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  • A survey conducted several years ago within the local atmospheric science community had indicated the need for a comprehensive reference book of atmospheric chemistry and physics. The present compilation of data has been prepared in an attempt to fi ll this need. While the subject, as a whole or in parts, has received an adequate treatment in textbooks, encyclopedias, and in other overviews, these publications do not generally present numerical data but discuss important observations by way of illustrations.

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  • This book covers comprehensive text and reference work on atmospheric models for methods of numerical modeling and important related areas of data assimilation and predictability. It incorporates various aspects of environmental computer modeling including an historical overview of the subject, approximations to land surface and atmospheric physics and dynamics, radiative transfer and applications in satellite remote sensing, and data assimilation.

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  • This book is intended for a semester undergraduate course in atmospheric thermodynamics. Writing it has been in my mind for a while. The main reason for wanting to write a book like this was that, simply, no such text in atmospheric thermodynamics exists. Do not get me wrong here. Excellent books treating the subject do exist and I have been positively influenced and guided by them in writing this one.

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