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  • We present a model of semantic processing of spoken language that (a) is robust against ill-formed input, such as can be expected from automatic speech recognisers, (b) respects both syntactic and pragmatic constraints in the computation of most likely interpretations, (c) uses a principled, expressive semantic representation formalism (RMRS) with a well-defined model theory, and (d) works continuously (producing meaning representations on a wordby-word basis, rather than only for full utterances) and incrementally (computing only the additional contribution by the new word, rather than ...

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  • The impetus for the preparation of a second edition of the Guide to Design Criteria for Bolted and Riveted Joints has been the enthusiastic reception of the original version and the continued citation for over a decade of that book as a source of information regarding the design of bolted connections. There certainly has been no other single reference in this area that has been so accepted by designers, teachers, students, and specification writers.

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  • The topics of control engineering and signal processing continue to flourish and develop. In common with general scientific investigation, new ideas, concepts and interpretations emerge quite spontaneously and these are then discussed, used, discarded or subsumed into the prevailing subject paradigm. Sometimes these innovative concepts coalesce into a new sub-discipline within the broad subject tapestry of control and signal processing. This preliminary battle be- tween old and new usually takes place at conferences, through the Internet and in the journals of the discipline.

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  • This collective volume contains nine essays on globalisation, a multidimensional and multidisciplinary issue that we are all deeply concerned. Globalisation is like the force majeure from the ever-expanding universe after the Big Bang. As a result, all the currently functioning national systems have been driven out of their old comfort zones and downgraded to sub-systems, as described by Orlando and González in their joint essay on “thermodynamics”. But, whether we like it or not, globalisation is here to stay....

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  • With the ever increasing amounts of data in electronic form, the need for automated methods for data analysis continues to grow. The goal of machine learning is to develop methods that can automatically detect patterns in data, and then to use the uncovered patterns to predict future data or other outcomes of interest. Machine learning is thus closely related to the fields of statistics and data mining, but differs slightly in terms of its emphasis and terminology.

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  • Geostatistics is expanding very fast: concept- and technique-wi se. Keeping in view the importance of the subject, it was thought approp riate to bring out the second edition of this book. In this process, Chapter I has been expanded incorporating more detail s on sampling and sampling designs. In Chapter 2, a section on simulation has been introduced with emphasis on Monte-Carlo simulation with worked out examples. In Chapter 5, a procedure to compute variogram in the case of irregular grid has been outlined. Minor modific ations have been made in all other chapters.

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  • Expressiveness refers to the ability of the event notification service to provide a powerful data model with which to capture information about events, to express filters and patterns on notifications of interest, and to use that data model as the basis for optimizing notification delivery.

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  • Dedicated to the memory of Barry Johnson, 1937–2002 Abstract The main result of this paper is that the k th continuous Hochschild cohomology groups H k (M, M) and H k (M, B(H)) of a von Neumann factor M ⊆ B(H) of type II1 with property Γ are zero for all positive integers k. The method of proof involves the construction of hyperfinite subfactors with special properties and a new inequality of Grothendieck type for multilinear maps. We prove joint continuity in the · 2 -norm of separately ultraweakly continuous multilinear maps, and combine these results to reduce to...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Applied statistics and probability for engineers" has contents: The role of statistics in engineering, probability, discrete random variables and probability distributions, continuous random variables and probability distributions, joint probability distributions, random sampling and data description,...and other contents.

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  • IÉ‟s technical information sheet, MW50 „Accommodation level crossings‟ (MW50), does not include any requirement for the erection of black and yellow marker posts at level crossings, which indicate the decision point to the user.

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  • Without descriptive theories to interpret the empirical associations, the value-relevance literature’s associations have limited implications or inferences for standard setting; they are just associations. For example, consider standard-setting inferences based on a theory that assumes standard setters consider a ‘‘high’’ association with stock values a ‘‘desirable’’ attribute for accounting earnings. Those inferences are not likely to be useful if the evidence suggests standard setters do not consider stock value association an important attribute.

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  • The IS auditors require a wide range of knowledge as well as in-depth knowledge in the field of information security. Continuous further education and training of the IS auditors is a basic prerequisite for their work. Verification of such qualifications in the form of certificates (e.g. Audit Team Leader for ISO 27001 audits based on IT-Grundschutz) are suitable for this purpose. In general, it should be ensured that actual operations in the organisation are not significantly disrupted by the IS audit when initiating the IS audit.

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  • SSI continuing disability reviews (CDRs) are periodic reviews conducted to ensure recipients are still disabled according to agency rules. The frequency of these reviews is dependent on the likelihood that a recipient’s medical condition will change. Non-disability redeterminations (redeterminations) are periodic reviews that verify living arrangements, income levels, and other non-disability factors related to SSI eligibility. Similar to CDRs, the frequency of redeterminations is determined by the probability that changes affecting eligibility will occur.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Joint Multilevel Turbo Equalization and Continuous Phase Frequency Shift Keying

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  • The Boeing case studies provide an interesting window into the dramatic shift in manufacturing paradigms taking place in response to the highly competitive market of the 21st century. Like many companies today, Boeing has placed Lean Manufacturing in the forefront of its efforts to eliminate continually all non-value added aspects of the enterprise and ensure optimal competitiveness.

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  • By contributing a minimal amount you can accrue benefits for every year you are overseas. If you decide to work within the mission you will continue to contribute to your Social Security plan through payroll deductions. However, if you decide to work on the local economy or initiate a home-based business, you will need to earn “credits” by contributing through self- employment taxes or through a totalization agreement. In order to qualify for Social Security payments you have to earn a certain number of credits in a lifetime. If you were born prior to 1929 you...

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  • As a companion to this study, the USA Freedom Corps and the Corporation for National and Community Service partnered with the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2002 and again in 2003 to add questions about volunteering to the Current Population Survey (CPS) for the month of September. The CPS results provide context for some of the findings in the volunteer management capacity study. The 2003 CPS survey indicates that an estimated 63.8 million Americans (28.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "A first course in probability" has contents: Combinatorial analysis, axioms of probability, conditional probability and independence, random variables, continuous random variables, jointly distributed random variables, properties of expectation.

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  • In our laboratories, we use every possible tool to attack diseases. Cutting edge ideas, research and equipment allow us to discover the mechanisms of genes and epigenes, pathogens, and infection itself. In the field, we discover ways to improve health on a population level, in developed and developing nations, in people of every age, ethnicity and status. As the oldest institution of its kind and the largest school of public health in the world, the Bloomberg School will continue to lead the charge toward better health for everyone.

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  • Operational efficiency (OE) and profitability are always the first priorities of any enterprise. Therefore, studying the relationship between OE and profitability needs to be taken comprehensively and continuously in order to find out solutions of business effectiveness increase. This paper focuses on the relationship between OE and profitability of the telecommunication technology (TT) joint-stock companies (JSCs) listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) with answers for the above-mentioned issues.

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