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  • the book’s success is due in no small part to the success of JSP itself. JavaServer Pages technology has experienced a rapid adoption in the past year or so, anxiously embraced by the “teeming millions” of Java and web developers who had been clamoring for a standard mechanism for generating dynamic web con- tent.

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  • Giao thức HTTP chạy trên TCP/IP. TCP: đảm bảo file được từ nút mạng này tới nút mạng khác nguyên vẹn. IP: chịu trách nhiệm định tuyến, dịch chuyển gói tin. Cấu trúc HTTP: chuỗi Request và Response. Browser: requestServer: response.Các web components chạy trên 1 Web container Các web containers phổ biến: Tomcat và Resin, Web container cung cấp các dịch vụ hệ thống cho các Web components, Request dispatching, security, và quản lý vòng đời, 14,...

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  • Aimed at helping Java developers, Servlet/JSP developers, and J2EE developers pass the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam (SCWCD 310-081), this study guide covers all aspects of the Servlet and JSP technology that Sun has determined necessary. This new edition adds aspects of servlet/JSP development, such as the Expression language, and updated materials of servlets with a particular focus on using filters to make request processing more efficient.

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  • The Web Application Developer’s Guide presents some of the technologies available for developing web-based multi-tier applications. A web application is a collection of HTML/XML documents, web components servlets and JavaServer Pages), and other resources in either a directory structure or archived format known as a web archive (WAR) file. A web application is located on a central server and provides service to a variety of clients.

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  • Based on our collective J2EE platform experience, we have assembled the pattern catalog in this book. The J2EE Pattern Catalog describes various best practices related to architecting and designing applications for the J2EE platform. This book focuses on the following four J2EE technologies: Servlets, JSP, EJB components, and JMS

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