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  • Now, there’s a practical, hands-on guide to mastering game development for Windows Phone 7 with Visual C# 2010 and XNA Game Studio 4.0. One step at a time, this book teaches all facets of mobile game development, from design through publishing via Microsoft’s Marketplace. Top game development author Jonathan S. Harbour starts with the absolute basics, making Windows Phone game development accessible even to programmers who’ve never written a game before. Then, one step at a time, he shows how to use Microsoft’s free XNA toolset to design ...

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  • This book does not cover Windows or DirectX at all. Instead, this book focuses on the subject of game programming using a cross-platform game library called Allegro. This library is extremely powerful and versatile. I did not even hesitate to choose Allegro when developing the initial proposal for this book because Allegro opens up a world of possibilities that are ignored when you focus spe-cifically on Windows and DirectX. This edition still uses the standard C language, and the sample programs will compile on multiple platforms.

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  • The Xbox is an exciting and fun video game console - but that's only half the story. Inside the case, Microsoft placed a customized PC that you can push well past the limits of Halo and NBA Live. In The Black Art of the Xbox Mods, gamer, programmer and midnight hacker Jonathan Harbour show you how to crack the case, strip your Xbox down to the motherboard, and take control from the inside out.

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