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  • In general, planning a special event or mass gathering should begin well in advance of the event. One of the first steps in planning an event is to bring together those who are hosting the event with those who are responsible for the public safety within the community. A multidisciplinary planning team or committee should be composed of the promoter or sponsor and any agency that holds a functional stake in the event (e.g., emergency management, law enforcement, fire and rescue, public works/utilities, public health, etc.).

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  • Susan Stewart has argued that the appeal of miniature writing, specifically of the miniature book, coincided with the transition from one technology to another (with the invention of printing): On the interface between the manuscript and printing, the miniature book is a celebration of a new technology, yet a nostalgic creation endowed with the significance the manuscript formerly possessed.

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  • The research recommends that marketers think about dollars instead of percentages. If restaurants hold onto their mark- ups, but experience a 50% drop in volume, they are worse off than if they were to drop prices and keep a strong volume. The vast majority of restaurants have gotten away from a straight three-time markup across an entire list. Additionally, restaurants need to recognize the fact that certain staples, such as Opus One or Dom Perignon, act as barometers diners generally know how much the wine costs, and look to these selections as benchmarks on list pricing.

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  • One important principle of the 1936 legislation was mandatory specialization. The law distinguished between commercial banks (specializing in short-term business, i.e., shorter than 18 months) and special credit institutions (operating in medium- and long-term busi- ness and specializing in one particular sector – agriculture, building, public works, indus- try, or the Mezzogiorno). Moreover, since 1973, banks had been subject to a “portfolio re- quirement” and a credit ceiling for loans to the private sector.

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  • “Creating value through values” is the credo of today’s management accountant. It means that management accountants should maintain an unwavering commitment to ethical values while using their knowledge and skills to influence decisions that create value for organizational stakeholders. These skills include managing risks and implementing strategy through planning, budgeting and forecasting, and decision support. Management accountants are strategic business partners who understand the financial and operational sides of the business.

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  • Every deliverable has a cost. Where possible the cost for each deliverable and milestone should add up to form the project budget. If the project budget is a critical indicator of progress – for example, in the case of a procurement project – you must specify how the work will be done within budget and how work will be reported: for example, percentage complete, actual versus projected outlays and so on. Your plan should also list the resources needed to achieve each deliverable.

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  • Some previous studies have looked at whether the structure of the mortgage market plays a role in the propagation of monetary policy shocks. Calza et al (2009) and Assenmacher-Wesche and Gerlach (2010) nd that higher mortgage market development amplies the effects of monetary policy shocks on housing variables. Both studies estimate panel VARs across two groups of countries, classied according to their degree of mortgage market development using various cross-sectional indicators. Our approach is similar to theirs but differs in three important ways.

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  • Breaking waves on the sea cause the ejection of many tiny droplets of seawater into the atmosphere. These droplets dry by evaporation leaving sea salt particles suspended in the air. Particles are also directly emitted by the bursting of air bubbles on sea surface Such particles are generally in the size range between 1 to 20µm. [19]. Whilst these particles are, in the main, rather coarse in size, a minor part of their mass is in particles small enough to have an appreciable atmospheric lifetime, which has been estimated as three days [20].

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  • Before an auditor agrees to provide a nonaudit service to an audited entity, the auditor should determine whether providing such a service would create a threat to independence, either by itself or in aggregate with other nonaudit services provided, with respect to any GAGAS audit it performs. A critical component of this determination is consideration of management’s ability to effectively oversee the nonaudit service to be performed.

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  • In the event that the OFT proposes to include any sensitive commercial or personal information in a document that will be published it will, save in exceptional circumstances, contact the relevant persons prior to publication to give them the opportunity to explain why disclosure would cause significant harm and to request excision (or aggregation or generalisation) of any material that will still be sensitive at the time of publication.

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  • The mask is a surprising and wonderful relation of center and circumference, of containment and freely going forth, giving it a vibrant sense of life. Its intense, terrified and also sad expression seems to withdraw inward into the purity and whiteness of self while feathers, hands, fins, seal flippers, spindles, circles radiate, almost explode from its enclosed central form Jutting out from around the top of the head are white feathers and extending behind them is an arched reed that forms a wider oval.

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  • Raising revenue amid the recent budget crisis State government tax revenues across the country declined dramatically following the Great Recession: between the middle of 2008 and 2009, real tax collections fell 18 percent. Declining revenues and increasing demands on public services combined to create extremely large budget gaps. With a very slow economic recovery, state budget gaps have persisted. The projected gap in Rhode Island is an estimated $117 million for 2013; for all states it is $47 billion. ...

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  • Overall program educational goals describe a general overview of what the program is intended to achieve. These create a framework for expectations on the part of residents, faculty, and others in the program, and should not be a ‘laundry list’ of learning objectives. These must be distributed to residents and faculty annually, either electronically or on paper. While the program requirements do not specifically state that goals be reviewed with residents, programs may have a process in place that ensures the residents both know and understand these overall goals.

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  • Ruminant Animals is a first semester course. It is a year one credit unit diploma course available to all students offering Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Management. It may also be taken by students who wish to know more about Agricultural Extension and Management. The course will consist of sixteen units which consists of Course Guide.

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  • An overwhelming majority of firms reported paying more for construction materials in 2012 than they did the previous year, a trend that firms predict will continue into 2013. Eighty-eight percent of firms reported paying more for construction materials in 2012 compared to the previous year, while 90 percent report they expect materials prices to again increase in 2013.

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  • It has become a cliché that environmental problems are substantial, and that economic growth contributes to them. A common response is stricter environmental regulation, which often inhibits growth. The result can be a trade-off between a healthy environment on the one hand and healthy growth on the other. As a consequence, opportunities for business may be constrained. However, there are some forms of development that are both environmentally and socially sustainable.

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  • The audit team presents FINHEEC with its appraisal of whether the HEI should pass the audit or whether a re-audit needs to be conducted. The report contains the team’s evaluation of the development stage of each audit target. The audit team can propose that the institution passes the audit if none of the targets is ‘absent’ and if the quality system as a whole (audit target 6) is at least ‘developing’.

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  • During Subaru’s 14-year history with the gay and lesbian communities, the company has cultivated an unwavering, authentic relationship with key external stakeholders. While Ford Motor Company has also partnered with the gay and lesbian communities for over a decade, its track record is troubled. Ford was entangled in a 2005-06 battle over gay advertising with two opposing stakeholders: the conservative American Family Association (AFA) and numerous gay organizations.

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  • Theories of economic growth- Classical and Neo-classical theories, Schumpeter's theory, Keynes- Hansen Theory for steady growth. Determinants of growth. Growth Models- Harrod-Domar Model, Mahalanobis Model, Neo-classical growth models, Marx's theory, Rostow's Model and Nurkse-Lewis Model. Strategies for economic development, balanced vs unbalanced growth. Theories of "Big Push" and "Critical minimum effort". Theory of demographic transition, population trap, population growth. Capital formation, technology and economic growth. Social and political factors in economic development.

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  • The Thematic Strategy was published in late 2005 and constitutes an important step in a series of initiatives that have contributed to the development of Europe’s policy on the urban environment. Given the diversity of urban areas and existing national, regional and local circumstances the Strategy does not dictate the solutions that cities should adopt as it would be impossible to propose a "one size fits all" approach.

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