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  • The history of development intervention is marked by multiple failures at dialogue between analysts and practitioners; an impasse caused in part by the failure to recon- cile disparate professional languages. In Kenya, where critical thought for this book was generated, a cause célèbre in livestock intensification has been the ill-fated Maasai Project of the 1960s and 1970s. The wider East Africa region too is known for its repeated failures to sustain projects in agricultural extension, water manage- ment, and drought preparedness.

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  • The Ethiopian Boran breed originally descended from the first introduction of zebu into Africa from West Asia. The breed established its presence first in the semi-arid and arid pastoral Borana plateau of southern Ethiopia. The Borana pastoralist community maintains it. Pastoral movements and migrations led to spread of the Ethiopian Boran to the eastern rangelands in Ethiopia as well as into northern Kenya and southwestern Somalia. The Orma Boran, the Somali Boran and the Kenya Boran have evolved from these migrations.

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  • For portfolio managers the question if the rise in synchronization across national equity markets is driven by fundamentals, and therefore likely to be permanent, or if it is linked to the recent stock market bubble, and therefore temporary, is critical. This is because portfolio managers have traditionally followed a top-down approach, first choosing countries in which to invest and then selecting the best securities in each market.

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  • The research for this project was conducted jointly with researchers based in Bangladesh, Kenya and South Africa.

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