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  • Of all the Ajax-specific frameworks that have popped up in recent years, one clearly stands out as the industrial strength solution. Dojo is not just another JavaScript toolkit -- it's the JavaScript toolkit -- and Dojo: The Definitive Guide demonstrates how to tame Dojo's extensive library of utilities so that you can build rich and responsive web applications like never before. Dojo founder Alex Russell gives a foreword that explains the "why" of Dojo and of this book.

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  • Mastering Dojo walks you through the whole range of modern web programming problems, from bringing simple web pages to life with widgets and animation, to designing and building an enterprise-class, single-page Rich Internet Application (RIA). Are your web pages becoming more and more complex, with hundreds of lines of sprawling JavaScript as clients demand modern Ajax designs? Or maybe you’re about to enter the new world of single-page, Rich Internet Applications? Dojo is the unified toolkit that you need to get the job done....

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  • AJAX is fast becoming a de facto standard for developing responsive and rich web applications. This evolutionary step in the user experience is being used in more and more web applications from Outlook Web Access to Google maps and beyond. But how do you write AJAX applications? Not too long ago, you had to be a JavaScript expert and use tools that are not as sophisticated as those used in standard ASP.NET development. As such, it had been difficult and time-consuming to develop, debug, and maintain AJAX applications despite their innate user friendliness.

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  • In the spirit of the quote that opens this chapter, I believe that a simple demonstration is one of the best ways to introduce a new technology. So I’m opening this book by providing a tutorial that will use the Dojo Toolkit to enhance a basic HTML form.This chapter introduces the tutorial, which continues through Chapter 5,“Processing Forms with Dojo,” and comprises Part I,“A Dojo Tutorial.”

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  • If you’re a programmer new to regular expressions, this easy-to-follow guide is a great place to start. You’ll learn the fundamentals step-by-step with the help of numerous examples, discovering first-hand how to match, extract, and transform text by matching specific words, characters, and patterns. Regular expressions are an essential part of a programmer’s toolkit, available in various Unix utlilities as well as programming languages such as Perl, Java, JavaScript, and C#.

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  • This project-driven book shows you how to build portable apps with two amazing open source frameworks, Google Web Tools (GWT) and PhoneGap. With these tools, you’ll use learn how to write Java code that compiles into cross-platform Javascript and HTML, and discover how to take advantage of features in several popular devices, such as the camera, accelerometer, and GPS.

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  • Trong bài báo này chúng tôi giới thiệu một bộ công cụ lập trình web mới của Google, một trong những tập đoàn hàng đầu về xây dựng và phát triển các ứng dụng trong lĩnh vực công nghệ thông tin, đó là Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Công cụ mới này giúp cho việc lập trình client-side trở nên đơn giản, dễ hiểu và nhanh hơn.

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  • Beginning jQuery is your step-by-step guide to learning the jQuery library. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in the web developer’s toolkit. Jack Franklin takes you from the basics of getting you started with jQuery, right through to extending jQuery by writing your own plug-ins. You'll discover best practices you can follow, how you can avoid common mistakes, and you'll learn about so many of the things that jQuery has to offer, including how you can: Use jQuery’s powerful tools to dynamically update content on your site, including DOM manipulation.

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  • Các phía máy khách / công nghệ trình duyệt web được sử dụng trong phát triển Web 2.0 là không đồng bộ JavaScript và XML ( Ajax ), Adobe Flash và Adobe Flex khuôn khổ, và JavaScript / Ajax khuôn khổ như Yahoo! UI Library , Dojo Toolkit , MooTools , and jQuery . Thư viện giao diện người dùng , Dojo Toolkit , MooTools , và jQuery . Ajax programming uses JavaScript to upload and download new data from the web server without undergoing a full page reload.

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  • GWT in Action, Second Edition is a completely revised edition of the best-selling GWT book. It covers the new features introduced in GWT 2.4 and 2.5, as well as the best development practices that have emerged in the GWT community. It begins with a rapid-fire introduction to GWT and Ajax to get you up to speed with GWT concepts and tools.

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