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  • IPS-1 is an intrusion prevention system (IPS) that delivers protection from a wide-range of network threats using an IPS-1 Sensor that can be placed either on the perimeter of your network or at any location in your internal network. Some of the benefits of IPS-1 include: Unified security management Mission-critical protection against known and unknown attacks Granular forensic analysis Flexible deployment Confidence Indexing

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  • Old World Technologies end user to operate and because it integrates so well with the additional services promised by the technology.Voice over IP (VoIP) is the common term used for these systems. For completeness, and to simplify installation, IP was selected, as it is the most common protocol in the current networking world.

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  • Not shown in Fig. 1 are some elements of the network that complicate security efforts. There may be a corporate firewall or network address translation (NAT) features that will require communication between the building services staff and IT staff, but will also provide greater protection against IT threats. There may be other external connections from a trusted network that bypass the SR, i.e. a modem connection. Also not shown are physical security implementation details.

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  • In recent years, it has been getting much easier for anyone with a portable laptop to acquire software that can capture data crossing data networks. Many vendors have created user-friendly (read easy-to-use) packet decoders that can be installed with minimal cost. These decoders were intended for troubleshooting purposes but can easily become tools for malicious intent. Packet snooping by using these decoding programs has another effect: The technique can be used in impersonation attacks, which are discussed in the next section....

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  • This standard allows electric power to be sent along the same cables that carry Ethernet data. PoE-enabled switches and controllers can now deliver power over standard Category 5e or 6 Ethernet cabling to remote PoE-enabled devices such as IP phones, WLAN access points, security systems, and RFID scanners. PoE simplifies the deployment of literally any IP-based device, particularly in areas where it may be difficult or expensive to run separate power cabling.

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