Investments to 2020

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  • Systematize a number of theoretical and practical issues on mobilization of investment capital for socio-economic development, some issues on theories of investment, forecasting capital needs, and some theories of regional development. The study also investigates some experience in capital mobilization for investment and development and regional development policies of several nations in the region and in the world that can be applied into Vietnam.

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  • The emergence of Islamic banking in recent years is one of the most important trends in the financial world. There has always been a demand among Muslims for financial products and services that conform to the Shariah (Islamic law). With the development of viable Islamic alternatives to conventional finance, Muslims are increasingly able to participate in the financial world without bearing an economic penalty.

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  • The industrial reforms of the 1980s and early 1990s were accompanied by financial reforms beginning in the mid-1980s. These increased local financial autonomy and reduced the central government’s budgetary support for most firms. Even today, however, firms apply to the central government for budgetary assistance for their largest capital investments. The overall impact of the full set of reforms has been growth in the manufacturing sector at an average annual rate of fifteen percent since 1978.

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  • To assess the explanatory power of a trust-based explanation, we start by modeling the impact of trust on portfolio decisions. Not only does the model provide testable implications, but it also gives us a sense of the economic im- portance of this phenomenon. In the absence of any cost of participation, a low level of trust can explain why a large fraction of individuals do not invest in the stock market. In addition, the model shows that lack of trust amplifies the effect of costly participation.

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  • European society and the European economy do not yet exploit the full potential for resource efficiency. Much recyclable waste is either exported or sent to landfill. A lack of long-term frameworks holds back planning and investment, most obviously on a climate and energy framework beyond 2020, but also on long term sustainable use of key resources such as air, soil, energy, water, fish and biomass. At the same time, such frameworks can help to galvanise the innovation needed to exploit the potential of the transition to a low-carbon economy in areas like transport, energy and agriculture....

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  • The recent boom has focused world attention on the GCC economies—not only as exporters of oil and gas, but as investment destinations with major infrastructure projects, booming tourism and financial services sectors. As US economic growth has slowed, GCC investors have begun to diversify their assets more widely, making investments in Asia, Africa and within the Gulf region itself.

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  • To study and clarify the basic theoretical issues and practices on appraisal of investment projects at Laos Bank for Foreign Trade. To assess current situation of appraisal of investment project with loans in Laos Bank for Foreign Trade in the past ew years and work out outstanding issues need being completed. Suggest system of major solutions to complete appraisal of loan investment project of Laos Bank for Foreign Trade by 2020.

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