity securities bought and held primarily to be sold in the near term. Trading activities typically involve active and frequent buying and selling to generate profits on short-term movements in market prices or spreads. ASC 320 does not specify how long securities in this category can be held, because the length of time will vary between investors and the nature of the securities.

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  • Recent reviews have addressed issues of cigarette smoke exposure and various facets of reproduction including delayed time to conception, ovarian effects and premature menopause, implantation failure, fetal growth restriction and growth retardation, placental abnormalities, reduced fecundity, congenital abnormalities, and effects on male reproduction [32-34]. However, most prior reviews have not considered smoke's interaction with the oviduct, an organ vital to reproduction.

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  • In proportion as the machine industry gained ground, and as the modern concatenation of industrial processes and of markets developed, the conjunctures of business grew more varied and of larger scope at the same time that they became more amenable to shrewd manipulation. The pecuniary side of the enterprise came to require more unremitting attention, as the chances for gain or loss through business relatIons simply, aside from mere industrial efficiency, grew greater in number and magnitude.

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  • In Financial Economics, many researchers have studied option prices, because these derivatives contain unique information that is not available from the prices of other financial instruments. A call option gives the buyer the right to purchase in the future a certain asset at a price fixed today. The value of such an option is determined by the distance between the current stock price and the exercise price. When market participants price option contracts in the course of trading, they use forecasts of the probability of different asset prices for the period until the derivative expires.

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  • Regarding these two issues, we obtain the following results. First, we report strong negative skewness in the risk-neutral density, which indicates that the probability of a large decrease in stock prices exceeds the probability of a large increase. In the literature on US equity derivatives, this finding has been termed “crashophobia”. Our second result is that the implied volatility of the US stock market has the strongest effect on changes in the DAX RNDs.

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  • Performance animation or motion capture consist of measurement and recording of direct actions of a real person or animal for immediate or delayed analysis and playback. The technique is especially used today in production environments for 3D character animation. It involves mapping of measurements onto the motion of the digital character. This mapping can be direct: e.g. human arm motion controlling a character's arm motion or indirect: e.g. mouse movement controlling a character's eye and head ...

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  • Globalization is a widely used term that is used to describe the increased movement of people's knowledge, ideas, goods and money across multi-national borders that leads to increased connectivity among the world's populations, economically, politically, socially and culturally. With the advent of Globalization, an investor can now see that many of the world's economies are tied together. Investing today has become more complex than at any other time.

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  • Koppel and Shtrimberg (2006) argue that models based on lexical features can distinguish good news from bad news with accuracy of about 70%. They introduce a simple method for generating labeled examples for sentiment analysis: news stories about publicly traded companies are labeled positive or negative according to price changes of the company stock. The show that there are many lexical markers for bad news but none for good news. The novel idea is the automatic unsupervised clusterization of large amount of news.

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  • The historic return profile of the Credit Suisse Leveraged Loan Index1 changed dramatically following the 2008 financial crisis. Pre-crisis, returns were relatively stable and characterized by low volatility. By the end of 2008, volatility had spiked dramatically. However, it is important to note that the volatility experienced in mid 2008 to early 2009 was due largely to a technology-driven sell-off, caused by excessive new issuances and forced selling from leveraged vehicles with market-value triggers.

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  • Geometry and Trigonometry Geometry and Trigonometry Although many people find geometry and trigonometry intimidating, the small investment required to understand a few basic principles in these disciplines can pay large dividends. For example, what if you needed to find the distance between two points, or rotate one object around another? These small tasks are needed more often than you may think, and are easier to accomplish than you may realize. Movement Along an Angle Earlier we discussed velocity as a vector quantity because it combined magnitude and direction.

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  • Synchronization is the economic relations of mutual interaction of man and society are directly related to the production, exchange, distribution, consumer product goods and services, to satisfy increasing demand of people in a society with limited resources.Overall economic factors of production, the conditions of human life, the relationships in the process of production and social reproduction. Speaking ultimately the economy comes to the issue of ownership and interests.

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