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  • We have written this book primarily to assist investment bankers, stakeholders such as regulators and politicians, and those interested in starting an investment banking career in understanding how ethics can be applied in investment banking. Since 2007, as the financial crisis has played out, there has been much criticism of investment banking and calls for more ethical behaviour by investment banks and investment bankers.

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  • Chapter 21 - Mergers and divestitures. This chapter presents the following content: Types of mergers; merger analysis; role of investment bankers; corporate alliances; LBOs, divestitures, and holding companies;…

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  • Lecture "Fundamentals of finance management (10/E) - Chapter 21: Mergers and divestitures" has contents: Types of mergers, merger analysis, role of investment bankers, corporate alliances, LBOs, divestitures, and holding companies.

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  • Chapter 19 - Using securities markets for financing and investing opportunities. In this chapter, you will learn to: Describe the role of securities markets and of investment bankers; identify the stock exchanges where securities are traded; compare the advantages and disadvantages of equity financing by issuing stock, and detail the differences between common and preferred stock;…

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  • CHAPTER 21 Mergers and Divestitures Types of mergers Merger analysis Role of investment bankers Corporate alliances LBOs, divestitures, and holding companies Why do mergers occur? Synergy: Value of the whole exceeds sum of the parts.

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  • Chapter 3 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF ZERO-COUPON AND COUPON-PRE-FUNDED BONDS. Abstract Coupon-prefunded bonds have been developed and sold by investment bankers in place of zero-coupon bonds to raise funds for companies facing cash flow problems.

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  • THE GOOGLE STORY Inside the Hottest Business, Media and Technology Success of Our Time DAVID VISE and MARK MALSEED DAVID VISE is a reporter for the Washington Post. A winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1990, he is the author of three books including The Bureau and the Mole. Mr. Vise is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School. He was formerly an investment banker with Goldman Sachs & Co. MARK MALSEED is a writer, researcher and contributor to the Washington Post and the Boston Herald. He carried out the research for two best-sellers, Plan of...

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  • felt his own mounting pressures. A year earlier, thetall, stylish analyst, a native of Italy, had called Paulson, looking fora job. Despite his amiable nature and razor-sharp intellect, Pellegrinihad been a failure as an investment banker and flamed out at a series of other businesses. He’d been lucky to get a foot in the door at Paulson’shedge fund—there had been an opening because a junior analyst left forbusiness school. Paulson, an old friend, agreed to take him on

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  • I show that, just as investment bankers are key drivers of financial markets, shocks in financial markets have important and lasting effects on the careers of investment bankers. Specifically, using data from a 1996 and 1998 survey of several thousand Stanford MBAs, I find that stock market conditions while MBA students are in school have a large effect on whether they go directly into investment banking upon graduation. This effect of themarkets on initialMBA placement turns out to be a lasting determinant of career choice and earnings....

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  • The evidence is not consistent with investment banker pay simply ref lecting a skill premium. The results also suggest that investment bankers develop finance-specific human capital while still at Stanford and shortly after taking jobs on Wall Street. I am not able to identify the sources of this specific capital, however, which could include development of finance skills, development of networks, or even simply getting accustomed to the standard of living that goes with high pay.

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  • The topic discussed in chapter 15 is raising capital. This chapter include objectives: Understand the venture capital market and its role in financing new businesses, understand how securities are sold to the public and the role of investment bankers, understand initial public offerings and the costs of going public.

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  • Research has shown that institutional reputation is the most important criterion in online MBA program selection, with workload and time to complete the next most frequently given reasons (Chiu, 1999). Other research has found convenience (Dunning & Mijayaraman, 2000; Tallent-Runnels, Thomas, Lan & Cooper, 2006) or flexibility in time management to be of greatest importance in choosing online education in general (McEwen, 2001; Moskal & Dziuban, 2001; Ryan, 2001; Smith, 2001).

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  • As a result, the value of your MBA degree is directly related to the prestige of the university and business school which grants it. A recent study of the value of MBA programs concluded that “if you don’t get into a leading business school, the economic value of the degree is really quite limited.” 1 The study examined consultants at McKinsey & Company and investment bankers at Goldman, Sachs & Co. and found that those without MBA’s performed as well, or better, than business school graduates. The fallacy of the study was that it did not recognize that it is...

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  • In chapters 17 and 18 we studied how business firms determine their mix of permanent longterm financing and how they finance “internally” by retaining earnings. We now need to find out how firms raise long-term financing “externally.” More specifically, the purpose of this chapter is to observe the ways in which bond and stock issues are initially sold in the capital market.

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  • The topic discussed in chapter 15 is raising capital. This chapter include objectives: Understand the venture capital market and its role in financing new businesses, understand how securities are sold to the public and the role of investment bankers, understand initial public offerings and the costs of going public.

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