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  • It is observed that under the AWGN the detection probability for a given value of false alarm has been significantly achieved by optimal value of detection probability in the AND rule as the number of the user increases. Finally we have observed that due to fading condition, AND rule gives better performance in detection probability among three rules.

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  • Taxes matter! Nobody seriously doubts this. Yet many finance textbooks keep entirely quiet about tax issues. It is well-known that investors and enterprises strive to maximize their income net of taxes, yet business schools rarely teach their stu- dents how tax effects impact business decisions. Ignoring tax effects will typically lead to investor decisions that are wrong froma real world perspective.

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  • Statistical Prediction Models Bayes' theorem, as presented above, deals with a clinical prediction problem that is unrealistically simple relative to most problems a clinician faces. Prediction models, based on multivariable statistical models, can handle much more complex problems and substantially enhance predictive accuracy for specific situations. Their particular advantage is the ability to take into account many overlapping pieces of information and assign a relative weight to each based on its unique contribution to the prediction in question.

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  • Our model identifies new explanations for why large and small firms make different insurance offer decisions; they are based on turnover rates and within-firm and between-firm heterogeneities. Large firms tend to have greater within-firm heterogeneity than small ones, and so they are more likely to have some employees who strongly desire health insurance and less likely to attract only workers who do not find health insurance attractive.

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  • • Marketing requirements document (MRD). This is the busi- ness or marketing team’s analysis of the world. The goal is to explain what business opportunities exist and how a project can exploit those opportunities. In some organizations, this is a reference document to help decision makers in their think- ing. In other organizations, it is the core of project definition and everything that follows derives strongly from it. MRDs help to define the “what” of a project. • Vision/scope document.

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  • While such controls may overcome the agency problem between government and bank owners, it must be asked how significant this problem is in reality. A cursory review of recent banking crises would suggest that many causes for concern relate to management decisions which reflect agency problems involving management. Management may have different risk preferences from those of other stakeholders including the government, owners, creditors, etc.

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  • Chapter 11 - Economic growth and the investment decision. This chapter describe and compare factors favoring and limiting economic growth in developed and developing economies, describe the relationship between the long-run rate of stock market appreciation and the sustainable growth rate of the economy, explain the importance of potential gross domestic product (GDP) and its growth rate in the investment decisions of equity and fixed-income investors,...

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  • Chapter 1 - Business intelligence and its impacts. This chapter presents the following content: Examples of business intelligence (BI); data, information, and knowledge; what is BI, factors that drive BI; BI and related technologies; BI in contemporary organizations.

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  • This is a book about Creative Business Ideas. These words do not necessarily trip off the tongue. And there are those who might suggest that “creative” and “business” are as unnatural a combination as “business” and “ideas.” I can understand that. Most often, business thinking is based only in numbers, research, analysis, and logic. These are comfortable staples of predictability for business-trained minds and corporate decision makers. And for risk avoidance in general. Creativity is for the artists and dreamers, poets and ad people.

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  • The concept of governance is not a new one but nowadays we hear words as corporate governance, organizational governance or good governance frequently. Actually corporate governance or, as defined in ISO FDIS 26000, organizational governance is the system by which an organization makes and implements decisions in pursuit of its objectives. Simply put “governance” means: the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented).

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  • For new information to be valuable it must, of course, actually be new information. If new cost estimation or accounting procedures simply confirm existing beliefs, they have little likelihood of contributing to changes in decision-making, and thus little likelihood of adding value. Environmental accounting techniques will be most valuable when they correct beliefs that are biased or when they focus on issues subject to high degrees of uncertainty. A focus in much of the environmental accounting literature is on the failure to quantify environmental benefits and costs.

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  • - Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system Many companies conduct extensive research on color schemes, designs and types of product packaging that is the most appealing to its intended consumers.

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  • Certain developing countries and certain developed countries are especially large debtors to commercial banks and foreign governments. Investment in debt obligations ("Sovereign Debt") issued or guaranteed by governments or their agencies ("governmental entities") of such countries involves a high degree of risk. The governmental entity that controls the repayment of Sovereign Debt may not be able or willing to repay the principal and/or interest when due in accordance with the terms of such debt.

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  • In general, libraries play an important role in how the elderly seek information. Information literacy efforts on the part of public libraries may help the elderly to learn to become more comfortable with the Internet. If they come to view the Internet as an information-seeking tool, they may become more proactive in their medical decision-making. It remains to be seen how libraries will play a future role in teaching information literacy to the elderly so they can make the most of Internet health resources.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to support faculty of schools of public health/public health programs (SPH/PHP) as they consider approaches and make decisions for competency-based program planning and curriculum development. This document is provided for assistance and does not intend to prescribe a process for curriculum development. It will provide an introduction to the concepts and references to support continued examination of these issues.

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  • When interest rates fall steadily and continuously, corporations may be able to save money by refunding their existing bond issues. According to Boyce and Kalotay [2], the accepted wisdom is to refund a bond issue when interest rates fall 1% below the coupon rate on the existing bond. However, the refunding decision is in reality a complicated one.

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  • The study focuses on the use of information systems in the Heavy Engineering industry in South Africa and the decision to make, buy or rent information systems. Special focus was placed on the factors that influence the decision to make, buy or rent information systems. It is undeniable that changes in the competitive environment, such as technological advances and globalisation, are driving organisations toward new ways of operating. In striving to become flexible, lean, and more competitive, organisations have been increasingly swift to externalise support service functions.

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  • Perception is the critical activity that links the individual consumer to group, situation and marketer influences. Thus, it is vital to understand how consumers process information, and the steps and factors involved. In this topic we will cover the following aspects: How consumers process information; different steps involved in information processing, factors that influence this process; implications of perception for retail, brand and communication strategies.

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  • How well older people make economic decisions is an important issue for social policy. Since wealth tends to accumulate over one’s lifetime, a large portion is in the hands of older people. Both long-term trends (increased longevity) and short-term trends (baby booms) mean that increasing proportions of the population are older and retired. Also, older people are more likely to vote than young people are, so they may have disproportionate political influence.

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  • This lecture demonstrates how demographics can be used in consumer behaviour. In this chapter, you will learn to: Use of demographic factors, anticipating demographic shifts, subcultures and their influence on behaviour, changing roles in society, lifestyle and how it is measured, psychographics and its applications, using lifestyle and psychographics for market segmentation.

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