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  • Ready to put your ActionScript 3 skills to work on iPhone and iPad apps? This hands-on book walks you through the process of creating an Adobe AIR application for iOS devices from start to finish, using the Flex 4.5 framework. Move quickly from a basic Hello World application to complex interactions with iOS APIs, and get complete code examples for working with device components—including the accelerometer, GPS, camera, gallery, and multitouch display.

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  • Bạn cần truy xuất các thông tin về phiên bản của file như publisher, revision number, comment… Sử dụng phương thức tĩnh GetVersionInfo của lớp System.Diagnostics. FileVersionInfo. .NET Framework cho phép bạn truy xuất các thông tin về file mà không cần dựa vào Windows API.

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  • eginning iOS Apps with Facebook and Twitter APIs shows you how to add the power of social networking to your mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. With this book as your guide, you can write apps that connect to Facebook and Twitter quickly, securely, and discreetly. Instead of starting from scratch, you will build on the vast resources, data storage capacity, and familiar features of these platforms which have become part of everyday life for hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

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  • The Cocoa Touch frameworks and APIs are powerful tools for creating native iOS apps, and they're free with Xcode, Apple's development environment. If you've already gotten your feet wet with Objective-C, and you're ready to learn more about iOS development, then Learn Cocoa Touch for iOS is the book for you.

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  • Inside, veteran mobile developer Dr. Maher Ali begins with a foundation introduction to Objective C and Cocoa Touch programming, and then guides readers through building apps with Apple's iPhone SDK 4 – including coverage of the major categories of new APIs and building apps for the new Apple iPad.

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  • Deepen your app development skills with Pro iOS Geo. This book shows you how to use geolocation-based tools to enhance the iOS apps you develop. Author Giacomo Andreucci describes different ways to integrate geo services, depending on the kind of app you're looking to develop: a web app, a hybrid app, or a native app. You'll discover how to use the Google Maps API features to integrate powerful geo capabilities in your apps with a little effort.

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  • LINQ là gì? Mô hình hóa CSDL bằng LINQ Ngôn ngữ mở rộng (Extension Language) Thao tác truy vấn CSDL với LINQ Hỏi đáp LINQ là tập hợp ngôn ngữ và các hàm API mở rộng, hỗ trợ thực hiện truy vấn SQL trực tiếp bằng ngôn ngữ lập trình trong .NET LINQ hỗ trợ nhiều dạng dữ liệu khác nhau: Object, XML, SQL, Datasets…

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  • “The System.IO namespace allows you to interact with a machine’s file and directory structure. Over the course of this chapter, you will learn how to programmatically create (and destroy) a directory system as well as move data into and out of various streams (file based, string based, memory based, etc.). The latter part of this chapter examines the role of isolated storage, which allows you to persist per-user data into a safe sandbox, regardless of the security settings of a target machine. To understand certain aspects of the System.IO.

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  • If you’re an iOS app developer, chances are you’ll be using table views somewhere in your development projects. Table views are the bread and butter of iOS apps. With them, you can create everything from the simplest of lists to fully tricked-out user interfaces. Table views are one of the more complex components found in UIKit. Using them for (potentially boring!) standard user interfaces is quite simple, but customizing them can become much more challenging. This book has a task-oriented focus to assist you when implementing customized table views.

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  • Các tính năng nổi bật trên OS X Mountain Lion – P.2 Đặt lại tên file trong thanh tựa đề (title bar) Mặc dù là một thay đổi nhỏ nhưng nó vẫn đáng được chào đón. Những dữ liệu (document) từ các ứng dụng cài trên OS X Mountain API có thể được sửa lại tên. Người dùng không phải đóng dữ liệu lại mới sửa lại tên dữ liệu trong Finder. Chỉ cần kích vào tên dữ liệu trong thanh tựa đề và nhập tên mới. Đồng bộ màn hình với TV hoặc máy chiếu iOS trên iPad cho...

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  • This book is designed to help you make the most effective use of the Java™ programming language and its fundamental libraries, java.lang, java.util, and, to a lesser extent, The book discusses other libraries from time to time, but it does not cover graphical user interface programming or enterprise APIs.

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  • Beginning iPhone 4 Development is here! The authors of the bestselling Beginning iPhone 3 Development are back, with the same excellent material completely updated for iOS 4 and written from the ground up using the latest version of Apple's Xcode 3. All source code has been updated to use the latest Xcode templates and current APIs, and all-new screenshots show Xcode 3 in action.

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