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  • Fair Italy, the land of song and cradle of the Arts, has been so often written about, and so well described both in prose and in verse, that I feel there is a presumption in my attempting to say anything fresh of that classic land, its art treasures, and its glorious past. But within the last few years a new Italy has sprung into existence—the dream of Cavour has been realized; and, contrary to all predictions, she has evinced a union and cohesiveness so complete as to surprise all, and possibly disappoint some who were jealous of her. What...

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  • The Architecture of Modern Italy is a foreign book, research the history of modern architecture in Italy in the years 1750 - 1900, is a full set of architecture who studies the West (Italy) period modern

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  • The aim of CoreGRID is to strengthen and advance scientific and technological excellence in the area of Grid and Peer-to-Peer technologies in order to overcome the current fragmentation and duplication of effort in this area. To achieve this objective, the workshop brought together a critical mass of well-established researchers from a number of institutions which have all constructed an ambitious joint program of activities.

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  • This work bears the title of an essay in the strictest sense of the word. No one is more conscious than the writer with what limited means and strength he has addressed himself to a task so arduous. And even if he could look with greater confidence upon his own researches, he would hardly thereby feel more assured of the approval of competent judges. To each eye, perhaps, the outlines of a given civilization present a different picture; and in treating of a civilization which is the mother of our own, and whose influence is still at work among us, it is un...

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  • "So they gave their bodies to the commonwealth and received, each for his own memory, praise that will never die, and with it the grandest of all sepulchres; not that in which their mortal bones are laid, but a home in the minds of men, where their glory remains fresh to stir to speech or action as the occasion comes by. For the whole earth is the sepulchre of famous men; and their story is not graven only on stone over their native earth, but lives on far away, without visible symbol, woven into the stuff of other men's...

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  • The illustrations chosen for this issue are all from the Byzantine Romanesque work in the province of Apulia, that portion of Southern Italy familiar in school-boy memory as the heel of the boot. Writers upon architecture have found it difficult to strictly classify the buildings of this neighborhood, as in fact is the case with most of the medieval architecture of Italy, although the influences which have brought about the conditions here seen are in the main plainly evident.

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  • Hyperphenylalaninemia (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Mandatabase: 261600) is an autosomal recessive disorder mainly due to mutations in the gene for phenylalanine hydroxylase; the most severe form of hyperphenylal-aninemia is classic phenylketonuria. We sequenced the entire gene for phenylalanine hydroxylase in 51 unrelated hyperphenylalaninemia patients from Southern Italy.

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  • He long obscurity of the Dark Ages lifted over Italy, awakening to a national though a divided consciousness. Already two distinct tendencies were apparent. The practical and rational, on the one hand, was soon to be outwardly reflected in the burgher-life of Florence and the Lombard cities, while at Rome it had even then created the civil organization of the curia. The novella was its literary triumph. In art it expressed itself simply, directly and with vigour.

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  • The French position was partly accommodated in the ECOFIN meeting on 20 June, by making the attainment of a close-to-balance position for France contingent on highly optimistic growth rates, i.e. it implicitly allowed the deadline for the achievement of the medium-term position to be missed. Italy took this outcome as a common understanding in the Council that allowed for a focus on growth and more flexibility in the fiscal framework. The government started then openly to discuss tax reductions, which would delay the attainment of the close to balance or in surplus position.

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  • For two centuries the princes and nations of the West were accustomed to wander towards the land of the morning. In vain was the noblest blood poured forth in streams in the effort to wrest the country of our heavenly Teacher from the grasp of the infidel; and though the Christian Europe of the present day forbears to renew a struggle which, considering the strength that has been gradually increasing for the last six hundred years, might prove an easy one, we cannot wonder that millions of the votaries of Christianity should cherish an earnest longing to wander in...

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  • Throughout the entire project many assumptions and methodological decisions had to be made along the various calculation steps in the domains of air pollution, epidemiology and economics. On each level, the method of dealing with uncertainty had to be defined. The research group decided that the main calculation ought to apply an “at least” approach, thus consistently selecting methodological assumptions in a way to get a result which may be expected to be “at least” attributable to air pollution.

