Keeping time a novel

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  • Daisy Phillips is tired of being treated like an old lady. Sure, there was that incident with the lawn mower and the mud. And she did get trapped at the top of a ladder. But that…

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  • The Agrarian region type is assumed to have a mixed, but on balance, negative experience of the three meta-narratives. Thus the Agri-Centric narrative is obviously very important here, producing increased efficiency and competitiveness, but with reductions in employment, possible environmental impacts, and the marginalisation of some areas unable to keep up with para-productivist trends.

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  • Why this is a mistake: If you don’t start you can never finish. Completing any writing project, particularly a novel, is a daunting prospect. Many people become frozen by the prospect. Others keep waiting for the right time. Some wait for the spark of inspiration. Even experienced writers find it is easier to do anything other than actually write.

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  • After CFA made a random selection of the time frame from which credit files were to be analyzed, a generic number was assigned to keep the nameless study data from each study file separated from other study files. No copies or partial copies of any credit reports, on paper or electronically, were removed from any credit reporting agency location. Anonymous credit scores and an analysis of the credit data, as reviewed by credit reporting agency personnel for security and industry knowledge, was supervised and recorded by the CFA researcher for tabulation.

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