Isolation and detection

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  • Alternative, far more complete, frameworks have been proposed (e.g., Tobin and De Macedo (1980) and Branson and Henderson (1985)) which describe worlds in which mutual trading of assets between two countries take place. But while these were path-breaking studies, neither described the sequential processes which would bring about a state of equilibrium. Much more complex, yet parsimonious, models have been proposed by Godley (1999), Godley and Lavoie (2004) and Taylor (2004), which extended the earlier models by Tobin et al referred to above.

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  • What position do Tanzanian women hold in society? Do they have the same access to education as men? Can they make important decisions about their health care or about the money they earn? Do they have any say in their husbands’ behaviour? he answers to these and other important questions can be found in the results of two recent surveys, the 2004-05 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey and the 2003-04 Tanzania HIV/ AIDS Indicator Survey. hese surveys provide valuable new information about the status and well-being of women in Tanzania.

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  • The role of monetary analysis in the ECB’s monetary policy strategy is founded on the robust positive relationship between longer-term movements in broad money growth and inflation, whereby money growth leads inflationary developments. This relationship is found to hold true across countries and monetary policy regimes.

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  • The guidelines are targeted at public health professionals involved in prevent- ing health risks of environmental exposures as well as specialists and authorities involved in the design and use of buildings, indoor materials and products. The guidelines are based on the accumulated scientific knowledge available at the time of their development. They have the character of recommendations. Nev- ertheless, countries may wish to use the guidelines as a scientific basis for legally enforceable standards.

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  • The book brings together the expert knowledge from more than 40 internationally renowned scientists, and conveys the basic information, from classification, analysis and treatment, to novel molecular mechanism and principles observed in acute leukemia. It combines and assembles scientific groups worldwide dealing with acute leukemia, from the molecular to the clinical point of view. After a thorough revision of more than 30 reviews submitted, only about 50 percent were selected for the first phase of this editorial process....

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  • Studies about remittances have often focused on their wealth generating capacity through savings and investment (Adams, 1998), the factors influencing their flow (El -Sakka, 1999), and their effects on the recipient economies at the household level (Arif , 1999).

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  • The program must be simple. Anything that requires the participants to constantly refer back to a complicated program methodology to decipher the process, will not work because people will not take the time to study and review the materials. Sadly, these are the new time constraint realities that most management teams don’t understand. Your people, and those whom they lead, are experiencing a time management crisis; this is a fact most fail to consider. Working harder is not the answer. That’s why we spend so much time on proven “high-leverage, high-impact activities.

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  • This is not to say that the US market has stalled: ReliOn, IdaTech and Altergy all found an early market there and, while expanding their global reach, continue to supply systems for domestic customers who reap the benefi ts of reliable power. Altergy in particular has recently announced some very large US orders, including a total of 22 MW of its 10 kW and 15 kW Freedom Power fuel cell systems for mobile phone company MetroPCS for which deployments are underway.

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  • Transurethral biopsy of the prostate was another approach that had been described but unlike the previous method described it required a general anaesthetic and a period of hospitalization. Denton et al. held that an extensive transurethral prostatectomy would nearly always confirm the diagnosis (Denton et al., 1967) and Grabstald commented that this transurethral biopsy might be useful in advanced tumours (Grabstald, 1965b).

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  • The need for case management is particularly high among elderly patients suffering from isolation, depression, frailty, or chronic or disabling conditions. Patients may lack the social supports or capacity to reach out for help, and family members or other caregivers may lack the resources they need to provide appropriate or adequate care. Given these challenges, the fragmentation of social services in conjunction with medical care can function as an overwhelming barrier to access necessary care to support the “whole patient”.

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  • International migrants from developing countries are of both rural and urban origin (ratios vary from country to country and change over time according to socio-economic conditions in both sending and receiving areas). However, we will focus on the rural factors that motivate vast sectors of the population to consider migration in order to improve their lives and diversify their sources of income. During the last 50 years, 800 million people have migrated from rural to urban areas, and it is expected that these migrations will continue to increase.

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  • The Global Findex data show sharp disparities in the use of financial services between high-income and developing economies and across individual character- istics. The share of adults in high-income economies with an account at a formal financial institution is more than twice that in developing economies. And around the world, men and more educated, wealthier, and older adults make greater use of formal financial services. Novel cross-country data on self-reported reasons for not having a formal ac- count make it possible to identify barriers to financial inclusion.

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  • The scientific world has changed. For nearly two centuries after Newton, his ideas held sway, and found widespread adoption in many other disciplines. Subsequent advances in the sciences – from Einstein’s relativity thinking to quantum physics – have since replaced the Newtonian world-view in many disciplines. In particular, a more recent revolution in the scientific community looks set to finally change traditional manage- ment – the new science of complexity.

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  • Children are our most precious resource. Unfortunately, they do not have the skills to protect themselves. Adults can, and must, protect them. Most States codify this obligation in various child abuse and endangerment statutes. Still, many States fail to statutorily recognize the relationship in the traffic safety context. For example, though virtually every State recognizes the inherent dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI or DWI), many do not articulate special sanctions for DWI/DUI drivers with minor passengers. ...

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  • Expenditure on R&D is low by OECD standards. Business R&D (BERD) is particularly low but is growing faster than the OECD mean. However, as a proportion of total industry value added, New Zealand small fi rms undertake more BERD than small fi rms in most other OECD countries. International patenting rates are also well below the OECD mean and are not growing. New Zealand has a relatively large proportion of R&D personnel in its workforce but they are concentrated in the higher education sector and government.

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  • This approach has several advantages. It keeps the board in its all-important policy- setting role, and the executive in the policy-realization role. It keeps the board out of the micromanaging details, and frees the executive to focus on results delivery. Inother words, the focus is on making the organization succeed, per the board’s direction. The approach also concentrates on measurable outcomes, which lessens the impact of sub- jective personal opinion, and potentially reduces conflict over strongly held positions.

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  • Hereby, the survey focuses on those measures, which have been notified by WTO Members under the so called Green Box (Annex 2 of the AoA) as this is the AoA instrument which allows for unlimited spending on domestic support measures that are not more than minimally trade- distorting. Hereby, the notification practice of WTO Members is serving as a starting point. Nevertheless, due to rather weak transparency and notification requirements, it is difficult to determine whether all notified Green Box measures are really green or not.

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  • Later in life, I took to the habit of learning languages by myself: Spanish in the early twenties, Italian after emigrating to Sardinia at the age of 27, Portuguese at 33 during a three-month trip to Brazil. That put the modern language count at 6. In between or thereafter, whenever there was the perspective of travel, I studied the basic grammar of other languages: Swedish, Dutch, Modern Greek, Turkish, Sardinian, Farsi (Iranian), Swahili, Hebrew, Hindi.

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  • With the increased use of technology to share information among law enforcement agencies and the courts, it is common for jurisdictions to place information regarding civil and criminal cases, including protection 9 orders, in secure governmental databases or on websites to allow for easy access to case information. VAWA limits the personal information that can be publicly posted on the Internet.

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  • To explore specific institutional effects, we examine the influence of the legal enforcement system. Without proper enforcement, legal institutions remain largely ineffective. Moreover, in countries with weak legal systems, e.g., where rules are weakly enforced, courts are inefficient and corruption is widespread, firms are more likely to abuse accounting discretion. Thus, we hypothesize that ceteris paribus the quality of the legal system and the informativeness of earnings are negatively associated.

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