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  • In preparing this volume on the Countess of Albany (which I consider as a kind of completion of my previous studies of eighteenth-century Italy), I have availed myself largely of Baron Alfred von Reumont's large work Die Gräfin von Albany (published in 1862); and of the monograph, itself partially founded on the foregoing, of M. St. René Taillandier, entitled La Comtesse d'Albany, published in Paris in 1862.

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  • Retrovirology Research BioMed Central Open Access A role for CD81 on the late steps of HIV-1 replication in a chronically infected T cell line Boyan Grigorov1, Valérie Attuil-Audenis1, Fabien Perugi2, Martine Nedelec2, Sarah Watson1, Claudine Pique2, Jean-Luc Darlix1, Hélène Conjeaud2 and Delphine Muriaux*1 Address: 1LaboRetro, Unité de virologie humaine INSERM U758, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, IFR128, 46 allée d'Italie, 69364 Lyon, France and 2Institut Cochin, Département de Biologie Cellulaire, CNRS 8104, INSERM 567, Paris V, 22 rue Méchain, 75014 Paris, France Email: Boy...

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  • Clinical evidence continuous medical education: a randomised educational trial of an open access e-learning program for transferring evidence-based information – ICEKUBE (Italian Clinical Evidence Knowledge Utilization Behaviour Evaluation) – study protocol Lorenzo Moja*1, Ivan Moschetti1, Michela Cinquini2, Valeria Sala1, Anna Compagnoni3, Piergiorgio Duca4, Christian Deligant5, Roberto Manfrini5, Luca Clivio6, Roberto Satolli5, Antonio Addis7, Jeremy M Grimshaw8, Pietro Dri5 and Alessandro Liberati1 Address: 1Italian Cochrane Centre, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Researc...

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  • Health and Quality of Life Outcomes BioMed Central Research Open Access Life at the end of life: beliefs about individual life after death and "good death" models - a qualitative study Franco Toscani*1, Claudia Borreani2, Paolo Boeri2 and Guido Miccinesi3 Address: 1Lino Maestroni Institute for Research in Palliative Medicine, Via Palestro 1, 26100 Cremona, Italy, 2Psychology Unit, National Cancer Institute, Milan, Italy and 3Epidemiology Unit, Centre for Study and Prevention of Cancer, Florence, Italy Email: Franco Toscani* -; Claudia Borreani - claudia.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài:Research Article Resistivity Probability Tomography Imaging at the Castle of Zena, Italy

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  • One of the minor peculiarities of this unprecedented war is the Tour of the Front. After some months of suppressed information—in which even the war correspondent was discouraged to the point of elimination—it was discovered on both sides that this was a struggle in which Opinion was playing a larger and more important part than it had ever done before. This wild spreading weed was perhaps of decisive importance; the Germans at any rate were attempting to make it a cultivated flower.

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  • Structural and mutational analysis of TenA protein (HP1287) from the Helicobacter pylori thiamin salvage pathway – evidence of a different substrate specificity Nicola Barison1,2, Laura Cendron1,2, Alberto Trento2, Alessandro Angelini2,* and Giuseppe Zanotti1,2,3 1 Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Padua, Italy 2 Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM), Padua, Italy 3 Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry of CNR, Padua, Italy Keywords Helicobacter pylori; stomach colonization; thiamin; thiaminase; vitamin B1 Correspondence G.

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  • During the last half of the second century before Christ Rome was undisputed mistress of the civilised world. A brilliant period of foreign conquest had succeeded the 300 years in which she had overcome her neighbours and made herself supreme in Italy. In 146 B.C. she had given the death-blow to her greatest rival, Carthage, and had annexed Greece. In 140 treachery had rid her of Viriathus, the stubborn guerilla who defied her generals and defeated her armies in Spain.

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  • The as1-casein (as1-Cas) locus in the goat is characterized by a polymorphism, the main feature of which is to be qualitative as well as quantitative. A systematic analysis performed in an autochthon southern Italy breed identified a new rare allele (M), which was characterized at both the protein and genomic level. The M protein displays the slowest electrophoretic mobility of the as1-Cas variants described so far.

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